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What, Me Worry?

While it's been noted that the one thing President Obama needs to make his arguments, it's a bad guy. He desperately needs a villain that he can rail against, so he can properly cast himself as the "good guy' fighting against the bad guys. It's pretty much lifted whole cloth from the conservative side, but at least with them you can be halfway certain that the bad guys are actual bad guys -- the Soviet Union, Saddam Hussein, Iran, and whatnot.

This dovetails quite nicely with the liberals' own preferred tactic of finding and protecting "victims." If there's anything that comes across as more noble and self-sacrificing and good than fighting the bad guys, it's defending the helpless. Any scholar or fan of the heroic myths (Joseph Campbell, comic books, classical mythology, etc.) can tell you this. It's hard-wired into the American psyche.

However, these worthies currently using these archetypes should know better -- if you're going to make it work, you better do your homework first. People are a lot more savvy now, and they will distinguish between actual representations of these archetypes, and weak-ass attempts to fake them.

Case in point: President Obama's latest poster girl for health care reform, Natoma Canfield. She's a woman who came down with leukemia when she didn't have health insurance, and now she's sick as hell.

Obama's name-dropping her all over the place, talking about how much better off she'd be if we'd had ObamaCare in place before she got ill. And she's remarkably photogenic for the role -- he'd wanted her to introduce him at his carefully-screened speech, but she was bedridden with her illness.

But a few people started looking at her circumstances (after she and Obama had invited us all to imagine ourselves in her shoes, it was only natural that a few might actually check what size shoe she wears), and the details painted quite a different picture

It turns out that she wouldn't necessarily have been better off under ObamaCare. She's already being treated at one of the nation's top cancer clinics, who did NOT turn her away when it was discovered she had no insurance. They are not planning on putting a lien on her house if she can't pay the very high costs the clinic is incurring in treating her.

Under the current fatally flawed, cruel, heartless, unforgiving, greedy system, Ms. Canfield is getting some of the best care available for her condition, and while the hospital would like to recoup at least some of the money they're spending on her, they're going to do all they can to do so in as kind a way as possible: helping her get state aid, qualifying her for charity care, or other avenues of payment -- but have already ruled out taking her home.

The oncologists are not running a credit check on her before her chemotherapy. The nurses are not treating her pain medications as COD. There is no running meter on her hospital bed. And no one at the hospital is chastising her for remaining essentially unemployed for 12 years.

Under ObamaCare, though, as Jim Hoft noted, her prior bout with cancer might not have been detected as quickly as it was -- the screenings that caught it would have been deferred until she was older, as she wasn't in a statistically significant risk group.

Ms. Canfield reminds me of Graeme Frost, the little boy who became the Democrats' pet poster boy for expanding the S-CHIP program. They trotted him down to DC to give their response to President Bush's weekly address. Little Graeme pluckily read the speech prepared by the Democrats talking about how S-CHIP had helped save his life and his family after a horrific car crash.

Details of that didn't quite ring true to some people, so those people started asking questions. Chief among them was Michelle Malkin, who discovered that the Frost family had considerable assets and resources -- but had chosen to invest them in other areas than health insurance.

In both cases here, the "victims" weren't victimized by "the system." They were "victimized" by their own choices, and "the system" that Obama so desparately wants to change actually worked quite well for them. The Frost family put other priorities ahead of health insurance for their family, and Ms. Canfield -- when she could no longer afford her private coverage -- did not avail herself of available state-provided charity care until she was terribly ill -- and then her hospital put its resources behind getting her state benefits while simultaneously giving her the care she needed -- NOT waiting for guarantees of payment first.

What these people want -- and what Obama is trying to secure for them -- is freedom from responsibility. Freedom from worrying.Freedom from anxiety.

Well, guess what? There's no guarantee of that in life. Life comes with exactly one guarantee -- that it will end. We all -- rich, poor, white, black, man, woman, powerful, powerless -- all get one permanent, lasting death. That's it. That's all we're promised. Everything else is catch as catch can.

Unless, of course, you're a liberal. Then you have a constitutional right to be treated :"fairly" by life under every exigence. And if something "unfair" happens, then the government is obligated to come in and make it all better.

Just remember these words of wisdom: "The government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have."


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This really strikes home wh... (Below threshold)
Grateful Al Author Profile Page:

This really strikes home when taken into account the MSNBC mess with Keith Olberman and the passing of his father this weekend. He has been on a high moral ground because of his father's situation and the need for all of us to have ObamaCare. (Somehow it's supposed to relate to us). His dad died in an intensive care unit, not a hospice. Seems he may have been there for months. Will Keith lose his fortune and home?

That almost equally self-righteous Lawrence O'Donnell was hosting Mon. eve and had an interview with the woman from her hospital room. No comment whatsoever about the extent of care received or the fact she was not turned down or had to wait for a credit check to be run nor had to sign-over any of her children to indentured servitude.

These people are so desperate to create straw-men since nothing they have put forth passes the smell test - not to mention even basic math skills!

Liberals think equal opport... (Below threshold)

Liberals think equal opportunity equals equal outcome so if your outcome is not perfect you must have been denied opportunity. The same thinking leads them to believe the economy is a zero sum game.

Obama-"I here because of Na... (Below threshold)

Obama-"I here because of Natoma...that's why we need health insurance...RIGHT NOW, RIGHT NOW..."

Friends, let's talks some facts here:
The only thing America is going to get "RIGHT NOW" is a major Tax Increase to pay for Obamacare that is going to make financially challenged people, people just like Natoma, more financially challenged during the greatest recession since the Great Depression.

The actual program that will result from this healthcare bill will not kick in until 4(FOUR) years from the passage of the bill.

I'm not sick yet, but I am getting sick of the high pressure sales techniques and the crisis mongering of the Left and particularly from the Used Car Salesman and Chief Barack Obama.

You nailed it on this one, ... (Below threshold)

You nailed it on this one, Jay. I have nothing to add.

How much longer can the mos... (Below threshold)

How much longer can the most powerful man in the world get away with complaining that The Man is keeping him down?

How much longer can the ... (Below threshold)

How much longer can the most powerful man in the world get away with complaining that The Man is keeping him down?
~Cheney W. Halliburton

Answer: As long as that "womanly" fellow, Barack Obama, is married to Chewbacca?

"What these people want ...... (Below threshold)

"What these people want ... is freedom from responsibility."

Nailed it!

(Nothing Of Significance)</... (Below threshold)
Festering Pustule:

(Nothing Of Significance)

Unfortunately, the Democrat... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, the Democrats understand the psychology of many of these people better than the Republicans. And they play it up as best they can.

Much like this woman, a great deal of those having issues with financing their healthcare are eligible for state benefits now. Many of these people would easily qualify for programs run by private healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Many would be taken in without question by any number of charitable groups.

But that's not what they want. They want it automatic. There's a certain unconscious psychology behind it. The government is a faceless entity they don't have to feel any indebtedness toward. They don't have to express gratitude and learn humility. It, among much of the charity our government throws out there so liberally, will simply be expected as a birthright.

And every time you ask one of them where the government gets their money they squirm in their seat. They don't want to be reminded and they're prompted to turn their gaze toward evil-business, evil-executives, evil-oil, etc because Obama has led them to believe that's where all the money will come from. It eases the conscience to know that the bad guy is being punished into paying up and giving you your due.

In the macro of the healthc... (Below threshold)

In the macro of the healthcare debate, what they government leaders fail to understand is most of the electorate do not believe them or their examples. They are really talking to the uneducated. Those that cannot look up the facts on their own. The liberals want a country of people convinced they cannot do for themselves. What a bunch of losers. Literally. ww

Since the blurb came out ab... (Below threshold)

Since the blurb came out about Social Security now needing to cash in government IOU's to pay benefits; you'll notice liberals aren't touting how "successful" Social Security has been.

"The government big enough ... (Below threshold)

"The government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have."

Actually, Jay Tea, I think they're in the process of doing exactly that.

How you vile, soulless piec... (Below threshold)

How you vile, soulless pieces of slime can sleep at night is beyond me. I hope you find yourselves in need of a helping hand someday, and find yourselves being given the finger, as you do to others.

Mike S -Go ahead a... (Below threshold)

Mike S -

Go ahead and pay all your money to the government if it'll make you feel better. You DO know that Medicare right now's running fraud losses of $200-500 BILLION a years, don't you? And estimates of how much government chews up from the time it collects taxes (along with the costs of collecting said tax) to the time it disburses it runs about 25%?

For every dollar collected, it'll pass out 75 cents.

Now, I don't know about you - but that seems damned inefficient to me. Perhaps they'll make up in volume what they lose per capita, but I want to see government using my money EFFECTIVELY, and not WASTING it before they start collecting billions for the next 4 years and then start paying out.

Oh, you didn't know they were going to collect the taxes for the next 4 years before a single damn dime was going to be paid for medical care?

Read the fine print, dummy. What the government giveth, the government takes away... and I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the money 'earmarked' for medical care grabbed for some other pressing need, like bailing out GM again.

I'll trust an insurance company with my health-care money long before I'll trust the government - and I was in the military for 23 years!

I love how Mike S is assumi... (Below threshold)

I love how Mike S is assuming the only way to offer a helping hand is by letting an out-of-control Congress use unconstitutional means to nationalize 1/6 of the economy.

Things like voluntarily giving of one's own money, a trait where us eeeeevil reichwingers outperform his beloved looneytune progressives, don't even enter his wispy little mind.

And he calls us soulless. The irony is delicious.

Hello, Jay. Speaking of "Wh... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Hello, Jay. Speaking of "What Me Worry?", the new quarterly issue of MAD Magazine just sent out by subscription features Alfred E. Neuman wearing a "I Loved Obama" T-shirt. Interesting, huh?

One helluva good post, Jay ... (Below threshold)

One helluva good post, Jay Tea.

Mike S @ #13 what's your po... (Below threshold)

Mike S @ #13 what's your point?

Who among us has said Natoma Canfield shouldn't get medical care?

Are you one of those ObamaZombies that has bought the Democrat lie that Republicans don't want healthcare reform?

Republicans DO want healthcare reform.
It's just that the Democrat plan, ObamaCare, isn't good reform.

If the Democrats really wanted healthcare reform for Natoma Canfield they could have had it back when George W. Bush was President and offering healthcare reform.
(but you didn't care about Natoma Canfield then did you Mike S)

In fact the Democrat bill isn't reform at all, it's a bait and switch con job that isn't going to solve the funding problems of Medicare or Medicaid but is going to rob the American people of their liberty to choose which private insurance plan they want and at what cost.

You, Mike S, don't even know what you're talking about.

Want the Facts?:
-If the Democrat "reform" plan passes, a tax increase will begin immediately but the new socialized medical plan won't begin for 4 YEARS.
-That won't help Natoma Canfield until 4 YEARS from when the bill passes and it won't fund the existing Medicare program that is unsustainable.

-Your Democrats are the ones who would cynically deny her coverage from a genuine reform bill that would fund the nearly bankrupt existing Medicare program that Natoma Canfield has already been getting care under for the last 12 years.

Medicare is, at present, unsustainable and the ObamaCare bill isn't going to pay for it.

Watch this, Mike S, and grow wise-


Mike S. is a truly delusion... (Below threshold)

Mike S. is a truly delusional person. Where he gets this nonsense is a mystery. Mike S., some advice, read a book. ww

Mike S., some advice, re... (Below threshold)

Mike S., some advice, read a book. ww

I'd recommend starting with The Constitution, followed by The Bill of Rights.

Jay,I think your a... (Below threshold)
Tina S:


I think your a little pre-mature in drawing your conclusions. The news article did not say what stage Ms. Canfield's leukimia is in and if it likely would have been caught sooner if she had a yearly physical. Since she wasn't having a heart attack, we don't even know if the symptoms Ms. Canfield was experiencing was related to the leukimia. One of the key points of Obamacare is that it is cheaper to treat a person early rather than wait until they have to go to the emergency room.

Liberals think equal opp... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Liberals think equal opportunity equals equal outcome

Jeff, I don't think that, nor have I meet any other liberals that think that.

One of the key points of... (Below threshold)

One of the key points of Obamacare is that it is cheaper to treat a person early rather than wait until they have to go to the emergency room.
~Tina S

Is early the same as being treated 4 YEARS after the Obamacare bill raises taxes immediately because I'm not really sure all of us agree on what the term "early" means.

You do know, Tina S, that the Obamacare program doesn't kick in until 4 YEARS after the bill gets passed right?

Does "early" mean 4 YEARS from now and then after one of Obamacare's cost analysis panels reviews the patients vital statistics and then OKs a diagnostic biopsy or what exactly does early mean to you because right now the wait is somewhat less than 4 YEARS for 90% of Americans and doesn't require the approval of a government panel.

Meanwhile Medicare, the existing government program, is financially unsustainable.

Help me out here.

You do know, Tina S, tha... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

You do know, Tina S, that the Obamacare program doesn't kick in until 4 YEARS after the bill gets passed right?

All of the provisions would be in effect in 2013, other parts (such as those below) would go into affect either imediately or on Jan 1st 2011.

1. BEGINS TO CLOSE THE MEDICARE PART D DONUT HOLE - Reduces the donut hole by $500 and institutes a 50% discount on brand-name drugs.

2. IMMEDIATE HELP FOR THE UNINSURED UNTIL EXCHANGE IS AVAILABLE (INTERIM HIGH-RISK POLL) - Creates a temporary insurance program until the Exchange is available for individuals who have been uninsured for several months or have been denied a policy because of pre-existing conditions.

3. BANS LIFETIME LIMITS ON COVERAGE - Prohibits health insurance companies from placing lifetime caps on coverage.

4. ENDS RESCISSIONS - Prohibits insurers from nullifying or rescinding a patient's policy when they file a claim for benefits, except in the case of fraud.

5. EXTENDS COVERAGE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE UP TO 27TH BIRTHDAY THROUGH PARENT'S INSURANCE - Requires health plans to allow young people through age 26 to remain n their parents' insurance policy, at the parents' choice.

6. ELIMINATES COST-SHARING FOR PREVENTATIVE SERVICES IN MEDICARE - Eliminates co-payments for preventative services and exempts preventative services from deductibles from the Medicare program.

7. IMPROVES HELP FOR LOW-INCOME MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES - Improves the low-income protection programs in Medicare to assure more individuals are able to access this vital help.

8. PROVIDES NEW CONSUMER PROTECTIONS IN MEDICARE ADVANTAGE - Prohibits Medicare Advantage plans from charging enrollees higher cost-sharing for services in their private plan than what is charged in traditional Medicare.

9. IMMEDIATE SUNSHINE ON PRICE GOUGING - Discourages excessive price increases by insurance companies through review and disclosure of insurance rate increases.

10. CONTINUITY FOR DISPLACED WORKERS - Allows Americans to keep their COBRA coverage until the Exchange is in place and they can access affordable coverage.

11. CREATES NEW, VOLUNTARY, PUBLIC LONG-TERM CARE INSURANCE PROGRAM - Creates a long-term care insurance program to be financed by voluntary payroll deductions to provide benefits to adults who become functionally disabled.

12. HELP FOR EARLY RETIREES - Creates a $10 billion fund to finance a temporary reinsurance program to help offset the costs of expensive health claims for employers that provide health benefits for retirees age 55-64.

13. COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTERS - Increases funding for Community Health Centers to allow for a doubling of the number of patients seen by the centers over the next 5 years.

14. INCREASING NUMBER OF PRIMARY CARE DOCTORS - Provides new investment in training programs to increase the number of primary doctors, nurses, and public health professionals.

Tina, you might have some m... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Tina, you might have some more credibility on anything if you had one clue in that empty head of yours.

So, will the Health Care bill make another branch of the u.S. government after the Legislative, Judicial, Executive, and per tina the Justice Department branch?

And at this rate, Obama has timed this to take effect after he leaves office, apart from the tax increases. . not much courage showing there.

I'm curious, Tina S, if Bus... (Below threshold)

I'm curious, Tina S, if Bush quadrupled payments to Community Health Centers, why is Obama only doubling them?

As a self-employed woman fr... (Below threshold)
Medina woman:

As a self-employed woman from Medina, Ohio, there are some other questions that should be asked about Natoma Canfield:

(1) How is she able to pay $3,200 a year in real estate taxes, but not able to pay for health insurance? (Medina County, Ohio Auditor tax bills are online for the public to see. By the way, the name on her home is Natoma Burnside.)

(2) Has anybody inquired whether she sought replacement coverage? You see, my health insurance, also with Anthem like hers, went up by almost the same percentage. My husband and I immediately started looking around for replacement coverage the day we received the notice of premium increase. At the same time, our insurance agent was appalled by the increase, and proactively called us and said "We can get you a better deal." And they did -- we went with Medical Mutual and now pay LESS than we did last year with Anthem -- and WE HAVE BETTER COVERAGE. Did Ms. Canfield attempt to get a replacement policy? If so, she might have been better off.

My point is -- there is a lot more to this story. Nobody is getting the facts.

Tina SThe AMA just... (Below threshold)

Tina S

The AMA just released a survey that shows 33% of practicing physicians would no longer practice if Obama care passes. Since it takes 8-10 years to become a MD, what happens in the interim? Where would be the incentive to go into the medical profession? There is a critical shortage of medical professionals NOW.

More and more medical professionals and centers are refusing to accept Medicare patients, that will continue to rise - so now what?

Youths from 18 - mid 30's generally do not opt for health insurance, and why would a parent continue to pay premiums (which are high) for child/children after the age of 21?

50% discount on brand name drugs? One of two things would happen 1) The price on those drugs was so inflated drug company profits would fall and profits would be somewhat less, but the drug would still be available 2) production of the drug would be cost prohibitive = cessation of production = non-availability of essential drugs.

I could address some of the other points you have, but the bottom line is DO YOU FREAKIN PEOPLE EVER THINK BEFORE YOU REGURGITATE THIS BULLSHIT?






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