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When You've Lost Howard Stern...

I can't believe I missed Howard Stern's epiphany regarding the modern day Democratic Party. I heard the audio just this morning at iOwnTheWorld, a blog I've never heard of before but will check out again. Howard Stern on his radio show the other day said that he's had enough with the Democrats. He's realized that they are exactly what many of us have said they are: communists.


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That is a BIG OUCH!... (Below threshold)

That is a BIG OUCH!

Next thing you know, Oprah ... (Below threshold)

Next thing you know, Oprah will be coming out against Obama.

Wow, really Howard? A littl... (Below threshold)

Wow, really Howard? A little SLOW on the uptake, ain't ya??!!

Another talk show host in t... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Another talk show host in the news:

Debbie Schlussel investigates Sean Hannity's charity

"In fact, less than 20%-and in two recent years, less than 7% and 4%, respectively-of the money raised by Freedom Alliance went to these causes, while millions of dollars went to expenses, including consultants and apparently to ferret the Hannity posse of family and friends in high style."

. . .


Don't worry, a lot more peo... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, a lot more people than Howard are going to learn to hate this petulant (re: Brett Baier interview) anti-democratic punk. In our faces every day...........big lies, small lies, half truths, demonizing,and self congratulating con artist demagoguery with the glorious backdrop of cronic unemployment ,unsustainable debt and increased terror.

Even a couple of lefties might have to admit that the future resentment of their party and it's members will have as their poster boy this effete chain smoking autocratic punk.

"Debbie Schlussel investiga... (Below threshold)

"Debbie Schlussel investigates Sean Hannity's charity"

I'll glady wait for Hannity's own explanation because this Schlussel chick is a self aggrandizing douchebag who's lucky to have the internet age where a few gullible folks can hang to her every carefully scrubbed blog.

Try saying something critical on her blog and she'll be sure the truth about her style and lack of talent gets a clean rinse.

You don't have to like Hannity's politics to "deem" him a decent fellow.

Hey, maybe we can change the name of your party to the Deemocrats!

I want to jump in here befo... (Below threshold)

I want to jump in here before Steve Green and just get this over with in one post and save him the trouble. I assure you Steve knew this guy was a closet racist and this dissatisfaction with the Democrats is just a cover for his dislike of Obama himself.

Howard Stern and Michael Mo... (Below threshold)

Howard Stern and Michael Moore should team up.

This just in from Adrian Br... (Below threshold)

This just in from Adrian Browne: "HEY, LOOK OVER THERE!!!"

Really?You've never ... (Below threshold)

You've never heard of iOwnTheWorld.com?
That's shocking.

Between the Obamas comic strip, Lori Ziganto (snark and boobs) and the DAILY onslaught of the best political comedy on the internet, and the constant appearance on American Thinker, Moonbattery, Tammy Bruce, Boortz ... It's pretty hard to avoid them.

Please visit Iowntheworld o... (Below threshold)

Please visit Iowntheworld often. One of the best among those who use ridicule against Chairman 0, alongside Moonbattery & PeoplesCube.

In 2001 in the immediate af... (Below threshold)

In 2001 in the immediate aftermath of the 911 attacks, I would listen to Howard sometimes (he was still on real radio at that point). He was ready to pick up a weapon and go get the terrorists personally, he went after them with venom and humor. Lots of schtick about guys who wear tablecloths on their heads and wrap them up with fan belts.

Then he drifted back to his leftie comfort zone. Heh, now that the commies are threatening his industry he's awake once more.






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