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An open letter...

...from President Obama's ass:

Hi America,

How do I taste? Moderate, post-partisan, and pragmatic - with a subtle bouquet of temperament? Or is it pretty much just ass? I bet it's ass, isn't it?

Best Regards,
Barack Obama's Ass


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Comments (26)

pshstssstttt..... spit, spi... (Below threshold)

pshstssstttt..... spit, spit, cough, cough, yuk.
Now how much did that cost me?

Maybe you should ask Bart S... (Below threshold)

Maybe you should ask Bart Stupak.

or Barney Frank...... (Below threshold)

or Barney Frank...

"or Barney Frank..."<... (Below threshold)

"or Barney Frank..."


It does not taste like choc... (Below threshold)
Bart Stupak:

It does not taste like chocolate, that's for sure. What were those bits of paper....

Hmm let me spit them out and see if I can piece them together. Executive Order... WTF!

Greetings, you jug eared ph... (Below threshold)

Greetings, you jug eared phuqing kok suker. I mean that in a good way, NOT!!

Actually, much like a horse... (Below threshold)

Actually, much like a horse's......

Thanks for the laugh... now... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the laugh... now I have soda in my nose. For those who have never had that happen, it stings. But don't bother trying it at home. It's not clearing out the smell of BO's ass.

Best Regards,Bara... (Below threshold)

Best Regards,
Barack Obama's Ass

Barry is all ass all of the time.
If he wasn't he'd be an empty suit.

That's why Barry thinks America is shit.
When you're all ass, as Barry is, your view of the world is a toilet bowl.
That's why, when he isn't hanging it out, he's acts as if he's always in the dark.

Is it just me, or is this t... (Below threshold)

Is it just me, or is this thread a bit over the top?

Just sayin'.

You're over the top, bobdog... (Below threshold)

You're over the top, bobdog.
It is just you.

Do you like how Obama and the Dems have been shredding the Constitution and Rule of Law?

How about those Black Panthers walking even though they were recorded blocking the polls through intimidation the day Obama was elected.
Was that over the top?

Where is your sense of outrage and why do you think there is a Second Amendment?

Does the right to bear arms mean hunting guns or does it mean ARMS, you know, the way the United States ARMy is equipped?

Where does it all end?
You're either going to have to kick their ass or kiss their ass.

Barry is gonna have to tast... (Below threshold)

Barry is gonna have to taste our ass in 2010, 2012 and finally 2013 when this turkey is repealed.

Never ask a proggnut to kis... (Below threshold)

Never ask a proggnut to kiss your ass. He'll enjoy it more than you do.

...and he'll expect the fli... (Below threshold)

...and he'll expect the flip-flop.

From BO's ass to God's ear.... (Below threshold)

From BO's ass to God's ear.

I'm sure if there's any pro... (Below threshold)

I'm sure if there's any protein up there it's halal.

thanks for the laugh.....it's fun to ridicule the jug eared chain smoking America hating malcontent.

Oops. Sorry about that boot... (Below threshold)

Oops. Sorry about that boot, buddy.

I laughed so hard at this m... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

I laughed so hard at this my face hurts. Not much to laugh about this week so I thank you for that.

Under this new system, proc... (Below threshold)

Under this new system, proctologists are going to thrive!

Ask us again after we kick ... (Below threshold)

Ask us again after we kick the S*&t out of you in November.

Ahhh... quintessential wizb... (Below threshold)

Ahhh... quintessential wizbang.

Stay classy, right wing!

"How do I taste?"</p... (Below threshold)

"How do I taste?"

Like a shit sandwich! How do you spell samwich anyhow?

bobdog, no you're not alone... (Below threshold)

bobdog, no you're not alone, far from it.

Well bobdog, I'll admit tha... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Well bobdog, I'll admit that any notion Obama's ass could actually compose a letter is a little over the top. I mean, where would it even find time what with Obama constantly talking out of it?

So by BHO's ass, you meant ... (Below threshold)

So by BHO's ass, you meant his rectum? I assumed you meant Rahm, perhaps Joe Biden.

Dear Mr PresidentY... (Below threshold)

Dear Mr President
You have underestimated us.

The American People






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