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They're not just knocking on the door


H/T Gina Cobb.



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Comments (7)

Well Duh! Like we didn't a... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Well Duh! Like we didn't already know that. I would expect Cap anmd Trade to follow using the same BS. A new 'fairness doctrine' to outlaw dissent. They have until November to force through as much of his leftist agenda as they can. Expect it to get far worse once this gets through and unfortunately it looks like they will get it through.

Make no mistake: what they ... (Below threshold)

Make no mistake: what they want is single payer.

The first step is to destroy private insurance, which will force people to rely on government for health care.

Once single payer is in place, care will necessarily be rationed by government panels. Panels will be made up of union thugs and political hacks. Citizens with political pull will be given preferences in receiving care. Doctors will flee the profession for different work and the "best and brightest" will no longer seek medicine as a career. Med schools will fill up with idiots.

It'll be paradise!

We can not be confident abo... (Below threshold)

We can not be confident about a Conservative victory. The progressives are throwing hundreds of millions of our dollars at unions and community organizers. They will be able to buy a lot of votes. AND, we have no idea what tricks they'll pull through executive orders and regulatory abuse between now and 2012.

With the loss of their fili... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

With the loss of their filibuster proof majority in the Senate there's only so much damage the Democrats are going to be able to do in the current Congress apart for passing Obamacare. The way Democrats constructed the healthcare bill and may pass it will minimize the possibility of this Congress passing any other significant legislation. Given Democrats' obsession with healthcare to the exclusion of fixing the economy along with their ethical issues and sleaze process it's likely that Republicans will see significant gains in the next Congress. If so, no other significant and controversial legislation is likely going to pass in Obama's first term. With few exceptions, executive orders can be overturned by the next president with the stroke of a pen. Also, executive orders can't allocate new money, so they are limited in scope. Bottom line is that Obama is likely a lame duck President and an increasingly unpopular one at that.

I'm just surprised they did... (Below threshold)

I'm just surprised they didn't hook Cap & Trade onto the health bill and cram it through along with their 'education reform'. Barry did such a GREAT job on education reform in Chicago.

MacUntil next Januar... (Below threshold)

Until next January when they swear in the new congress assuming the GOP pick up Senate seats, all they have to do is pick off one of the RINOs to get things pass.

Wayne, if this bill passes ... (Below threshold)

Wayne, if this bill passes in the manner Pelosi is trying to push; I think the atmosphere in the Senate will be so poisoned that NOTHING the Democrats want will get a Republican vote. Normal business might proceed, but Nancy and Harry can toss their socialist wish list. Cap & Trade is already dead. I doubt there is one Republican who would vote for that, and there are several Democratic senators who definitely will not vote for it. (Rockefeller would be slitting his own wrists if he did and he knows it.) I'm not sure if Stupid is dumb enough to push amnesty. Bush tried it and the public rose up in anger at a time when unemployment was 5%! Try amnesty now, sugar coat it, cover it in molasses, put a cherry on top...anything you want. The public won't buy it.

Come on November!






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