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"If You Don't Tie Our Hands, We Will Keep Stealing"

This one's making the rounds and since the man represents a nearby District in Virginia, I thought I'd put him on display here. 

Yet another Democrat stumbling into telling the truth.  It's an astonishing thing.  No, not so much what he said but that a Democrat would tell the truth:

That at a meeting with the Jefferson area Tea Party this past Tuesday.  Many years ago, it wouldn't just be their hands that would get tied up.

You can't help these days but to long for the good ole days.



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Comments (36)

If only Hussein could be so... (Below threshold)

If only Hussein could be so honest and admit his many thefts.

Two things. One, it's quite... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Two things. One, it's quite obvious the guy isn't bragging, he's making a point about pay as you go type laws, balanced budget legislation, etc. I'm pretty sure YOU didn't miss the point. Why are you attempting to mislead here?

And two, do you REALLY long for the "good ole days," when a politician who pissed off a crowd of rednecks would have more than their hands tied up? You wanna bring back lynching?

do you REALLY l... (Below threshold)
do you REALLY long for the "good ole days," when a politician who pissed off a crowd of rednecks would have more than their hands tied up?
Your condescending opinion of the opponents of ObamaCare -- who make up the majority of the American people -- is duly noted. It's because so many members of Congress share that condescension that the need to tie hands (or whatever) has come about.
I didn't say anything about... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I didn't say anything about "the opponents of Obamacare," Mr Halliburton. Rick referred to the Tea Party, who I call "rednecks." I admit to some condescension for the Tea Party, but not to all "opponents of Obamacare."

Mr. Henry,Could yo... (Below threshold)

Mr. Henry,

Could you post the link to the historical information when a U.S. politician was lynched? I am curious. You wouldn't be making things up, would you?

Amazing. I really did not b... (Below threshold)

Amazing. I really did not believe a Democrat could ever tell the truth about anything.

No, SER, just like the poli... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

No, SER, just like the politician in this video, I was making a point, not making a claim.

It was Rick who talked about "not just hands tied up," which I took to be a reference to a good ole-fashion necktie party. Didn't you?

But again, just like the politician in this video, my remarks weren't meant to be taken literally. (To be fair, of course, neither were Rick's, I presume.)


Good for Tom. I absolutely ... (Below threshold)

Good for Tom. I absolutely hated his campaign (demagogued the FairTax), but if he votes no on HCR, I'll have to cut him a check.

Bruce, that distinction doe... (Below threshold)

Bruce, that distinction doesn't help you as much as you may want to believe.

"I admit to some condescens... (Below threshold)

"I admit to some condescension for the Tea Party"

So because someone else holds a different view, you decide to become an insufferable ass?

You'll fit right in with Barry, Nancy and Harry.

Oh, and Bruce:Comm... (Below threshold)

Oh, and Bruce:

Comments about the Congressman's admission that "IF you don't tie our hands, we'll keep stealing?"

Perhaps Bruce was talking a... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Bruce was talking about Senator Charles Sumner (R-MA), who was savagely beaten on the floor of the Senate by a Representative Preston Brooks (D-SC), nearly dying, over Sumner's Abolitionist speeches.

Nah. That'd mean Bruce would have to acknowledge that the Republicans were the champions of abolishing slavery, and the Democrats were slavery's staunch defenders. Can't have THAT, after all...


Mr. Tea,Could you ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Tea,

Could you get us a new troll? I have to admit that I read the comments sections looking for the high negative votes, so that I can get a chuckle from the dumb trolls and be challenged by the smart (relatively speaking) trolls. Haven't seen the relatively smart trolls in a while and the troll on this thread isn't the brightest crayon in the box.

Watching the above video, i... (Below threshold)

Watching the above video, it occurred to me that all this health care reform crap is just a dodge:

But consider, today with our CRAPPY health care system (that Obama JUST HAS TO CHANGE); on average we're living one heck of a lot longer. Obviously this cannot continue. Social Security no longer takes in more than it pays out. Uncle Sam now has to cash in those Social Security IOU's. So the solution apparently is to sabotage the health care system so that we die sooner, thus revitalizing the Social Security ponzi scheme. No wonder the Democrats are unconcerned about their Enron style funding plans for health care reform. Once the system falls apart, they'll reach their goal sooner. Ingenious! The government wouldn't do that, would they? Just forget about the "Tuskegee Experiments" that ended in 1972. Ancient history.

But you WON, Bruce H... (Below threshold)

But you WON, Bruce Henry...that makes you RIGHT, eh?


"Amazing. I really did n... (Below threshold)

"Amazing. I really did not believe a Democrat could ever tell the truth about anything."

Stick around.....Bruce Henry will prove otherwise.

This whole thread reminds m... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

This whole thread reminds me of the faux outrage over Kerry's "botched joke" episode.

It is painfully obvious that this Congressman was using a figure of speech, not inadvertently admitting to anything. But in your desperation you guys choose to spin his remarks into some kind of admission of guilt.

Then you wonder why anyone would find comments like these worthy of condescension.

And, Mr Tea, no one I know has ever denied that the Democratic Party of the 19th Century was, indeed, the party of racism. I for one certainly acknowledge that Southern Democrats held onto the Lost Cause myth through the 1950s and early 1960s. It is what has happened since 1965, and especially since Nixon's Southern Strategy of 1968, that defines the modern political parties in terms of race relations.

But of course you know that very well.

As I've stated many times on Wizbang, on various and sundry threads, since then all the old dinosaur racists in the Southern Democratic party either changed their positions, died, retired, or BECAME REPUBLICANS.

So, on this post, we have Rick attempting to distort what this Congressman said, and Mr Tea confusing "progressive/conservative" with "Democrat/Republican." Mr Tea is no ignoramus. He's just assuming you folks are.

Sure they steal from the wo... (Below threshold)

Sure they steal from the workers to give it to the non-workers. We are living in a "Robin Hood society"...if we want to give to the poor etc..that charity, when the government (they don't make money so they have to take it from us) does it, it is out and out stealing....
I am getting to hate our government more and more. I know a LOT or people feel this way and very soon the shit it going to hit the fan big time.

I really don't see any dist... (Below threshold)

I really don't see any distortion in the post's interpretation of what the Congresscritter said as far as keeping hands tied or we'll keep stealing. The cookie jar was the metaphor, the stealing was an unintended honest description of what happens every day on Capitol Hill.

Bruce Henry. You s... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Bruce Henry.

You say

all the old dinosaur racists in the Southern Democratic party either changed their positions, died, retired, or BECAME REPUBLICANS

The problem here is two-fold. First, you create a false dichotomy (quadri-chotomy?), by suggesting they EITHER changed their position OR became Republicans. It would seem also quite possible that they did both.

And at least one dinosaur southern Democrat seems to have done none of the above. That would be the old Grand Kleagle himself, Robert Byrd, current DEMOCRATIC Senator from West Virginia.

Oh, I know that his defenders regularly say that he apologized and renounced his position. Well, I've looked in vain for a specific apology, you know: "I was wrong to have joined a racist organization like the KKK."

The closest is statement: "Don't join the KKK, b/c it'll become an albatross around your neck" (or words to that effect). Which sounds much more like an 8-year old's "I'm sorry you're so ugly and mean," than an apology for what he did.

And remember, he was not merely rank-and-file following orders. He was helping recruit folks for those good ol' fashioned neck-tie parties you mentioned.

It's really tiresome how ti... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

It's really tiresome how tiresome people repeat the unprovable claim that racist Democrats automatically changed or became Republicans post-Civil Rights.

Claiming "racist!" has no more effect now than smearing opponents as "rednecks."

"It is painfully obvious th... (Below threshold)

"It is painfully obvious that this Congressman was using a figure of speech, not inadvertently admitting to anything."

Bruce, are you claiming that you're clairvoyant?

Ha!Another "Nixon ... (Below threshold)


Another "Nixon southern strategy" claim makes it's appearance!!

BH: "It is what has happened since 1965, and especially since Nixon's Southern Strategy of 1968, that defines the modern political parties in terms of race relations."

Quick question BH, li'l stevie et al: How many southern states were won by a Republican candidate for President in 1968?

Quick follow-up: How many southern states were won by a Democratic candidate for President in 1968?

Further, any statement about the south being full of racist dems who "obviously" became rep's illustrates the folly of static analysis.

What, for instance, have been the migration patterns of blue collar workers and professionals since the mid-60's?

What impact, in terms of political demographics, have ocurred because of those migrations?

Here's a quick aside: I was raised in California, traveled widely while in the Military, then government, then corporate world. When I lived for several years in Atlanta, every one of my friends was a conservative, a republican, and was from somewhere else (due mostly to our work relationships).

I ran into some wild-eyed rednecks who I would definitely call racist but who swore they would never vote republican ever, because it would be an insult to their family history.

Mildly amusing, though somewhat disconcerting.

BH: "It is painfully obviou... (Below threshold)

BH: "It is painfully obvious that this Congressman was using a figure of speech, not inadvertently admitting to anything. But in your desperation you guys choose to spin his remarks into some kind of admission of guilt."

Opportunity for Bruce to show some consistency:

Bruce, what are your thoughts regarding how the Dems spun McCain's remarks about "being in Iraq for a hundred years" (like we are in Germany and Korea) into "McCain WANTS a hundred years of war!!"

How about the famous Bush: "Mission Accomplished" banner spin the dems put on that (when any Naval Officer (or former Naval Officer, like me) or Sailor could have told you exactly what it mean't and why it was there)?

I'll bet your "outrage meter" was a dialed quite a bit lower over those than they are now, eh?

Still waiting for li'l stev... (Below threshold)

Still waiting for li'l stevie green to explain how 10 years of taxes and only 6 years of benefits is the correct way to score the "cost" of a health care bill.

Not that I really expect a response.

His answer is probably still buried under a hundred million tons of unmelted glacier ice!

Re # 23:You don't ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re # 23:

You don't have to be clairvoyant to see what this guy is saying. It's just as plain as the nose on your face, and frankly it reeks of desperation on Rick's part that he would attempt to spin it in a manner so obviously at odds with reality. But it's kinda funny, hence my commenting on it.

Re # 25:

Since I don't march in lockstep with any party, it's not up to me to defend what "Dems" were saying about McCain's 100 years remark. I don't know how you'll collect on what you "bet" I said about it at the time, or Bush's banner and speech onboard ship, but do me a favor and try to refrain from putting words in my mouth, okay?

Garandfan #23: Rem... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Garandfan #23:

Remember, Republicans speak in code, and their words require special divination to understand.

Democrats speak openly and publicly, and their words mean exactly what you are told they mean.

To answer some of your ques... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

To answer some of your questions in comment # 24, Mr Drago:

How many Southern states were won by a Democratic candidate for President in 1968? Answer: ONE. George Wallace left the Democratic Party and formed the American Independent Party, and won AR, LA, AL, MS, and GA. Humphrey won TX.

How many Southern states were won by a Republican candidate in 1968? Answer: FIVE. Nixon won TN, FL, SC, NC, and VA.

So you see, Nixon's "Southern Strategy" worked, in that it denied the Democratic candidate the formerly solid South. It has been lost ever since, at least until Obama took NC and VA in 2008.

See, the American Independent Party was kinda like the Tea Party. It claimed to be against "pointy-headed intellectuals" and "bleedin'-heart liberals" who were "soft on Communism' and should "love it or leave it" -- "it" being America. Also like the Tea Party, and also laughably, it claimed NOT to be about race or racism. Forty-two years later that's still funny as hell. Forty-two years from now the Tea Party will have had about as much lasting impact as the American Independent Party had.

I'm glad, Mr Drago, you've had such wide and varied experience. Mine is more limited, I'm afraid. I've only lived, worked, and raised children in the South my entire life, so feel free to lecture me about what things are like down here.

Bruce Henry - what proof do... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Bruce Henry - what proof do you have that the Tea Parties are racist? And don't give me any malarkey that they're mostly white, because that sure would surprise the many blacks, Asians and Hispanics that come to the rallies. And white does not equal racist, except only to the most hyperventilating and bigoted leftists.

Ok, Mr Observer, I'll spot ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Ok, Mr Observer, I'll spot you Byrd.

Quick! Name another!

(Even though Byrd, despite the lack of a formal apology ala Wallace, obviously long ago changed his views and positions. Unlike, say, Strom Thurmond or Jesse Helms.)

You're right, Big Mo. Tea P... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

You're right, Big Mo. Tea Party rallies are simply THRONGED with black, Asian, and Latino participants. Why, I'll bet the percentage is somewhere in the medium single digits!

I won't argue with you about whether or not the Tea Party is full of racists, Mo. I'm sure their motives are as pure as the driven snow. Pure, pure, white snow.

I guess racism is in the eye of the beholder, dude.

Bruce - sorry, that just wo... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Bruce - sorry, that just won't cut it. You equate white with racism. And since racism is in the eye of the beholder, as you wrote, that means you're a racist. Prove it otherwise.

Well, BH, that's mighty big... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Well, BH, that's mighty big of you, to spot me a STILL SERVING Democratic Senator.

Unlike Thurmond and Helms, both of whom were out of the Senate in 2003, seven years ago, and are now both dead.

Thurmond, of course, voted for extending the Civil Rights Act, and for MLK Day. Quite the unabashed racist, obviously.

Conversely, Robert Byrd voted against both Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas, the ONLY Senator to vote against BOTH black nominees.

But then, he's still wont to use the n-word in public. Part of changing his views and positions, I guess!

This is so cool!! The Tea ... (Below threshold)
Stephen Manion:

This is so cool!! The Tea Partiers are posting this all over the place as if it is a personal admission of dishonesty on the part of Congressman Tom Perriello instead of the brutally honest portrayal of Congress it obviously is. It was filmed at a Tea Party function which may explain why there seems to be no clip or transcript that isn't chopped off right at this convenient point. Let's see, invite a man to speak to you at your function, tape him, and then try to twist what he says against him. Fits very well with the Big Lie discussion i posted earlier, and brings up more pertinent questions: How stupid do they think we are? Do they not realize that most people's reactions will be "Right on Tom!" no matter how they try to couch it? Let's not tell them. They might stop slapping it onto every (virtual) flat surface.

That won't cut it, Mo? You ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

That won't cut it, Mo? You mean I haven't changed your mind? What a surprise!

Byrd, Helms, and Thurmond I lumped together because they pretty much all belonged to the same generation, Thurmond being senior, Mr Observer. But, as I said, I'll spot you Byrd as the exception that proves the rule.

Now, quick, name me another Democratic politician from the South that held onto his segregationist cred past the early 1970s.

Ernest Hollings. DEMOCRATIC... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Ernest Hollings. DEMOCRATIC senator from South Carolina.And DEM governor of S Carolina.All in the 1990s and 2000s.

Not that providing add'l examples will change YOUR mind. Just look at how you characterize Thurmond; your claim that he never changed his mind is belied by his change in voting behavior, unlike Byrd.

And I don't need you to SPOT me Byrd, as though the point were debatable in his case.

The point, in this Year of Our Lord 2010 is what CURRENT politicians are all about. Nixon, LBJ, Helms, Al Gore Sr, they're ALL dead. What matters are those in office and what THEY believe.






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