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ObamaCare and The Short-Lived Rehabilitation Of Speaker Pelosi

The Politico, anxious to write tomorrow's Republican obituary today, indulges itself in some magical thinking that may be a preview of the official ObamaApologism that frames the 2010 midterms.

In an article titled "Nancy Pelosi steeled White House for health push", writers Carrie Budoff Brown & Glenn Thrush serve up the notion that that it was Nancey Pelosi that overcame the all enveloping fear that consumed the the White House after the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts. Only Pelosi could turn the tide of anxiety that gripped even White House insiders like Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel:

In the jittery days following Scott Brown's Senate victory, Nancy Pelosi was eager to resurrect comprehensive health reform. But first, she had to get past longtime ally Rahm Emanuel, who was counseling President Barack Obama to consider a smaller, piecemeal approach.

During a mid-February conference call with top House Democrats, Pelosi made it clear she would accept nothing short of a big-bang health care push - dismissing the White House chief of staff as an "incrementalist." [Ed: That may explain the rush by Washington Post hagiographers to defend Emanuel. Calling The Rahm an incrementalist is next to questioning his manhood]

Pelosi even coined a term to describe Emanuel's scaled-down approach: "Kiddie Care," according to a person privy to the call.[Ed: Sort of like running a Viagra or Cialis ad after a puff piece on The Rahm by CBS].

Pelosi's remark was more than just a diss. It sent a clear signal to House leadership that Pelosi wouldn't compromise - and it coincided with Obama's own decision to renew his push for an all-encompassing bill after weeks of confusion and discussion.

The unashamed Pelosi reahabilitation has begun in earnest the day before the final vote on Obamacare takes place, which should serve as a reminder that all of the egos driving this message and this legislation are not remotely connected to the political reality manifested in the displeasure of the electorate. Consider for example the veritable tsunami of uncorraborated accusations that were thrown by the usual suspects at the protesters to the ObamaCare legislation. These protestors were again labeled as bigoted narrow minded racists and homophobes. These critics,who proudly wear the moniker of modern day Anderson Coopers, represent the sort of leftist, knee jerk, mouth foaming that that is reminiscent of a Tawana Brawley rally or, on the other side, a response to a Mark Levine/Anne Coulter book signing event. The Left reserves its most insane behavior for those that directly threaten its survival or reaffirm their most dearly held prejudices, the manifestation of which are lobotomized politcal opinions that champion absolute nonsense (see below).

But back to the Pelosi Resurrection that Politco is blatantly peddling. What Thrush and Brown so obviously fail to address in this sop is the amatuerish and foolish tactics Pelosi employeed to push this monumenatlly bad piece of legislation. Instead of focusing on policy and its impact on the delivery of healthcare they zero in on the only points that support their ideology:

"But the main reason the bill has made it to the floor has as much to do with the complex, occasionally tense, ever-evolving partnership between the first African-American president and the first female speaker."

What a crock of shit. ObamaCare is all about money and power, the central tenets of the liberal trinity of race, gender and class. The only element of this legislation that will be "ever-evolving" will be the experience during the 2010 mid terms and state and local elections thereafter when the term "unfunded mandate" becomes the most well understood political pejorative since Willie Horton. Come to think of it, even president Obama had trouble today articulating the political aspect of his health care reform policy. Consider this convoluted message:

In his eleventh-hour appeal, Obama played Democratic lawmakers' heart strings, while emphasizing the political difficulty of Sunday's vote.

"I am absolutely confident that it'll end up being the smart thing to do politically - because I believe that good policy is good politics," he said, although moments later he appeared to reverse and said:

"Now I can't guarantee that this is good politics."

Maybe even this community organizer is finding that talking out of both sides of your mouth is difficult on a weekend when the polls and protestors in front of the Capitol Building are promising accountability.


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Comments (5)

At this point, I think it i... (Below threshold)

At this point, I think it is prudent and useful to leave Pelosi and Biden to God's mercy. Both have sacrileged by claiming His support for the particulars of this appalling health care bill.

Nancy should avail herself ... (Below threshold)

Nancy should avail herself of the psychiatric treatment from her own insurance plan.

One more face lift and she will be wearing a beard.

Short lived rehabilitation?... (Below threshold)

Short lived rehabilitation? Yeah, its called a botox injection.

<a href="http://www.nytimes... (Below threshold)


Defeat is victory. Spending is saving. Strength is weakness.

Pelosi has a "safe" seat. She could declare Obama "President for life" and the idiots in her district would all yell "All Hail Obama".

November is going to be soooooo sweet! But Nancy isn't afraid; EVERYONE KNEW a Democrat would be elected to fill Teddy's senate seat.

The first thing the new Rep... (Below threshold)
John S:

The first thing the new Republican Congress should do is cut all former members of Congress off the government teat and force them onto Obamacare. The Democrats will pay a big price for ramming this bill through without a single Republican vote. Your insurance premium goes up 500 percent? Thank you Nancy. That trillion dollar retroactive tax increase needs to be paid by someone. You find yourself on a 9-month waiting list for an MRI because your doctor suspects cancer? Thank you, Mr. Obama. (I notice your family isn't on Obamacare.) Your grandmother dies because she's denied medical treatment? She was murdered by Democrats. And soon enough it will be your turn. (One of the changes you voted for I suppose.)






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