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Bernie Madoff beat up in prison - an omen?


Bernard Madoff, the swindler who orchestrated a multibillion dollar fraud, was attacked by another inmate at the federal prison where he is serving a 150-year sentence, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing three people familiar with the matter.

The report said that the attack occurred last December. After it, Madoff was moved to a low-security medical center for treatment, where he was treated for a broken nose, fractured ribs and cuts to his head and face, according to a felon currently at the prison in Butner, N.C.

At the time of the incident last year, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons said the disgraced financier was being treated for high blood pressure and dizziness. The Federal Bureau of Prisons and Ira Sorkin, a lawyer for Madoff, did not immediately return calls seeking comment on the Wall Street Journal report.

Madoff is serving a 150-year sentence at Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina after pleading guilty to a $65 billion investment fraud that bilked thousands of investors worldwide.

The Wall Street Journal said details of Madoff's injuries couldn't be independently verified. But it said another inmate who recently was released from Butner confirmed the assault. A third unnamed person did, too, according the report.

The former inmate, who served time on drug charges, said the dispute centered on money the assailant thought he was owed by Madoff.

Life is funny when you think about it. 

Madoff is a swindler serving time in prison for committing fraud and suffers a beat-down by someone believing himself to be a Madoff victim.

In the mean-time, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the Dems are committing a fraud much more far-reaching and impacting.

Here's hoping for a political beat-down in November and again in 2012.

A whole lot of hoping.

Crossposted at Brutally Honest.


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Comments (15)

What is the difference betw... (Below threshold)

What is the difference between Bernie Madoff and the Democrats? Before you became one of Madoff's victims, you actually had to make the decision to give your money to him. With the Democrats, you don't even have the option of being duped - the Democrats are doing that for you automatically. You have no choice.

Im hoping for more then a p... (Below threshold)

Im hoping for more then a political beat down.

Health care ref... (Below threshold)
Health care reform marks our progress
Love is hate.

War is peace.

Hyper-statism is progress.

A multi-trillion-dollar entitlement is deficit reduction.

A massive market distortion that will put private insurers out of business isn't socialism.

Winston Smith loves steve green.

"There was an opportunit... (Below threshold)

"There was an opportunity for the GOP to rebuild by acting responsibly and working in a bipartisan manner..."

Please explain how they were supposed to do that when they were not invited to any of the sessions where this abomination was crafted in closed sessions?

Do you actualy get paid to spout this garbage, or do you actually belive the crap you spew on this blog?

Steve Green is obviously a ... (Below threshold)

Steve Green is obviously a federal employee and member of SEIU.

Get ready for FunEmployment Greenie. You are expendable.

Attention Republicans, Last... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Attention Republicans, Last Call:

Last call for Bipartisan Support™ of the the modest health insurance industry reform bill of 2010.

It's now or never. It's your last chance.

Last call . . . anyone?

Steve Green hates ProRodeo ... (Below threshold)

Steve Green hates ProRodeo and Nascar

Adrian: When the dictatoria... (Below threshold)

Adrian: When the dictatorial elites offer bipartisanship, be very afraid.

News item this morning:<br ... (Below threshold)

News item this morning:
Caterpillar Inc. said the health-care overhaul legislation being considered by the U.S. House would increase the company's health-care costs by more than $100 million in the first year alone.

Way to go Barry! The economy will be up and running real soon! Wonder how much India and China will charge for heavy equipment?

Bullshit.</... (Below threshold)
You should ask bullshit for help in understanding this issue, since it's obviously more intelligent than you are.

And I know other commenters explain your commentary as dishonesty rather than stupidity but really, under the circumstances, would an intelligent person tell the lies steve green tells?

"Bullshit."So the ... (Below threshold)


So the truth gets stevie g to reveal his middle name....How quaint.

Please tell me the point of... (Below threshold)

Please tell me the point of this post IS NOT that we have to go to jail to beat these bums up in the future?

7. Posted by Storm... (Below threshold)

7. Posted by Storm

I already handed him his ass once on the "bipartisanship" issue. Don't bother, he'll simply slither off into his hole and ignore you.

As usual, the one true defining statement from all of SG's comments is "bullshit", which he is full of.

As for getting in a few hot licks on the House or Senate members that support this, or any of the "bullshit" that's been passed or is going to be passed, VOTE! and support candidates by directly sending to your candidate of choice.

And Steve, KGFYIYKWIMAIKYD, soonest.

O'Dumbo, Reid and Peeloshit... (Below threshold)

O'Dumbo, Reid and Peeloshit will soon join Madoff as they await their execution for treason. It's coming and it isn't far off. The SCOTUS can't continue to sit on their hands and let this crap continue.

It's amazing to see you guy... (Below threshold)

It's amazing to see you guys twist yourself into pretzel attaching any negative news to Obama.

Wasn't this site one of the ones talking about Bush Derangement Syndrome not that long ago?

But hey, the tables have turned and you're not getting what you want, so rather than honest debate, you're twisting the world events to rest at the feet of one, apparently all powerful man.






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