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The Stupak Deception

After almost an entire weekend of intrigue Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI) has announced he has reached a deal with the White House on ObamaCare and his ostensible concerns about abortion language in the Senate bill to be voted on tonight:

The White House and anti-abortion Democrats have reached an agreement to defuse the controversy over abortion in the health reform bill -- planning a series of steps that will secure the support of Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak and other Democrats to give party leaders the votes they need to pass reform, sources tell POLITICO.

Under the agreement, President Barack Obama would sign an executive order ensuring that no federal funding will go to pay for abortion under the health reform plans. In addition, Stupak will get to state his concerns about abortion funding in the bill during a colloquy on the House floor during the debate.

And then, Stupak and several other Democratic holdouts over abortion will sign on to the bill, the sources said. The agreement would almost certainly give House Speaker Nancy Pelosi the 216 votes she needs to secure an historic health reform vote by day's end -- capping a yearlong drive to achieve Obama's signature legislative goal.

There's just one problem with this explanation. It's as phoney baloney as the whole Stupak charade of the past several months. Jennifer Rubin lays bare the dishonesty and fraud perpetrated by Stupak and the White House:

In the list of deceptions and worm-like maneuvers, this one ranks up there. No, you haven't forgotten your basic civics. An executive order cannot countermand a statute passed by Congress and signed by the president. If ObamaCare says, "We will subsidize abortion," no executive order can effectively say, "but not really." And if it were so, then every pro-choice member of Congress who is voting for this is deceiving the public by voting to "preserve reproductive choice." Certainly Rep. Bart Stupak and his cohorts know this. He and his gang of seven or so are now simply looking for cover to sell out. Just as Sen. Ben Nelson voted for a measure that plainly didn't preserve the Hyde Amendment, so too we see the Stupak Gang willing to use the skimpiest of fig leaves to hide their willingness to abandon principle.

On a more positive note, the Democrats are literally writing the campaign message that can be used by Republicans this Fall.


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Stupaks calculation is that... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Stupaks calculation is that his resistance before the final betrayal will immunize him from criticism from the pro life side.

Not only is he wrong on that, he is wrong to think that this is going to be any more popular with the general public. There are loads better reasons to oppose Obamacare apart from abortion funding.

I hope that he gets turned out in November with the rest of the scum.

I haven't commented on this... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

I haven't commented on this lately because of all the crap that has been slung by the liberal statists and the state run media. I put RINO's and moderates of both parties in the same pile as a drug addict. And you can never, never, never trust a drug addict. Ever.

Uh, did anyone doubt he wou... (Below threshold)

Uh, did anyone doubt he would cave somehow? In time we'll just have to see how much the public appreciates being jerked around.

All of Obama's promises com... (Below threshold)

All of Obama's promises come with expiration dates. Executive Orders included.

The question is, did Stupak not realize this, hope we didn't realize this, or actually forget it?


How much does the stupid de... (Below threshold)

How much does the stupid deception guarantee Stupak? They will just change the language from abortion to something else like "the tears of a mother" and keep on funding the slaughter just like they continue to fund Hamas.

Im sure stupid Stupak will join Barry for an afternoon beer after this is signed into unconstitutional law.

From Instapundit:<blo... (Below threshold)
jim m:

From Instapundit:

Watch the momentum on Stupak's opponent's facebook page. Dr. Dan Benishek is running against Stupak in Michigan. Check out the velocity of his growth since Stupak announced: Benishek for Congress

His membership is currently growing at a rate of about 20 new members every 30-60 seconds and incoming comments are fast and furious. People are begging him to set up his donation site so that they can start a money bomb.

Here's the link:

Say goodbye Stupak.

The liberals Obama, Reid an... (Below threshold)

The liberals Obama, Reid and Pelosi have wakened a giant. I have never seen so many people, in check out lines, restaurants, etc. so vocally stating how the congress is scum. The citizens of this country have learned exactly how the liberals view the countries citizenry. As if they are stupid and don't count. November and 2012 will be an eye opener for liberals. ww

I saw his face when intervi... (Below threshold)

I saw his face when interviewed on Fox.

He looked like he was sick to his stomach. That man knows he sold out. He knows he's vermin.

One has to wonder what turned him finally. Was it a threat or did Stupak sell out for mere money?

He sold out fo 30 pieces of... (Below threshold)

He sold out fo 30 pieces of silver. Next November he can go hang himself.

People on Benishek's facebo... (Below threshold)
jim m:

People on Benishek's facebook page are begging to be able to donate. Membership has grown by more than 600 since I posted 15 minutes ago.

Stupak better have his payoff in hand already because the GOP will make sure he gets screwed if there is legislation to pass. The voters will make sure he gets screwed at the polls.

as soon as a Money Bomb goe... (Below threshold)

as soon as a Money Bomb goes off for this man http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=wall&ref=share&gid=287806148754 I will be donating.

Stupak is a weasel or a foo... (Below threshold)
Miserable, misbegotten idio... (Below threshold)

Miserable, misbegotten idiot...






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