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Democrats In Chaos: Act III

A quick glance at Drudge today showed that at one time the top four Democrats ostensibly in control of the ObamaCare whip count message had four different messages.

Top FOUR Dem Leaders All Disagree...

BLOOMBERG: Pelosi Says Dems to Have Votes for Health Bill...

THE HILL: Hoyer Shoots Down Larson's Vote Count, Clyburn's Timeline...

THE HILL: Clyburn Says Health Vote Could Push Past Easter Holiday...

POLITICO: Larson Says Dems Have the Votes...

Obama refuses to campaign for Dems voting NO on healthcare...

The chaos in the Democratic caucus today has reached the level of a farce. On that last item, about the President refusing to campaign for Democrats voting no on healthcare, I can imagine the first thought to come to mind with many Democrats might be " Can I get that in writing?"

The last twenty four hours has been probably the most chaotic in recent Congressional history. The president leaves for Asia on Sunday and Robert Gibbs, that sage of the Condescension, promised that ObamaCare would be the law of the land on Sunday. I guess he will be sweating bullets alongside David "Make my day" Axelrod as Air Force One starts its engines. Where do you begin to describe the lunacy that has become Democratic policy during the week in which a sitting President tells an audience that his legislation will result in a 3,000% reduction in insurance payments by U S employers?

Monday in Strongsville, Ohio, Obama said that if his health care bill passes, American employers could wind up paying 3,000% less for their health insurance plans. Well, even 300% would be impressive.

But let's do the math: 100% percent of anything is all of it. If you pay 100% less, you don't pay anything at all. Ever go to a 100%-off sale? Probably not.

The only explanation is that in order to achieve the negative number that would result from a 3,000% reduction, insurers would have to pay businesses and individuals to take their insurance policies. Or someone would have to pay that money.

One of the things Obama's election is changing is the rules of mathematics. The rules of political lying are the same as they ever were.

President Potato(e) Head is finally reaching the limits of credulity, even among his most loyal kool aid drinkers. A skeptic might deem he is wagging the dog with his bellicose comments about Israeli settlements. But that would imply some element of forethought from this White House, which I deem there is no eveidence thereof.


However, all members of Congress should deem their jobs at risk if this Wall Street Journal survey is accurate:

Congress has managed to get its approval ratings back down to the pre-election level, with just 17% of voters saying they approve of the job Congress is doing, according to the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll out later today.

In fact, when it comes to Congress, many voters would like to start anew. Asked if they would "replace every single member of Congress, including your own representative" if they could, 50% said "yes" while 47% said "no."

The voters who supported the clean-slate approach largely didn't care much about whether the Democrats or Republicans ended up in the majority.

That Tea Party movement that was much maligned just a year ago seems to have made an impression on voters, or is it vice versa? Whatever, the phoney baloney jobs occupied by today's incumbents appear increasingly at risk.


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Government by Marx - Harpo,... (Below threshold)

Government by Marx - Harpo, Chico, Gummo, Zeppo, Groucho, and Karl.

Night at the Opera, anyone?

Ever see a train wreck in s... (Below threshold)

Ever see a train wreck in slow motion?

3000% reduction??T... (Below threshold)

3000% reduction??

That's stevie greenie kind of math.

Hugh drops the open tag...... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Hugh drops the open tag...






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