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The Demonization Of Israel Continues

Mr. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the U.N., is pushing for a peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel.

"Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Mr. Ban said that agreement should include an end the occupation of Palestinian territories and include Jerusalem as the capital of both the Israeli and Palestinian states."

These two peoples can't live side by side as separate entities, and this man demands they should share a holy city as their respective capitols?

Go back to the drawing board, Moon-beam.

When the Arab countries surrounding Israel decided to launch a combined attack on the Jewish state in 1967, they got their collective asses handed to them. As a consequence, Israel won control of, among other regions, all of Jerusalem.

Message: Don't mess with Israel.

Now, more than 40 years later, Israel is being condemned for building housing units on this same land which is rightfully theirs.

Netanyahu is to meet with the so-called Middle East peace "Quartet" next week. The Quartet includes members from the U.S., U.N., E.U., and Russia.

Yup. When I think "peace," Russia is one of the first nations that comes to mind.

How they can be a legitimate partner in the Middle East peace process while openly supporting Iran and it's meddling neighbors is down right bewildering.
Iran has called for Israel to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Despite this, Russia has sold and is helping to build Iran's first nuclear power plant in Bushehr, supplied Iran with sophisticated Russian weapon's technology, and wields veto power on the UN Security Council if things get too intense sanctioning the Iranian state.

Iran has consistently "supplied weapons and bomb" making materials to terrorists in Iraq, killing our troops while giving other hostile nations like Syria incentive to do the same. Long ago it was discovered Russian weapons were being supplied to these same terrorists.

Iran isn't exactly lacking for clean energy sources. The country holds the second largest natural gas reserves on the planet. Its not as if they are bent on building a nuclear reactor to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

The recent "crisis" between the U.S. and Israel concerning Israel's construction of housing in "disputed" East Jerusalem territory erupted into a diplomatic skirmish, with the U.S. bashing the Jewish state, declaring the incident an "insult."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized profusely for the poor timing, blaming it on members of the Interior Ministry, then was subjected to a 45 minute scolding by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Obama, and Mrs Clinton, put forth a list of demands for Israeli contrition for this horrible diplomatic faux-pas.

"Clinton wants Israel to reverse the decision to add housing in east Jerusalem, make a substantive gesture to the Palestinians, such as a prisoner release, and agree to peace talks that encompass not only borders but final-status issues such as refugees and Jerusalem."

These demands are ludicrous. Jerusalem belongs to Israel. She should not cede any rights to that land in an effort to placate a region which wants nothing more than to destroy Israel, and Netanyahu is showing he will not be bullied into irrevocable actions just to prove he is committed to some warped peace agreement.

Clinton's goodwill demand that Israel release hundreds of Palestinian prisoners is disgusting when one considers the silence of the West concerning the abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shilit. Shilit was captured in a raid at an Israel post in June of 2006 by Hamas militants. Just imagine what Shilit has gone through for almost four years of Islamic captivity, and Clinton calls for the release of Palestinian prisoners, with no mention of Shilat?

The borders are final. How much more can Israel, roughly the size of New Jersey, cede to the Palestinians. People who the surrounding Arab states deem so impoverished and important, yet they will not lift a finger to help them or allow them to immigrate to their countries?

The Palestinians declared a "Day of Rage" in their traditional diplomatic style to show just how angry Israel provoked them. As if they need a specific reason to showcase their hatred of the Jewish state.

In addition, Hamas called for a third intifada against Israel.

And Obama deems Israel the boogie-man.

The world knows that Israel is a civilized nation, one which, if dealt with in a fair manner, will do what it takes to negotiate with others on peaceful terms.

The same cannot be said of the Palestinians or the surrounding Arab countries.

There's only so many times you can kick a good dog before it will stop coming back.

Israel is reaching that point, and the U.S. would do well to take note of that.


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Comments (8)

"Day of Rage"? Wh... (Below threshold)

"Day of Rage"?

What do they do on that day thats any different than all the rest?

Assemble homi-belts at twice the daily output and dance to 911 videos?

Rats! 914 beat me to it.</p... (Below threshold)

Rats! 914 beat me to it.

Palestinian - just another name for "loser".

Israel should be nuked off ... (Below threshold)

Israel should be nuked off the face of Earth. Only then is world peace possible

Our support for Israeli lan... (Below threshold)

Our support for Israeli land grabbing threatens American soldiers. So says General Petraeus.

Let's stop sending Israel money and being their lapdog. Let's pursue our national interest in having good relations with the Arab oil producing nations, not kowtowing to Israel.

America first.

for god's sake, will somebo... (Below threshold)

for god's sake, will somebody PLEASE stop my tax money going to Israel...

I'm sick of this!!!!!!!!

Wow, Mr Mallow, where to ev... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Wow, Mr Mallow, where to even begin?

I suppose your 8th grade style is as good a place as any: "Moon-Beam?" Really?

Or your claim that Jerusalem is "rightfully" Israel's by right of conquest in 1967. By that reasoning, of course, there would still be Soviet troops in Berlin, Prague, and Warsaw, and Hussein's Iraq would still occupy Kuwait City. News flash: International Law doesn't recognize "right of conquest" any more.

Then there's your castigation of Russia for its "support" of Iran. I suppose you are unaware that the US is Israel's biggest, often its ONLY, supporter, and that under our aegis Israel has ALREADY acquired nuclear weapons with which it tacitly threatens its neighbors. But hey, those boogedy-boogedy Iranians are really scary.

"Long ago it was discovered" that Russian weapons, supplied by Iran, were in the hands of terrorists in Iraq. Really? By whom? You don't say here. Typical.

Twice in two pieces on the subject you've mentioned a "45 minute scolding" by Sec Clinton. Were you traumatized by a "battle-ax" in middle school or something? What is this visceral thing you have about Mrs Clinton?

"Jerusalem belongs to Israel." So, the matter is settled? That will probably come as a surprise to, oh I don't know, EVERY SecState since the freaking Truman Administration.

You quote an article claiming that the US is pushing for a prisoner release, but I don't see any quotes from the administration saying that. Not here, or anywhere else.

"The borders are final." Wow, great! I guess the problem is solved, and now everybody in the Middle east should just get over any residual anger and move on with their lives. Wanna bet that won't happen?

Finally, Mr Mallow, what is Israel's alternative to being kicked like a "good dog" that someday won't come back? Maybe it will refuse to accept the $10 billion we send it every year? Maybe it will seek allies elsewhere? I for one am sick of the tiny Israeli tail wagging the massive US dog, if we're using canine analogies.

The author is indeed... (Below threshold)

The author is indeed a jewish bastard dog....I can sense Israel's demise....

How much longer should Amer... (Below threshold)

How much longer should America pay for Israel's crimes ?

The only reason we're in Iraq and Afghanistan and the only reason we're starting a war with Iran is to save Israel's ass ! We're turning over a billion people into our enemies to please these ungrateful pigs.






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