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The White House Puts A Brave Face On A Monumental Disaster

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told the Sunday morning talk shows that this time next week we,

"will be talking about healthcare not as a presidential proposal but I think as the law of the land.".

"We believe healthcare reform is going to pass, and once it passes we're happy to have the 2010 elections be about the achievement of healthcare reform," Gibbs said.

In light of David Axelrod's channeling Clint Eastwood on Face the Nation today in which he said "Make my day" to his Republican opponents, it's a wonder if the Democratic operatives, the geniuses of the most magnificent message machine ever witnessed in Washington (at least in their own minds), might have been mugged by reality recently and resorted to locking themselves in their rooms in the face of a crumbling caucus and electorate. What else explains the barrage of "in your face" messages delivered on the Sunday news shows today? (Well, there is one explanation: Rahm Emanuel, but he seems to have saturated the establishment news outlets last week).

The comments today by senior members of the Obama White House show all the signs of a defeated political machine that has lost all of its traction in the space occupied by popular opinion. Their comments ring hollow and betray a lack of a central plan, any plan, to deal with the devastating political defeat that awaits them in November. Americans believe in leaders and leadership, which is one reason Barack Obama enjoyed such large electoral margins. He conveyed a sense of leadership to a large contingent of an electorate that has since become convinced that this President is not only incapable of leadership, but may not be politically lucid. Worse yet, these same Americans question the president's veracity (and that is putting it politely). The images on today's television of Gibbs and Axelrod brought forth worrisome political visions of the snake oil salesman and mountebank: vague promises, no details and grandiose goals.

We are entering a period of estrangement between the electorate and the House of Reprentatives, the Senate and The White House that is simply Nixonesque. This aura of vacuousness is troubling because history informs us that serious crises never announce themselves; rather, they appear suddenly and afix themselves to our lives long after many prepared remdies are rendered ineffective. We are living in such times now.


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I tried telling the people ... (Below threshold)

I tried telling the people that were planning on voting for this empty suit, that he was a like a wind broke racehorse - all show and no go. Well 14 months into this Presidency, all of the predictions have come true. Rush Limbaugh was hoping for failure, but not this soon. The sight of a grown man grovel before the American people makes me so ill that I have to switch to another channel when he comes on. He has been a Lame Duck when the first town hall meeting took place back in August.

"...once it passes we're ha... (Below threshold)

"...once it passes we're happy to have the 2010 elections be about the achievement of healthcare reform."

Yeah, Bobby. Explain why the TAXES start now, and the BENEFITS start in 4 years. Explain that.

The comments today by se... (Below threshold)

The comments today by senior members of the Obama White House show all the signs of a defeated political machine that has lost all of its traction in the space occupied by popular opinion.

Okay, stupid question time: What makes you so sure that these lackeys and flacks weren't stating the actual truth -- that the Bitch Princess really does have the votes, and the House really will pass the Senate health-care bill on Thursday?

Yes, I know it's a stupid question. I want very much to believe that analyses like yours are correct, and the bill is going to die. But I'm a natural pessimist on matters like this, and I'm horribly afraid that the brewing toxic stew of bribes, blackmail, and the number of Dem representatives who already face near-certain defeat this fall, will combine to let the Bitch Princess pull out a last-minute one-or-two-vote squeaker of a win.

Wolfwalker, have no fear. T... (Below threshold)

Wolfwalker, have no fear. The thing is, it's like that Mae West line: "When I'm good I'm very good, but when I'm bad I'm even better."

Well, if the Obamarrhoids lose on ObamaCare, they'll really lose. But if they win they'll be annihilated.

wolfwalker: "Yes, I know it... (Below threshold)

wolfwalker: "Yes, I know it's a stupid question.."

No, it's not a stupid question.

In fact, at this point in time, it's THE question.

I think alot of us are wondering, in spite of obambi's minions bluster, whether or not some ruse has been concocted to get this thing "passed" (quotation marks since not passing it and yet "deeming it passed" are being considered).

We can't rest until the final bullet has been put thru the cabeza of this horrific takeover attempt.

Okay, so they pass the bill... (Below threshold)

Okay, so they pass the bill and they get annihilated in November. What's the best possible outcome of the elections? The House doesn't really matter as long as it flips from D-majority to R-majority. The Senate is the important one. There are 36 Senate seats up -- 34 regular seats plus 2 special elections -- split evenly between the parties. If R's run the table -- win all the D seats and defend all their own, they gain 18 seats in the Senate, giving them a total of .... 59.

So the D's will still have enough votes to block any repeal of the health care takeover. And even if a repeal gets through the Senate, Barry Lackwit will never sign it.

We stop it now, or not at all.

"We can't rest until the fi... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"We can't rest until the final bullet has been put thru the cabeza of this horrific takeover attempt."

Only trouble is the dems could extend this on through till past the election. Just table the vote until after nov elections. Dems would have no reason to vote no then as far as fearing their electorate. If they lost they can vote with no fear. If they win they know that they have 2 whole years until the next election. That is an eternity as far as elections go.

So far not in consideration... (Below threshold)

So far not in consideration are
1) The whiplash against Local & Sate Kommiecrats...They won't be forgotten either.
2) The time from the elections to the new congress 2 months later. Will the Kamikazis then try to pass OHbamanation? Will they be able to?

Sorry retire Military...did... (Below threshold)

Sorry retire Military...didn't see ypour response.
I don't think they losers will do anything mainly because those Kommiecrats who retained their seats will have seen what happens & there are 2 big recesses inbetween.

"What makes you so sure tha... (Below threshold)

"What makes you so sure that these lackeys and flacks weren't stating the actual truth -- that the Bitch Princess really does have the votes...."

If Nancy had the votes, she'd convene the House members and schedule a vote before anyone could change their mind. If a vote is taken, and comes up short, Nancy knows she's dead meat and so is her bill. DEAD. She won't schedule a vote until she KNOWS it will pass.

Everyone,Repeal is... (Below threshold)


Repeal is not the answer as it still keeps power in the hands a federal government that under both parties has practically destroyed this republic. There is a perfectly constitutional option that has been used in the past and used successfully.

Nullification - Our Constitutional Option: http://tinyurl.com/ya3dc7f

It is time for states to make the move to place the federal government in its correct place not just for healthcare, but deficit spending, executive orders, and other unconstitutional power grabs by the federal powers. Long forgotten and never taught to us in school is the fact that states are the final arbiters of the constitution - not the Supreme Court.

As GarandFan notes (and Cly... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

As GarandFan notes (and Clyburn confirmed by saying he doesn't have the votes "right now" this morning), if Pelosi had the votes, she would have scheduled a midnight session if necessary to prevent defections. She herself said the same thing (although she was speaking in general terms, not about this or any particular bill) - "when you have the votes, you take the vote."

There are some 50 House Democrats whose districts were carried by McCain and Bush. Add to them those from Democratic-leaning but competitive districts, and you have the reason Charlie Cook, who rarely commits himself early and never previously in predicting GOP gains, has already raised the flag of a GOP takeover.

This monstrosity isn't very popular even among Democrats right now. If it were, it would be unstoppable. But Democratic voters are split, although leaning favorable. And they aren't enthusiastic about either the bill or the midterm elections. The high opposition among independents won't be ignored by anyone who wants to keep his seat.

Sure, Obama could offer a few Administration posts to candidates who lose after supporting his socialist dream bill, but not nearly enough for all the votes which need buying. Plus, he has damaged his "brand" so much with this nonsense that they wouldn't have much job security in their new positions unless they are federal judgeships.

I just read a post over at ... (Below threshold)

I just read a post over at Willisms that said that Obama's projected deficit, if he runs through 2020, is now up to $15.4 Trillion.

This is a larger deficit that all presidents from Washington through Bush -- combined.

Willisms has another post which breaks out unemployment among blacks at more than 16%. This demographic voted 93% for Obama. Overall unemployment is something like 9.6%.

And Obama thinks that ramming the nationalization of our healthcare system down our throats is the single most important issue America faces? So important that he's completely abandoned even a glimmer of honesty and is willing to completely ignore the clear objections of the people he's supposed to represent?

This is our president?

You KNEW this was coming...... (Below threshold)

You KNEW this was coming... a public option.

Sunday night:

The House Budget Committee on Sunday evening released text that will serve as the base legislation for the changes the House will seek to the Senate bill this week.
Specifically, the Budget committee released a 2,309-page effort that had been previously recommended to the Education and Labor Committee and Ways and Means Committee last year.
And if that's not enough to piss you, and the Pope off, it includes a gov. takeover of the student loan business.

Yeah, you've got to love th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Yeah, you've got to love this. The dems are going to pass this travesty via reconciliation because it is SO similar to the Sentate bill, except of course for the multi-billion dollar take over of the student loan industry...

Barack Obama was nothing mo... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Barack Obama was nothing more than a trojan horse of the socialists. He was designed as a messiah to get healthscare in for permanent control by the left. The sad fact is that it worked -because the people (far too many) wanted it -weaned as they are upon the big government concept. It matters not that the left will be defeated in November -they have planted their evil virus and no RINO ladened GOP will have the courage to undo it or defund it. They survive because they lie -want power more than we wont freedom - and will fight as dirty as need be while we throw marshmallows back at their nukes! Even as we watch- Lindsey (and covertly McCain) are planning to finish us off with amnnesty and cap and trade with the rights favorite turncoat Joe Lieberman.
It looks like the entire cycle of oppression, revolution and freedom will have to be replayed again and again - for man seems incapable of learning from history.

Just remember if they use r... (Below threshold)

Just remember if they use recon to pass it then we can use recon to repeal it ... Obama can veto it of course ... but politically that would be like playing russian roulette with a fully loaded revolver ...

Jeff, Lackwit thinks this b... (Below threshold)

Jeff, Lackwit thinks this bit o'fascism is going to cement his place in history as one of our greatest presidents, right alongside FDR. Remember, he said he'd rather pass this and be a one-termer than retreat in order to get a second term. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain by vetoing any repeal.

I suppose it's remotely possible that a Republican Congress could strangle Lackwitcare in its cradle by refusing to fund it, but I don't really expect that to happen.






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