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Obama Unhinged In Ohio

The President spent the day doing what he does best (or, more accurately, doing the only thing he knows how to do), speechifying in Cleveland to friendly audiences about ObamaCare.

The crowd was as feisty as Obama, shouting things to him, and finishing his sentences for him. [Attn. Politico: Where is the editor to stop this groping between the writer and the object?] At one point, a woman shouted to him as he was talking about how "and now as we get closer to the vote there is a lot of hand wringing going on. ..."

"We need courage!" a woman shouted.

And he incorporated it into his remarks, saying repeatedly that Washington needs "courage."

The president hauled Cleveland uber liberal Dennis Kucinnich (who is on record opposing ObamaCare) with him aboard Air Force One on this trip, and the ultra liberal, who is among the nay votes that must be swayed to a yes vote, was treated to the ire of the Obamite mob.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the liberal Ohio Democrat who voted against the health care bill the first time, was seated in the senior center and flew with Obama to Cleveland on Air Force One.

When Obama introduced Kucinich, who voted 'no' on health care reform the first time, an audience member shouted "Vote yes!"

"Did you hear that Dennis?" Obama said, urging the man to say it again.

"Vote yes!" he shouted.

It was great theatre, but bad politics. The Hill whip count remains relatively unchanged with estimates that Speaker Pelosi lacks between five and fifteen votes to pass the Senate bill. Now that the Stupak core group has been shut off from the vote buying, one can imagine the enormous sums of money being traded for those precious ten or fifteen votes the Chicago Machine so dearly needs. If experience is any factor voters can start adding commas (not zeros) to the bribery as the past benchmarks such as the Louisiana Purchase or the Cornhusker Kickback quickly become small beans in this high stakes game of graft and corruption.

Voters are witnessing again the emptiness of hope and change at the vanguard of this presidency but there will be no limit to the level of voter cynnicism and retribution if this measure passes. As David Axelrod foolishly invites the Republican opposition "to make my day", real voters are making plans to do just that. He should expect nothing less; if a sitting President will subject a prominent member of his own Party like Kucinich to such ridicule, what must he expect from his real political enemies in the House? They will eviscerate him when he no longer enjoys the protections of a House and Senate majority. It's as if the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts never happened.


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I believe that none other t... (Below threshold)

I believe that none other than Winston Churchill commented on what was likely to happen to those who chose to 'ride the tiger'. Barry evidently wants to find out the hard way. No surprise in his treatment of Kucinich, hell he's just a Congressman. That's small potatoes after you dissed the SCOTUS. As for the vote buying, again no surprise, Barry has brought Chicago style politics to Washington. They don't even use the "B" word anymore. If it's not TRILLIONS, it's chump change. Come November Barry is going to learn how it feels to be a one-term lame duck in his 2nd two years in office. This bill passes, NOTHING will get through the Senate for the remainder of the year. Unless they change "the rules" so that anything Barry wants is "deemed" passed w/o voting by Congress.

I think that Shikha Dalmia ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I think that Shikha Dalmia in Forbes gets it right:

President Obama believes in his own messianism too deeply for that. His goal is not to remake his party as it could be but "remake this world as it should be." In his book Dreams From My Father Obama gives the distinct impression that his gifts are too great for the smallness of our political stage


Obama is a complete ideologue, secure in the unflinching belief of his own infallibility. He is right, everyone else is wrong. No matter how badly his efforts go the failures are always the fault of others whose faith and effort were insufficient.

November can't come soon en... (Below threshold)

November can't come soon enough for me, and I'm a guy that says, "Never wish days of your life away."

That said, if this terrible bill is killed it'll be like Thanks Giving has come early and November, as good as I hope it will be, won't seem so urgent or remote when the shadow that this bill keeps casting like a pall over American politics is finally lifted.

If this bill dies, Obama will be a de facto lame duck before November.

When Dennis Kucinich is you... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

When Dennis Kucinich is your reality check then you've got very serious problems.

"We need courage!" a wom... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

"We need courage!" a woman shouted.

And he incorporated it into his remarks, saying repeatedly that Washington needs "courage."

Paging Dan Rather!

Amazing!! Barry out-Kooks ... (Below threshold)

Amazing!! Barry out-Kooks Kooksinich..

"Walks On Water" will event... (Below threshold)

"Walks On Water" will eventually piss enough people off and then the Congress will absolutely have to do something about. If the Republicans do get control of the House and Senate, I look for impeachment proceedings to start. I might be just speculating on that last part, but it is not too far out of the realm of possibilities. He is starting to piss the Dems off too and that will be his undoing. Hell hath no fury like a Democrat politician that has been dumped on by the leader of their party. Hell they might even start the above proceedings without any coaxing from the Repubs.

The Democrats will never gi... (Below threshold)

The Democrats will never give up in their quest for a Democrat one party state. A Democrat takeover of the healthcare industry is an essential part of their quest for that Democrat one party state. The Democrats will never give up in their attempts to takeover the healthcare industry.

You have to love the media.... (Below threshold)
jim m:

You have to love the media. Hillary puts ringers in the audience and the MSM fails to notice. This whole 'courage' BS is just another planned stunt.

Obama obviously had this person planted in the audience to yell, "We need courage!". He has demonstrated a total lack of any ability to think on his feet and to improvise what he has to say. The only way he could have incorporated anything that was shouted out would be to have that whole event planned.

The woman who shouted was about as spontaneous as the Coffee Parties.

"We need courage!" a wom... (Below threshold)

"We need courage!" a woman shouted.

And he incorporated it into his remarks, saying repeatedly that Washington needs "courage."

B.S... Washington needs convictions. Convictions of all the criminals running the asylum and lengthy sentences starting with ole' Jug ears.

Obama obviously had this... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Obama obviously had this person planted in the audience to yell, "We need courage!"

Patriotic Americans should plant someone in these rallies to yell "We need pink Cadillacs!"

Besides being funny, it would make the point, and probably meet with a roar of approval from the rest of the crowd.

StanThere is nothi... (Below threshold)
retired military:


There is nothing to impeach Obama on at this moment. The standard is high crimes and misdemeanours. Unless they are going to prove he colluded or paid off someone. If the dems impeached Obama than they would have the minority vote stay home in Nov. that might mean they lose just about every seat insead of those which are in republican and leaning republican district.

Plus Obama may be nuts but his ideas are the ideas of the far left. Even if Obama is radioactive as long as he espouses those ideas he is safe from impeachment.

Hell we couldnt get rid of Clinton when we proved perjury. It would be impossible to get rid of Obama even if he killed someone on nationwide TV. The dems just wont allow it.

"Unless they are going to p... (Below threshold)

"Unless they are going to prove he colluded or paid off someone."

Ben Nelson?

"He is right, everyone else... (Below threshold)

"He is right, everyone else is wrong. No matter how badly his efforts go the failures are always the fault of others whose faith and effort were insufficient."

There was a guy in Berlin, April 1945. Felt the same way. Just sayin'.

Dear Mr. President,<p... (Below threshold)

Dear Mr. President,

We'd like you to come out here to the rural northern Rockies for a health care speech. I can't guarantee it'd be a "friendly" audience so you'd have to bring your A game.

Btw, I'd bring some of my buddies from the VFW to explain to you about "courage". Your audience today seemed a little confused about what that means.



914I hate to repea... (Below threshold)
retired military:


I hate to repeat myself but Obama could be caught murdering someone on live TV while snorting crack cocaine and diddling a 10 year old boy and he wouldnt be impeached. The dems have too much too lose from the minority vote who would proclaim that he was framed. Think you see the race card being played now you wont have seen anything if someone tries to impeach Obama.

He is the ultimate poster child for why affirmative action doesnt work. He is the ultimate quota hire. No matter how imcompetent or corrupt or no matter what illegal crap he does if someone tries to get rid of him than they are racist.

Obama is a complete ideo... (Below threshold)

Obama is a complete ideologue, secure in the unflinching belief of his own infallibility. He is right, everyone else is wrong. No matter how badly his efforts go the failures are always the fault of others whose faith and effort were insufficient.

In other words he's a typical liberal.

retired militarySa... (Below threshold)

retired military

Sadly You are all too correct. He is the ultimate race card for the leftists. A failure yes, but he is the crooked crutch they have based dreams of reparations on.

Anyone who dares threaten this with truth or facts is met with vile hatred and venom.

The problem with Obama and ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The problem with Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress is that they really believe "the people are going to love" Obamacare if it passes - even though there will be no benefits paid out for four years, although the taxes are collected immediately.

These folks only read the formerly mainstream media and leftist bloggers who are all telling the same thing, just as public opposition closes in on 3-1 and the issue alone accounts for most of Obama's sharp decline in job approval ratings. They only hear what they want to hear - even established Democratic pollsters like Greenberg and Lake can't dissuade them from their headlong rush to self-destruction.

Pelosi, Reid, Clyburn, Durbin, and Obama are going to be shocked in November. They just won't listen to anyone outside their little cocoon world.

The problem with Obama a... (Below threshold)

The problem with Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress is that they really believe "the people are going to love" Obamacare if it passes

I disagree.
That is only their cover so that when history judges them they can say they did it in good faith.
If Obamacare is such a good deal then the Politicos who pass it and the Union members who support them should be under the same regime that everyone else gets.
But that isn't the case and hasn't been the case from the beginning.

When what's sauce for the goose isn't sauce for the gander, good faith and belief in what they are doing aren't credible.

First it was- "everything is going to be open, above board, and on CSPAN.
Didn't happen.

Then it was- "it isn't going to cover abortions, then it is, then it isn't, then it is, then it isn't, and NOW IT IS."

Then it was-"this is going to save the U.S. $Billions" well we know for a fact that it is going to cost $Trillions"

Bad faith abounds and when you have so much backroom arm twisting and the monkey chasing the weasle around the mulberry bush with hiding the bill from view and all the bribes and earmarks attached, nobody in their right minds can claim that this thing has any good faith or principled belief associated with it.

If this healthcare bill had any good faith attached to it it would be done openly in good clean clear incremental steps.

Bottom line- it's a huge economic/jurisdictional power grab with dirty dealing bribes and influence pedalling coating it like barnacles that is being foisted on the American people, who don't want it, while it won't constrain the choices of exempted political elites and their supporting Union toadies.

This title assume Obama was... (Below threshold)

This title assume Obama was ever hinged to begin with, unhinged from the start I say he's just stopped trying to hide it last spring.

Jay Guevara, #11, says Patr... (Below threshold)

Jay Guevara, #11, says Patriotic Americans should plant someone in these rallies to yell, "We need pink Cadillacs!"

And wide-brimmed pimp hats! And bling!

If Obamacare passes, we sho... (Below threshold)
Hangtown Bob:

If Obamacare passes, we should do everything that we can to shut down or seriously disrupt the Federal government. We now have the perfect opportunity. The 2010 Census forms are now being mailed to 100 million households. We should all refuse to send them in until Obamacare is DEAD. This would send an immediate and undeniable message to the Government. The Census Bureau has not planned on having to do 100 million personal visits to collect these forms. This peaceful disobediance would send a message that cannot be ignored.

If you like this idea, please pass it on as comments in other blogs and talk it up.

What a demagogue.......that... (Below threshold)

What a demagogue.......that rally stacked with screaming union goons would make any hard core commie proud.






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