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The American tradition continues

Take a look at this powerful image. I have a feeling someday I'll be telling my grandchildren about what was going on in this picture. Those patriotic Americans holding their banners and American flags aloft and chanting "Kill the Bill" were standing just outside the US House of Representatives where the members were voting on a government takeover of health care. The throng of protesters erupted into cheers when a Republican member of the House came out onto the balcony and hung a Don't Tread on Me banner. It was a sign of solidarity to let those protesting outside know that the Republicans heard them and were standing with them:

Hat tip: Power Line

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It's going to get a lot lou... (Below threshold)

It's going to get a lot louder. They ain't seen nothin' yet.

It isn't a government takeo... (Below threshold)

It isn't a government takeover of healthcare, it's a Democrat takeover, a Political takeover. This is what needs to be stressed.

Meanwhile, just down the st... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, just down the street, 6-7x the amount of people marched in support of immigration reform. And no reports of people calling each other racial slurs, making violent threats or spitting on each other.

I mean 30k angry, misinformed white people is a good story and all, just don't forget to add that caveat.

steve greens the runt in th... (Below threshold)

steve greens the runt in the back with the pitchfork rammed up his ass.






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