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"He's many shades of gray, far left from what's right"

I've received a number of tips about this one... and I'd like to give it the fullest of endorsements:

For those of you inclined to read more into this than common sense would allow, I bring you Dictionary.com's definition of the word Reneger:

...to go back on one's word: He has reneged on his promise.

In other words, you race-baiters and Sharpton/Jackson/Olbermann wannabees... take a damned hike and peddle your nonsense to the gullible... it won't play here.



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Comments (23)

Here Stevie clueless Green ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Here Stevie clueless Green Let me fix that for you.

Using the race card is an undeniable force in American politics today. To suggest otherwise is an attempt to cover it up and apologize for it - a not so subtle way to reinforce it and perpetuate it.

There now that is so much more true.

Also note that Steve Green ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Also note that Steve Green didnt deny that Obama was a reneger.

I guess even the deaf dumb and blind can see the truth in that adjective of Obama.

stevie G ...I woul... (Below threshold)

stevie G ...

I would suggest that what is undeniable is that you can't think for yourself ...

I think it is a cry for help ...

maybe you could suggest the appropriate non-racist word for someone who doesn't honor his promises or pay off his bets ?

Perhaps the more politicall... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the more politically correct term of "god damned, bald face, lying, scum bag, son of a bitch" is better...? I believe it might actually be more accurate...

The typical left wing loon ... (Below threshold)

The typical left wing loon isn't going to care about the real meaning of the word "renege" because in the theater of ideas they find it easier to cry "RACISM" than to deal with the truth of the assertion.

Mr. Obama has had his minions crying "RACISM" every time someone disagrees with his policy or points to his lies, why should this be any different.

There is NO word that the left would accept in disagreement with Mr. Obama as not being racist. The only acceptable action with regard to Mr. Obama in the eyes of a liberal is to bow in adoration.........ain't gonna happen.

I thought they said "rednec... (Below threshold)

I thought they said "rednecker".

Any nitwit that believes th... (Below threshold)

Any nitwit that believes that the biggest objection to Obama has anything at all to do with race just ain't paying attention. I would be just as pissed off if One-Heartbeat-Away
Joe Biden was president.

Probably more so.

Yep, Barry's a King among r... (Below threshold)

Yep, Barry's a King among reneger's.

I'd had the thought that so... (Below threshold)

I'd had the thought that some blithering fool would take issue with the word "renege," but even I wasn't going to touch the noun meaning "one who reneges" with a ten-foot pole.

Which, incidentally, I do have.

I think this is again subtl... (Below threshold)

I think this is again subtle racism on the part of the Liberal Left. They don't care about the freedom of Iraq, because it's full of brown people. They didn't give a crap about the murder of 2.5 million Southeast Asians because, well, those are "yellow" people. And why shouldn't a black American President be just as free to crater his Administration in a fireball of failure as an incompetent white President?

Bad form, Rick.You... (Below threshold)

Bad form, Rick.

You're supposed to use the racist-baiting bait WITHOUT explanation, THEN trot it out when the idiots bite. God knows how many idiots you spared from being hanged with their own stupidity.

Sigh... noobs.


Now that Steve Green has be... (Below threshold)

Now that Steve Green has been banned I am looking forward to what the famous liberal creativity will produce as new troll names to be assigned to Wizbang. Since the names "Get Real" and "Hey Stupid" have already been used, maybe what's coming next will be "Get Stupid" or "Hey Real".

Why not "Real Stupid"? Yes, I think I could read a comment posted by a name like that!

new thought for a Libtard t... (Below threshold)

new thought for a Libtard t-shirt "I'm not with Stupid, I am Stupid"

One thing's for sure. With... (Below threshold)

One thing's for sure. With all this administration's spending, we can't say the president is niggardly when it comes to money.

Relax Libs, here's the definition:



1. Grudging and petty in giving or spending.
2. Meanly small; scanty or meager: "left the waiter a niggardly tip."

At another site a commenter... (Below threshold)

At another site a commenter noted that Obama is a scold, he nags a lot. I said yeah, he's a nagger. Didn't get past the moderators.

From NRO's The Corner blog<... (Below threshold)
Davidt's #15 wins the threa... (Below threshold)

Davidt's #15 wins the thread.

And heres Barrys updated de... (Below threshold)

And heres Barrys updated definition:



To borrow beg and steal others future earnings, pigheadedly ignoring all truth as it slaps one across purple lips.

Steve Green usually posits ... (Below threshold)

Steve Green usually posits some kind of nonsense when he appears, but I didn't see this one. What (without repeating verbatim) did he crank out that warranted the Hammer?

BPG, I'm not sure there's a... (Below threshold)

BPG, I'm not sure there's any qualitative difference between one Green Douchebag comment and any other.

BPGSee my first po... (Below threshold)
retired military:


See my first post (number 1 now) exchange the words "using the race card" with "racism"

Steve G got banned?!? ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Steve G got banned?!?

I missed it. Damn.

Yeah Stevie made some stupi... (Below threshold)

Yeah Stevie made some stupid ass comment about race again but whats new? We expect it from him.






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