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"Anything, anything is possible when legislators care for us!!"

Matteo brings us wisdom and wit:

I understand that the next piece of legislation the 'Democrats' are going to pass will force car companies to sell Porsche Boxsters (or the equivalent) to all Americans for $2000 (with an exemption for GM and Chrysler). After this, they will take on the profiteers in the citizen-enslaving food industry by requiring Safeway and all other supermarket chains to charge no more than $10 per bag of groceries (hemp bags only, and all food will be organic).

Can you imagine how awesome this will be? We'll stick it to The Man and all drive bitchin' roadsters, and have cheap, abundant, healthy food!

After this, they intend to pass a law making it illegal to age past 35. We shall become a nation of young citizens!! We'll all live forever, driving roadsters full of cheap groceries!!!

Cartago Delenda Est should be on your regular reading list.

No lie.

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Comments (20)

"Obama he gonna pay my mort... (Below threshold)

"Obama he gonna pay my mortgage and he gonna pay my gas."

Unlike the sarcasm quoted in the article, this is nearly an actual quote from right after the election.

It's a great fricking day, America. Now, if only Oh, Bama! could do something about that pesky 20% real unemployment nobody in Washington cares to talk about, the decline in our currency, our bankrupt states, the abysmal real estate market, Iran...ah, but those topics aren't on the legislative docket, are they?

Gotta focus attention on the really important stuff. Student loans. Immigration amnesty. Global warming. Victory tours for the president. Cash for clunkers. Stimulus pork.

And don't get me started on healthcare...

3/21/10A day that ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:


A day that will live in infamy.

Never Forget!

Yes anything is possible. E... (Below threshold)

Yes anything is possible. Even attaining an U.S.S.R. style government with the current Kremlinlike wannabe's riding the unicorn of shame.

Maybe Obama is the Messiah,... (Below threshold)

Maybe Obama is the Messiah, he brought the heath care bill back from the dead.

As Margaret Thatcher observ... (Below threshold)

As Margaret Thatcher observed, "Socialism is easy, until you run out of other people's money."

Driving a Porsche Boxster i... (Below threshold)

Driving a Porsche Boxster is a RIGHT!!

As is eating in 5-Star restaurants, vacations in Aruba, Armani suits...

My ability to pay, or not, MUST NOT affect my access to those things!

there are NO COMMODITIES...only RIGHTS!!!

Onward, Comrades...ONWARD!! We are the ENTITLED...nothing can stop us!

Make it a Mustang Cobra and... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Make it a Mustang Cobra and substitute Nugget for Safeway and I'm all in, Comrade.

Make it a Mustang ... (Below threshold)
Make it a Mustang Cobra and substitute Nugget for Safeway and I'm all in, Comrade.

I just sold my Cobra and bought a Cayman S (Boxster with built-in sunscreen). Can I get this all made retroactive? Government owes me $65,000!

I wouldn't hit a dead dog i... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't hit a dead dog in the rear end with the best part of a Boxster! Gimme a Jaguar kids and a nice house in Ajijic, Mexico, 3 bed/3bath - courtyard for the cats to roam!

You know the funniest part ... (Below threshold)

You know the funniest part of this? It requires digging down another level. See some of the comments above. For this to be accurate you can't just say the government will force the auto makers to sell you this type of car or similar...it requires them to build all the cars to the same specs (forget about similar or a different model). Yeah, they'd have different names and maybe even a different paint job, but pull into the Insurance Exchange parking lot and the cars are basically all exactly the same. (Except in the nice spots up by the entrance where the congressmen and unions get whatever they want.)

And you still have to keep going - don't want a car? TOUGH! You HAVE to buy one! Want to buy something different? TOUGH!

What if you only want a bun... (Below threshold)

What if you only want a bunch of Bidens (what used to be called bananas) and 2 liter of ObamaCola? You STILL have to pay $10 for what's in that bag! Safeway will then take what's left over from your $10 and put it towards the bag of groceries for the person in line behind you - the one with a bag stuffed with T-bones that they're only paying $10 for. They didn't like steak before, couldn't afford it, but now that it's only $10 a bag they're having steak or lobster three times a week. What're you doing buying a few Bidens when you could have a lobster?

Until, of course, it starts to not work. Then the government will decide what food you can have. You will just go to Safeway, get in a long line, and be handed a bag labeled 'food' - assuming the 'food' doesn't run out before it's your turn to get a bag, so sorry, better luck next week. And you'd better not think about growing your own food because, under threat of imprisonment, you will be FORCED to buy a bag of 'food'.

So is Progressive auto insu... (Below threshold)

So is Progressive auto insurance now going to offer a new type of auto policy that covers pre-existing collisions? But just in case, the DMV will fine you $100 per year if you don't buy insurance up front.

Hmmm.... I think I'll just go with the fine and wait until I have an accident before I buy insurance.

Lord protect me from caring... (Below threshold)

Lord protect me from caring politicians. And even more, protect them from me by keeping them out of my sight.

And you KNEW this was comin... (Below threshold)

And you KNEW this was coming.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), the co-chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said she plans to unveil legislation to add the government-run option to the national healthcare exchange established by legislation President Barack Obama is to sign tomorrow.

"We will introduce a robust public option bill on the very day the president signs the reconciliation bill into law," Woolsey said Monday during an interview on MSNBC.

Shocked! Shocked these demturds couldn't wait until the ink dried to lay out there true plans.

Actually, no... I'm not shocked.

obummer has said from the start he was an "advocate" for single payer.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey had bette... (Below threshold)

Rep. Lynn Woolsey had better break out the KY jelly and get ready to bend over. Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson have just come out and said they CAN NOT vote for the House reconciliation package.


If I'm going to get a free ... (Below threshold)

If I'm going to get a free car that Porsche Boxter is SSUUUB-STANDARD, My free car has got to be a Ferrari 458. And a S550 Benz for my wife. Delivery tomorrow before 5PM or I'll never vote for a Dem again.

re:13I presume you... (Below threshold)


I presume you meant "sights?"

Is that infrared laser or just high powered optical?

"Anything is possible" -- e... (Below threshold)

"Anything is possible" -- except paying for all this.

Epador, the weapon I am tem... (Below threshold)

Epador, the weapon I am tempted to use is only deadly when taken internally.

Democrat Party delenda est.... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Democrat Party delenda est.
Progressives delenda est.






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