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"the danger of thinking with your ovaries instead of your brain"

This exchange between White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and an Indian journalist is... well... I'll show you the video and you decide for yourself:

Brought to us by Michelle Malkin who gets credit for this post's title... (and you thought I had something to do with it).



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Is she talking about the sa... (Below threshold)

Is she talking about the same India that ISN'T impressed with Barry as of late? Who knew they had Obamabots in India.

The Indian woman is wrong.<... (Below threshold)

The Indian woman is wrong.
The "temperature of the discourse" isn't cooling if you consider Iran's recent statements about their nuclear ambitions or Russia's reaction of "you are getting nothing" for unilaterally dismantling part of the European missile shield.

Or how about Hugo Chavez saying that recent earth quakes in Haiti and South America were caused by the American Earth Quake Weapon?
Was that cool or what?

I say, NO not cool.
These woman are not looking at the same world situation that I've been following.

Well, Speller, this is what... (Below threshold)

Well, Speller, this is what happens when you
inhabit a fictional reality.

For an even better example, drop in at Huffpo, or Kos.

Comic relief.

People who oppose the US ar... (Below threshold)
jim m:

People who oppose the US are thankful to Obama because he has put the US in a weak position assuming the role of a supplicant state begging for the approbation of the rest of the world. Particularly India, which wants to take a greater role in international politics, would love to see the US throwing away the mantle of leadership because it creates an opening through which they can gain further power and influence.

Not only has Obama weakened the US, but in doing so he has provided opportunities for other nations, including enemies such as China, Iran and others, to gain considerable sway.

Obama's foreign policy is great, when you are 16 years old and participating in the Model UN. In the real world...not so much.

For an even better examp... (Below threshold)

For an even better example, drop in at Huffpo, or Kos.
Comic relief.

I couldn't do that, irongrampa.
I wouldn't find them funny at all and I know I wouldn't be permitted to have any standing comments at those places.

I wonder what the Indian woman in the video thinks of those Pakistani and Communist Chinese nukes that are aimed at India?
Does she think that's cool too?

"Tensions between India and Pakistan escalated last night after it was claimed that the only terrorist to have survived three days of deadly battles in Mumbai was from Pakistan, and that his nine fellow Islamist militants were either from that country or had been trained there"


Expect more of these, girls, Obama's womanly charms notwithstanding.

Valerie Jarrett - now there... (Below threshold)

Valerie Jarrett - now there's someone with the same "vast" amount of experience as Barry.

Obama doesn't tell the trut... (Below threshold)

Obama doesn't tell the truth about 100% of the time. Shall we consider that womanly?

Oh and great the way he has taken down the temperature with Israel.

I think these two should im... (Below threshold)

I think these two should immediately be assigned as envoys for peace.

First stop, the Bakah valley, after that on toDamascus, Kabul and Tehran, then to Beijing, loop around to Pyongyang, Moscow and then home.

(sarc off)

This is one of the problems with liberals. They live in an alternative universe. Obama has tried to "turn down" the temperature with Iran and was pretty much laughed at. Putin appears to hold him in contempt, and the Chinese won't give him the time of day. And now he's taken to spitting in the eye of our closest allies (the UK and Israel. Why? I'm betting to try and win favor with those that see him weak.

As Ronaldus Magnus once said, "It's not that liberals are bad people, their just wrong". In this case dangerously wrong.

Some see it as turning down... (Below threshold)

Some see it as turning down the heat. Others see it as bowing in submission. Our enemies see it as the latter.

There has been no lowering ... (Below threshold)

There has been no lowering of the temperature. Our enemies don't hate us less but our allies like us less. Maybe there has been a more evening-out of the temperature. Those that hate us are happily watching our descent into debt and infighting, giddily witnessing a cooling of relations with our allies and taking Napolean's advice, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

These women have mistaken the latter for a "lower temperature". They're wrong.

The Indian chick for Air Co... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

The Indian chick for Air Conditioning Czar!

Merci pour le partage, cela... (Below threshold)

Merci pour le partage, cela va faire plaisir a bon nombre de lecteurs.






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