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Democrats Hiding $371 Billion In ObamaCare Costs

As a follow up to Lorie's post below, Democrats may not be nearly so confident about the inevitability of ObamaCare passage on Sunday. A few thoughts. First, if Pelosi had the votes there would obviously be a vote on the floor today.

Second, Republicans have figured out the ruse being sold by President Obama's proxies in the media that there will be some substantial "fix" to the Senate bill through reconciliation. There is a large body of opinion on the Right that the very minute the House passes the original Senate bill it will be sent to the Senate for certification and signed by President Obama immediately. After the political damage this bill has done to the Democratic Party, they will certainly not let an approved piece of legislation be bandied about the Senate for weeks. A presidential signature will be affixed to it perhaps on the same day.

Third, Politico has obtained a confidential Democratic briefing paper that reveals the true venality of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi:

Democrats are planning to introduce legislation later this spring that would permanently repeal annual Medicare cuts to doctors, but are warning lawmakers not to talk about it for fear that it will complicate their push to pass comprehensive health reform. The plans undercut the party's message that reform lowers the deficit, according to a memo obtained by POLITICO.

Democrats removed the so-called doc fix from the reform legislation last year because its $371-billion price tag would have made it impossible for Democrats to claim that their bill reduces the deficit. Republicans have argued for months that by stripping the doc fix from the bill, Democrats were playing a shell game.

The memo also repeatedly advises Democrats not to discuss the details of the CBO score.

"We cannot emphasize this enough: do not allow yourself (or your boss) to get into a discussion of the details of CBO scores and textual narrative. Instead, focus only on the deficit reduction and number of Americans covered," the memo says

The level of desperation on display in this Congress is stunning. Not a word that comes from their mouths should be believed.

Update: The Democrats are questioning "authenticity" of the embarrassing memo. I'll update the post as soon as the leaker is executed or when the Dems run the clock out.

Update Two: Megan McArdle cautions:

If it's a fake, "fake but accurate" is not a defense. I mean, it may be of Politico, provided they act swiftly to rectify the mistake. But rightwing bloggers should not do what the left did in the Dan Rather case, and insist on its accuracy well past the point of reason.

Point taken, but it should be noted that Rathergate is not the benchmark against which this incident should be measured. There is a rich history on the Left of fake but accurate demagoguery that stretches from Tawana Brawely and Al Sharpton to the Hidatha marines. I'm less inclined to cut these Democrats any slack. In the court of public opinion they should thoroughly experience the bitter worm of guilty until proven innocent. If they're innocent they can go to that place where politicians go to recover their reputations: an election.


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Comments (15)

Shhhhhhhhhhhh!Let'... (Below threshold)


Let's see...they're claiming a $138 Billion SAVINGS over 10 years, and yet THIS would cost THREE TIMES THAT MUCH!


Hush little liars dont say ... (Below threshold)

Hush little liars dont say a word

Barrys got to pass this rotten turd

When this rotten turd dont fly

Barrys sure to have an alibi.

...and, once again, they us... (Below threshold)

...and, once again, they use the Congressional Budget Office numbers to justify all of this.

The big dirty secret, of course, is that the CBO doesn't do a real estimate of what Federal projects will cost. They are required, by law, to use the major assumptions in the bill itself as the foundation for their work.

So if a bill assumes that there's going to be a huge savings due to something that will never happen in a million years, the CBO has to assume, first, that the event WILL happen. Likewise, if the authors of some piece of legislation assume that there will be no bad effects in a bill (and include that in their guesstimate), then the CBO likewise has to assume that nothing bad will happen, economically.

The CBO has some leeway, but not much. Which is why Federal legislation often misses its original assumptions of cost by a factor of two to ten times.

Note, for example, Medicaid. One of the primary assumptions of the "savings" part of the Health Care Monstrosity is that Medicaid and Medicare will be cut. Unfortunately, the bill ALSO assumes that those same programs will handle most of the huge new work load, with decreasing budgets, and doesn't include that cost in the final tally. Oops.

bryanDDo you pract... (Below threshold)


Do you practice being an asshole or does it just come naturally?

Practice makes perfect. Rig... (Below threshold)

Practice makes perfect. Right bD

Quick! Look over there at ... (Below threshold)

Quick! Look over there at two California Republicans, and quote the RINO!

Ignore the completely flawed and corrupt process going on RIGHT NOW that's going to be such a huge flop (several times the cost of the Iraq war, to start), the Democrats are trying to pass it in such a way that all of them will be able to say, "I didn't vote for it!"

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

The price tag on this healt... (Below threshold)

The price tag on this healthcare bill? CBO says they haven't come up with a number yet, but Dems are running around saying they are "giddy" about the numbers. Who's lying? methinks the dems as usual. This is a simple and pure attempt to placate the public into thinking it is a cost effective piece of legislation. Unfortunately, too many people will believe this piece of crap and accept it. Them dems have NO shame at all. If this monstrosity passes, the country loses, plain and simple.

bryand's latest incoherent ... (Below threshold)

bryand's latest incoherent rant: "I'll just observe that had the GOP not sold their souls to the war machine back when, there might be the extra 1/4 ounce of credibility left regarding the sudden vigilance for the taxpayer that is suddenly in season, and they might be believed now.
But they ain't."

Brilliant analysis.

That would explain Scott Browns defeat in Massachusetts........oh........

Way to double-down on the s... (Below threshold)

Way to double-down on the stupid bryand. The meds wearing off?

btw, what is tigerbeat?

Are you having trouble concentrating?

Let's try it again in bullet fashion since your ADD is showing:

This thread deals with Dem's deception related to the real budget consequences of obama-care.

You claim R's have no credibility on this issue and that they "..ain't believed."

In Massachusetts, the bluest of blue states, a Rep ran expressly against Obama's agenda (in particular their fiscal insanity and obamacare).

I point this out to you.

You reference tigerbeat.

That about sums it up.

What time is lights out at the institution?

The 'doctor fix' has been a... (Below threshold)

The 'doctor fix' has been a farce since first proposed in the 90's. Congress was going to cut payments to reduce medicare costs which were going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over their original projections. EVERY year since, Congress has put off the 'fix' for another year.

You can damn well bet they'll keep kicking that can down the road. For an all-encompassing "Health Care REFORM Bill" that even includes "education funding", NO WHERE will you find any mention of the 'doc fix'. Because it would show the Democrats are lying about the true costs.

Apparently brainDead has fo... (Below threshold)

Apparently brainDead has forgotten that Scott Brown is sitting in a Senate seat that belonged to the Kennedys since 1952.

Don't ask him how long it's been since Massachusetts elected a Republican to the U.S. Senate. The puny little popping sound when his head explodes will only embarrass him further.

Well, that settles it.... (Below threshold)

Well, that settles it.

If I have any questions about popular reading material for the teenage set, I can certainly ask bryand.

That explains alot.

Though, to be honest, we didn't really need an explanation, did we?

To bryanD, that reading mat... (Below threshold)

To bryanD, that reading material is both research and bait.

Can't reach anyone. All ph... (Below threshold)

Can't reach anyone. All phone message boxes full (and, I think, not being emptied on purpose).

Anyone else notice that the... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Anyone else notice that the trolls have suddenly come out of the woodwork since a date for the vote was announced?

I mean steve green was the only one posting for a while. Now they are back in force.

2011 will be interesting. With a republican house that means that all spending bills originate there. Things like spending for all those comittees that Obama wants set up. Spending for a lot of other things as well.

True the republicans may not get much of anything they want passed in the next 2 years but it is doubtful Obama will be able to as much harm his last 2 years in office (2011 and 2012) than the first 2. Of course the damage done from the first 2 may be enough to sink us.






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