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The Consent Of The Governed

One fact about our system of governance -- even more than most -- is that it is entirely conditioned on the consent of the governed. It's spelled out in the Declaration of Independence, right in the second paragraph: "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed."

It's a fact of our daily lives. The government relies on the vast majority of Americans just quietly obeying the law, going along, as part of the social compact.

The health care financing "reform" bill is even more dependent on that concept -- and that could be its Achilles heel.

So much of it depends on people just accepting it as the new reality, and adapting to it and going on with their normal business. But that is far from guaranteed.

The government's assumption of command and control of one-sixth of the nation's economy can be summed up as thus: "if youre going to play this game, these are the rules. You will obey those rules under penalty of law."

The assumption that could backfire if enough people and groups decide they don't want to play the game.

The government sets limits on what it will pay for prescription drugs at pharmacies. Well, the pharmacies can decide they won't take Medicare payments. Will the government demand these pharmacies operate at a loss? Well, the Obama administration might -- but they can't demand that Walgreen keep its doors open.

They can dictate what doctors can charge for their services when they treat Medicare and Medicaid patients, but they can't demand that the doctors accept them as patients -- or stay practicing if they want to quit.

And what would happen if, should health insurance become mandatory, people simly refuse to sign up -- or, worse, refuse to provide proof of insurance?

I have a hunch the people behind the current atrocity called "health care reform" have an inkling about that. That would explain why they';ve decided to put the IRS in charge of collecting the taxes and confirming that people are enrolled.

If this abortion actually becomes law, I'm toying with the idea of simply refusing to provide any information about whether or not I have health insurance. That is strictly a matter between me, my employer, and their insurance provider of choice. And should my employer or insurance company think about answering for me, I wonder if doing so in deliberate contradiction with my wishes would constitute a HIPAA violation.

I haven't launched any stupid crusades in a while. This might be a fun one to start...


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You know, Tea, that Massach... (Below threshold)

You know, Tea, that Massachusetts already has all of this in play. You receive a form for your taxes (1099-H?) that you have to provide as proof that you have health insurance and you cannot file your state taxes without it.


"Consent of the Governed" i... (Below threshold)

"Consent of the Governed" indeed. The Democrats obsessive desire for government-run health reform has obviously blinded them to their tearing of the social contract.

They shall pay a fearsome price and are bringing down upon their heads a terrible retribution.

Total Political War. I hav... (Below threshold)

Total Political War. I have already made my decision. I will not fill out any section of tax forms associated with "ObamaCare". The IRS can come and take it.

Fuck the consent of the gov... (Below threshold)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Democrat:

Fuck the consent of the governed!

"That is strictly a matter ... (Below threshold)

"That is strictly a matter between me, my employer, and their insurance provider of choice"

And a personal religious choice.... Heh heh heh

Total Political Wa... (Below threshold)
Total Political War. I have already made my decision. I will not fill out any section of tax forms associated with "ObamaCare". The IRS can come and take it.
And they will via confiscating your tax refund if any.

JT, here's a puzzler for you:

What of the thousands of American Ex-pats that have decided to live permanently outside of the U.S.?

How in the friggin' hell do these fascists plan to justify forcing those people into a health care plan they have ZERO" use for?

#4 "F**k the consent of ... (Below threshold)

#4 "F**k the consent of the governed!"
Your [most un]Friendly Neighborhood Democrat

Men by their constitutions are naturally divided into two parties:

1. Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes.

2. Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depository of the public interests.

In every country these two parties exist, and in every one where they are free to think, speak, and write, they will declare themselves." -Thomas Jefferson to Henry Lee, 1824.

And so, you have declared yourself, just as predicted.

As I have stated in past co... (Below threshold)

As I have stated in past comments sections, I have worked in the healthcare industry for 30 years now. I have the opportunity to talk with the surgeons in the Doctor's Lounge while they wait in between cases. To a man (or woman) they are opposed to this bill. Many have stated that Medicare and Medicaid is already too cumbersome to manage and to add another layer on top of that will cause them to turn the patients away. Just like anything else, hospitals and doctor's are a business. If there is no way to make money, their incentive is gone. The dem's are too stupid to realize this. They are going for the "We past healthcare reform" headlines but not caring about the huge damage they are doing to the many seniors that are on medicare but will soon learn that a huge portion of doctor's will no longer take medicare patients. Liberals are so stupid, it is pathetic. They took a system that had a few problems and made it a system that cannot work at all. ww

As one of those 30 million ... (Below threshold)

As one of those 30 million uninsured you keep hearing about; I am saying right now that I will never become insured just because Pelosi and Obama say I must. Whether I am insured or not is an economic decision that I make for myself and I will not listen to some assholes in Washington who say otherwise. I don't care if they throw me in jail for refusing to buy a private service I will not pull a Stupak and bend over.

#4 was my lame attempt at p... (Below threshold)

#4 was my lame attempt at portraying a portion of the electorate. I apologize if I was misunderstood and for the lack of class, but not for the accuracy thereof.

WW-I have only bee... (Below threshold)
jim m:


I have only been in healthcare for 22 years but my experience is exactly the same. I have been at nearly every segment of the industry, from the Hospital, to clinical research, to corporate R&D and basic science research, to technical support, sales & marketing, business development and back into hospital admin.

At every point there are few fools who support this plan. Those who do are ignorant entirely of how insurance and medicare work. You don't have to argue with them you just have to ask them to explain their understanding of how it works. They are amazed to learn how it really works.

Well, the Obama ad... (Below threshold)
Well, the Obama administration might -- but they can't demand that Walgreen keep its doors open.

Isn't that S.O.P. for the fascist in D.C. ? Ruin an industry so that they can scream 'crisis' then expand Government to take over it.

I'm going to love seeing th... (Below threshold)

I'm going to love seeing the IRS form that demands info on your health care. First time I see such on a IRS 1040, my answer will be in RED INK.


Several Walgreen stores in ... (Below threshold)

Several Walgreen stores in Washington state have already announced that they will accept no NEW medicare prescriptions.

Medicaid, nor Medicare, Gar... (Below threshold)

Medicaid, nor Medicare, GarandFan.

All Walgreen's stop accepting new Medicaid patients as of April 16 in the State of WA - they've been fighting with the reimbursement formula that has them losing money on many prescriptions.

JT, your insurance company ... (Below threshold)

JT, your insurance company will be sending your name to the IRS. Don't waste your time. Just like your 1099 and 1098 forms go to them too.

45% of physicians say the p... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

45% of physicians say the passage of Obamacare will make them more likely to reduce their patient load or seek earlier than planned retirement.

The reduction in income for medical professionals will make fewer top prospects enter the sector, seeking areas where income potential isn't so limited - such as blood-sucking plaintiff attorney or corrupt politician. And we have with a single stroke begun to ruin the source of 90% of new drugs, medical equipment, and techniques, which originated from the USA private industry. (BTW, in 1970, 50% of new drug patents went to US firms, nearly all the rest to Europe, UK, and Canada, but today the USA accounts for over 90% of new patents with most of the rest coming from Asia, as nationalized health care in Europe, UK, and Canada has made bringing new drugs to market less profitable, and their industries have switched to generic manufacturing of expired US patents).

People will die. Their blood is on the Democrats' hands.

Will the government dema... (Below threshold)

Will the government demand these pharmacies operate at a loss? Well, the Obama administration might -- but they can't demand that Walgreen keep its doors open.

Directive 10-289

pelosi just had her "let th... (Below threshold)

pelosi just had her "let them eat cake" moment. We all know how well that turned out for Marie Antoinette....

Look no further than the no... (Below threshold)

Look no further than the non-existent Social Security Trust fund to see the libs intent for new healthcare taxes and probably additional withholdings for a fake individual health and welfare fund.

This too will be pillaged endlessly by the leftists who seek to control every aspect of our lives. Well, they will get my private health info over thier dead bodies.

Abortion already is law, du... (Below threshold)
Nimrod Gently:

Abortion already is law, dumbfuck. I'm sure you've heard of Roe vs Wade. That basically makes it legal, pending state legislation. They're not going to make it mandatory, for fuck's sake.

And what on Earth does Geof... (Below threshold)
Nimrod Gently:

And what on Earth does Geoffery Britain think the social contract is? This is it, fucknose. Healthcare is it. I think you've been reading the FUGM contract the whole time without realising it. Check the heading again.

Nimrod dumbfuck, abortion i... (Below threshold)

Nimrod dumbfuck, abortion is LEGAL. What the bill says is now the government will pay for it.

What good is a right if you can't afford it? Good argument! I want the government to buy me my own printing press, my own church, and some guns! Right now I'm being oppressed because I can't afford them on my own!


I have come to the grand-un... (Below threshold)

I have come to the grand-unified theory of rights. We start from the premise that rights are innate, that rights are inalienable-they cannot be taken from you or surrendered. Now, there's a problem with this, in that the rights we have enumerated (life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness), most assuredly can be taken from you, as they have been taken from hundreds of millions of people since the dawn of history. So, these things cannot really be rights, but they must be derivatives of some right. So, what is it they are derived from?

I believe it is simply the right to refuse. The right to say no. The right to not participate. I refuse to believe what you believe, so I have the right to freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of the press. I refuse to work for you, so I have the right to property, the pursuit of happiness. I refuse to accept your rule, so I have the right to self defense, the right to revolution. In short, man can always refuse to play the game. The recognition of the above mentioned derived rights are necessary for any government to avoid becoming the enemy of man, and ultimately cast down and shattered, not necessarily for the benefit of the people themselves. They are simply a recognition of the laws of political physics. Denying them is as insane as denying gravity.

What do we have when we come to such rights as the right to education, the right to health care, the right to a "living wage?" All of these things can be taken from you by an act of government. What innate, inalienable part of you do these rights derive from? Dignity? That can be stripped easily, so not inalienable. Respect? Must be earned, so not innate. There is nothing within humanity that guarantees such things. Thus, any attempt to secure these as rights will fail, as there is nothing powerful enough to counter man's innate, inalienable right to reject it.

And rejected, it will be.






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