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First day of Spring, Oklahoma City



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It's all George Bush's faul... (Below threshold)

It's all George Bush's fault, Obama inherited this weather...

Damn that global warming!<b... (Below threshold)

Damn that global warming!

Nah it can't be, I thought ... (Below threshold)

Nah it can't be, I thought Al Gore the global warming whore was speaking somewhere else, but maybe it was OK City. Sorry guys you get the Al Gore snow lottery winners ticket, just grin and bare it to Al when you see him. mpw

Nah, Al ain't talking about... (Below threshold)

Nah, Al ain't talking about snow any more. RAIN is now the precursor of AGW. And all this time I thought rain this time of year was a sign of spring. Of course, in our entire history, we've NEVER had flooding in spring. Al thinks so.

Quit slacking on the shovel... (Below threshold)

Quit slacking on the shoveling here at wizbang and get out there!!!

Sorry Oklahoma city, Algore... (Below threshold)

Sorry Oklahoma city, Algore and his traveling snakeoil show are close at hand.

B-b-but, didn't y'all know ... (Below threshold)

B-b-but, didn't y'all know that all of this unseasonably cold weather PROVES global warming? ;-)

(Yeah...no, my thinking isn't that "nuanced," either.)

Here's Broken Arrow, OK (Tulsa, OK, area): http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee259/FortHardKnox/BrokenArrowGolfCourseMarch2010.jpg

What is all that white stuf... (Below threshold)

What is all that white stuff?

San Jose, CA
Where it was bright and 76F today.

What is all that w... (Below threshold)
What is all that white stuff?

San Jose, CA
Where it was bright and 76F today.

It was even better yesterday - driving home from work in Sunnyvale, I saw 83 on my car thermometer. But I note it was the same car thermometer that I saw 23 degrees in Texas, near the Mexican border, in the late fall. Driving down the interstate in my *brand new* car, and passing the 80 mph speed limit signs at about 20 mph since it was solid glare ice. The signs mocked me- and Al Gore.

Brett,Yes, it was ... (Below threshold)


Yes, it was quite nice on Friday. I was driving home with my lady (having picked her up in at the Murphy Station before returning to work in Sunnyvale) just before sunset with the top down...

Thank God for global warmin... (Below threshold)

Thank God for global warming or that road would've been covered in snow too.

Snowing in DFW as well. Of... (Below threshold)

Snowing in DFW as well. Of course, NASA GISS will shortly claim 2010 as the warmest year on record (well, at least since we've had satellites). There is a sizable El Nino this year. It makes the US east of the Rockies cooler and wetter than normal with similar conditions in Europe. The Pacific is quite toasty and that is why they get the "warmest" measurements. It's really cyclical weather patterns and may have little to do with Klimate Change Katastrophe, Inc. LLC. But they'll sure try to make it sound that way.

CDR M,In a typical... (Below threshold)


In a typical year I'd have been having top down days long before the equinox.

You know I had the sarc but... (Below threshold)

You know I had the sarc button engaged right?

CDR M,I think your... (Below threshold)


I think your sarc button is in need of repair...

Snow is just giving out the... (Below threshold)

Snow is just giving out the way to spring. Looks fine out there.






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