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Breaking: Democrats to drop the Slaughter Solution

The Washington Post has the report:

Democrats edged closer to finding 216 lawmakers to back a landmark health-care bill Saturday, as party leaders and White House officials were working on an executive order that they hope will win over a substantial number of antiabortion Democrats.

The House Rules Committee continued its session on the third floor of the Capitol, where the panel is tasked with setting the terms of Sunday's floor debate. House leaders have decided to take a separate vote on the Senate version of the health care bill, rejecting an earlier, much-criticized strategy that would have permitted them to "deem" the measure passed without an explicit vote.

Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) said the House will take three votes on Sunday: first, on a resolution that will set the terms of debate; second, on a package of amendments to the Senate bill that have been demanded by House members; and third, on the Senate bill itself.

At the Rules Committee hearing, lawmakers from both parties welcomed the news that the chamber would take a separate vote on the Senate health bill.

I think we've had sanity prevail here, and we're very pleased about that," said Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-Calif.), adding that it was proper for Congress to take such an important vote "in the light of day."

Sanity has not prevailed when the Democrats in Congress and Obama are on the verge of imposing a government takeover of our entire health care system in clear defiance of the majority of the American people.


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Comments (24)

If it passes...it is not th... (Below threshold)

If it passes...it is not the end ...it is the begining of a world of hurt for the DimCrat Party. Lawsuits, voter discontent will drag the idiot Dimo's down. In the end Obama and his moronic minions in the House and Senate may do incaluable damage to themselves and all of it for nothing.

I also disagree that this b... (Below threshold)

I also disagree that this bill, once passed, won't be repealed. If it works as designed, it'll upset a whole lot of people, since nothing good happens for years. The nation can elect a whole new government that could repeal or completely change the law by then.

Frankly, I'm surprised that... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Frankly, I'm surprised that the lawyers expressed anything akin to pleasure at the news that his was being dropped. It looked like a lawyer's full employment act of 2010 if it was nothing else.

And Hussein is going to pre... (Below threshold)

And Hussein is going to present some sort of fraudulent anti-abortion executive order to get Stupak and others to vote yes. Hussein signing an anti abortion ANYTHING is a farce!! Can Stupak be THAT stupid???

They can vote any way they ... (Below threshold)

They can vote any way they want tomorrow. Then the games will begin in the Senate. Glad our Congress has all this extra time after Barry's "hard pivot" to jobs, jobs, jobs. What's next Barry? Cap & Trade? Card Check? NOTHING ELSE IS GOING TO GET DONE THIS YEAR.

And after the November elections, Barry is going to be a 2 year lame duck. Lame Ducks don't get re-elected.

BS Roy...that damn thing do... (Below threshold)

BS Roy...that damn thing does not directly affect anyone until 2014...it can be repealed or declared unconstitutional. Nothing is locked in stone...especially a bill most Americans hate.

Maybe that's the whole plan... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Maybe that's the whole plan. Distract the country with insane socialist programs and global warming hustles while they dispense $100's of millions to friends and family.

And after the Novembe... (Below threshold)

And after the November elections, Barry is going to be a 2 year lame duck. Lame Ducks don't get re-elected

Garand Fan

No offense Garand but like most Americans you have a very short memory. These were the same claims made against Bill Clinton, one termer etc., but lest we forget this is America and whether or not Brad leaves Angilina for Jen is MUCH more important to the masses than whether or not our children have even a slight chance at acquiring any type of dream.

It's only gonna take a small economic bubble, reducing unemployment a bit and putting some money in ppl's pockets and they'll soon forget about this and go back to sleep. Sure the Republicans will take over and come in full bore, BUT the MSM will beat the "They're racist, homophobe, hicks trying to kill old ppl" drum and the R's, just like in 98, will wilt and become useless, trying to save their collective asses.

Lets not forget that when a... (Below threshold)

Lets not forget that when all these same things were leveled against Bill Clinton at about the same time in his presidency the Republicans took over in '94 and yanked him to the right, which gave him his second term. Yes the Republicans may get control in November, but that is what just may give Barry his second term, that is what he should be praying for. And yes, Americans will be going back to seeing who Tiger cheated on next, or what Kate's hair looks like now.

"Clinton at about the same ... (Below threshold)

"Clinton at about the same time in his presidency the Republicans took over in '94 and yanked him to the right, which gave him his second term."

One, history does not repeat itself.

Two, if it did, and the country is "yanked to the right", then does it matter if Obama gets re-elected?

RAH, if Obama had the smart... (Below threshold)

RAH, if Obama had the smarts to save himself the way Clinton did, ObamaCare would have been euthanized after Scott Brown's election victory.

I worry about that but then... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I worry about that but then I remember that Barry promised us that this year was going to be about "Jobs, jobs, jobs".

I think that Barry is incapable of making the same adjustment as Bill Clinton. Clinton was liberal, but ultimately he was a pragmatist. He knew that what he really wanted to be was President and that if he wanted to do that he needed to move to the center.

Obama is a leftist. He was mentored as a child and as an adult by avowed communists. He spent the first 40+ years of his life having it crammed down his throat that conservatives were ignorant, greedy and evil. He lacks the wit to see the other side of the argument. He lacks the ability to compromise.

I expect that if the GOP retakes one or both houses that Obama will continue to push the same agenda. He will refuse to compromise and he will veto anything less than what he demands. He was an absolute ideologue in Illinois and he was the same in the US Senate. Given that track record I see no reason to think that he will do anything different.

does it matter if ... (Below threshold)
does it matter if Obama gets re-elected?

There's one that went back to sleep. Or maybe never woke up! Like it just don't matter if the President of the United States is an incompetent boob or not.

Drop the Slaughter Solition... (Below threshold)

Drop the Slaughter Solition? This is peanuts. 1) I surmise that the Democrats have given serious thought to a court challenge and 2) Pelosi probably thinks she is going to get her votes. I am sure their long range vision extends beyond this decision. Interesting to see what happens with the Senate. It will also be interesting to see what happens when the expiration of the Bush tax cuts are superimposed on collecting taxes on a healthcare program that doesn't even begin for a few years. Good luck putting a dent in those jo

OOPS! Meant to end by wishi... (Below threshold)

OOPS! Meant to end by wishing Barry lots of luck with the jobless numbers

While I am sure they consid... (Below threshold)
jim m:

While I am sure they considered the certain legal actions if they 'deemed' the bill passed, I think that is more of a crap shoot. It could easily go either way.

No I suspect that they considered that 1) it would get hung up in legal wrangling and 2) I think they are stupid enough to think that this is all about how they are passing it and not about the content of he legislation. Remember they have all been saying that once we see what's in the bill we will just fall all over ourselves trying to thank them.

They really think that once it is passed that they will be home free. They think that their negative polling is not because the bill is bad (I actually think that they realize that the bill really is bad, but they overestimate their ability to cover up the sleaze), but because they haven't gotten it done.

Once they get it done their enablers in the MSM will help them BS it past the public. You will hear endless stories about how all the horrible things that conservatives warned about haven;t come true. Of course that will actually be the case because most of the provisions don't kick in for 4 years. The dems and the media will ridicule everyone who stood against it and claim that they were stupid or evil or both. Then in 4 years when the roof caves in they will find some way to deflect the blame: Oh, tit would have worked, but the GOP prevented us from spending enough...if Bush hadn't left us this bad economy health care would have worked 8 years later...

Guaranteed, if they pass this and in 4 years it goes bad they will blame Bush.

Michael"BS Roy...t... (Below threshold)


"BS Roy...that damn thing does not directly affect anyone until 2014"

Where have you been Mikey boy? All the taxes kick in immediately. You dont think that additional taxes wont affect anyone? Wont affect businesses? Wont affect hiring? Wont affect job creation?

In addition, you have the govt taking over the student loan program in this. Taking over GM and Chrysler and banks have done so well for them so far.

Keep on thinking it doesnt affect you. WHen you see the hit in your wallet and you lose your job or your kids cant find jobs because of the impact on employers than come back and tell us how much it didnt affect you.

Healthcare is about Job Job... (Below threshold)

Healthcare is about Job Job Jobs and payoffs. Everyone keeps asking why would Dem commit election suicide? They are set for life they have security protection and free health care. They will leave office and eventually work for one of the new Government health care agency that will exist at the state and federal level not to mention the pseudo private ones think FM/FM on steroids. They will employee so many people it will become the new political third rail. We all know there will not be enough money for it to sustain itself so government will increase in size and scope.

Demms maybe voted out but this will be the gift that keeps on giving.

One, history does not... (Below threshold)

One, history does not repeat itself.


Ummm...that was a joke right? You could create a small library detailing how history repeats itself and the inability of humanity to learn from previous events, whether good or bad.

To the victors go the spoils and thus those who "win" get to write the history, what would Southern textbooks look like if they had won the civil war? The ability to seperate the hyperbole from the truth and make a logical conclussion based on evidence is the providence of the enlightened man...Unfort., there are very few of those today and almost certainly none in Congress.

"One, history does not repe... (Below threshold)

"One, history does not repeat itself.


Ummm...that was a joke right? "


I should have been more specific. What I meant to say was, presidential history does not repeat itself. Each presidency in our history has been been unique, in the challenges it has faced, and in the manner it has conducted its affairs.

Kansas just lost. Didn't o... (Below threshold)

Kansas just lost. Didn't o pick them to finish? Looks like his track record stands.

BO picks whoever is the nat... (Below threshold)
jim m:

BO picks whoever is the national favorite so he can look smart by repeating whatever the analyst on SportsCenter says.

It was a great game though. I had Kansas beating UNI in my bracket though.

The dems can drop the "slau... (Below threshold)

The dems can drop the "slaughter" rule solution but thier still going to get slaughtered come november.

Cmon Sam, don't forget your... (Below threshold)

Cmon Sam, don't forget your BOC
"History proves again and again, how nature points out the folly of men"
Go, go, Barackzilla!






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