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Stupak's Folly

Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI) is a superlative member of Congress. He's either the dumbest, the most gullible, or the most cynical. And those just might not be mutually exclusive honors.

He had a long record of being staunchly pro-life in Congress. And when ObamaCare looked like it was going to contain federal funding for abortions, he took a firm, principled stand against it.

And then he changed his mind.

Oh, there are some cynics who say that Stupak was swayed by a combination of bribes and blackmail. But I'm willing to take the man at his word -- that it was President Obama's willingness to issue an Executive Order continuing the ban on federal funding for abortions.

Which is utterly absurd on its face.

First up, executive orders can not be issued to overturn parts of existing laws. That particular exercise is called a "line item veto," and the Supreme Court ruled those unconstitutional back in 1998.

Second one always has to remember that all Obama promises come with an expiration date. What President Obama can do through an executive order, he can undo.

Third, look at the executive orders Obama's already issued. Ethics requirements for Executive Branch employees. Closing Guantanamo. How'd those work out?

Fourth, it must be remembered that Obama is the most pro-choice president in history. (This isn't as bad as it sounds; only Carter and Clinton qualified as pro-choice since Roe v. Wade.) Some of his staunchest supporters were the pro-choice crowd, and they've already announced they intend to challenge the executive order in court. How hard to you think the Obama/Holder Justice Department (of the Black Panther and ACORN cases fame) will fight that battle?

No, it's clear that the executive order that bought Stupak's vote is utterly hollow and worthless and meaningless. Anyone with a lick of common sense could tell that.

So the only question remaining is, what was Stupak thinking?

I see three possibilities.

The first is that yes, he really is that dumb. He didn't realize how flagrantly improper and illegal and unconstitutional that order would be.

The second is that yes, he really is that gullble. He sincerely believed that Obama's order would be issued in good faith, that Obama would fight like hell to keep his word, and it would withstand the inevitable challenges.

The third is that he really is that cynical. He knew that Obama's promise was utterly worthless, but grabbed on to it as a fig leaf to provide what he hoped would be plausible deniability, and would blow over come November.

The Democrats did a lot of demonizing of Stupak during the buildup to last Sunday's vote. It would be a crying shame to let all that work and research and whatnot go to waste. I sincerely hope his opponent is keeping copies of all this to use in this fall's election.


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Late in the afternoon while... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Late in the afternoon while Fox waitng for Stupak presser saw an interview with MS congressman close to the RTL bloc, a dedicated No Vote, who indicated Stupak was fully aware of the EO impotence.

I think the effort was cover at minimum, glory a bonus.

Jay, as much as I enjoy you... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Jay, as much as I enjoy your writing and normally mostly agree with you, I'm not convinced, "dumbest, the most gullible, or the most cynical" are our only choices here.

At the moment I lean toward: pro-life is his political stance, not his moral position. About a week ago I suggested in a comment that Stupak had signaled he had a price and it was just a matter of Pelosi being willing to pay that price.

Given the make-up of Stupak's district, being seen as the/a pro-life candidate goes a long way toward being seen favorably by the electorate. But if his pro-life position was a cold political choice, it is easy to understand his actions of last weekend.

I'm sure Stupak has beliefs, I just don't believe pro-life is one of them.

I agree with Upset Old Guy.... (Below threshold)

I agree with Upset Old Guy. The pro-life stance was a political decision, not a moral one. He's not that stupid, but he may think the electorate is.

Stupak is a sellout.... (Below threshold)

Stupak is a sellout.

So far as I can determine, ... (Below threshold)

So far as I can determine, the only "dumb" and "gullible" people were pro-life morons who actually *believed* a Democrat wouldn't sell them down the river the first time his shallow pro-life patina conflicted with his miles-deep socialist tendencies.

These dipshits got taken to the cleaners, and I can't say I feel sorry for them. Unfortunately for the rest of us, their naive, dimwitted belief that any Democrat was actually "moderate" when the chips are down helped get these Blue Dogs (Ha! That's a laugh, now ain't it?) elected in close races.

Hey, morons? Next time just hold your noses and vote for the Republican, eh?

In fairness to Jay, Stupack... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

In fairness to Jay, Stupack jettisoning his position of "being staunchly pro-life" may have been what he was referring to when he wrote "most cynical." I just didn't take it that way. Stupack's actions of last week certainly qualify as cynical.

"He's not that stupid, but he may think the electorate is." Good point, Oyster. Wish I'd thought of that.

Bart Stupak intended to vot... (Below threshold)

Bart Stupak intended to vote for Obamacare from the beginning. His claimed pro-life stance against the bill was simply to get his 15 minutes of fame - it was all done to get the spotlight on Rep. Stupak. And it worked like a charm. In the end, he voted his conscience, which has no reluctance to impose socialized medicine on America, which either now or a little later will include coverage for "a full range of women's health services," the left's code words for abortion.

superlative</blo... (Below threshold)
Don't you mean superfluous
All of us have been "chumpe... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

All of us have been "chumped" by someone we thought was honest and would not make a chump of us. I have been "chumped" by people I trusted. It doesn't feel good and it makes me mad. I try to not let someone do it to me twice. Some people use chumps to get what they want. "O" is a "chumpor". Stupiak is a "chumpee". Stupiak is also a "chumpor". Voters in Michigan that voted for Stupidak are "chumpees". I hope they feel like I do when I am "chumped".

I don't think the term "Pro... (Below threshold)

I don't think the term "Pro-choice" is valid here. When an activity is subsidized, the government is signaling preference for that activity. The bill subsidizes abortions. Anyone who voted for this has signaled that they are "Pro-abortion" not "Pro-choice."

Jay can go overboard trying... (Below threshold)

Jay can go overboard trying to use the term preferred by the person he's describing. However, I agree with neoluddite - pro-choice is not the appropriate term here since taxpayers have lost their choice as to whether or not to fund abortions. They used to have a choice, either to pay for one themselves or donate to a cause that provides them or participate in a health plan that provides abortions. That choice is now gone.

we are living in the end ti... (Below threshold)

we are living in the end times. we have a democratic house of reps and a democratic senate majority also a democratic president. this represents one world order. this has been predicted in the book of DANIEL and the book of REVELATION. please read these books to find out what happens next. the other sign of end times is the nation turning against ISRAEL. i have read this and listened to sermons on this for many years now, but never thought i would see it revealed in my lifetime. another sign is our nation turning away from our GOD. don't believe me, look at the democratic party and their disregard for human life and also the will of the people that elected them.

i pray for my country, children, and grandchildren. the evil has been unleashed on the USA, we have been fat and happy and not paying attention for a long time. read these books in the BIBLE and teach your children. if you don't understand what is being said in the BIBLE get a commentary.

I hope they fee... (Below threshold)
I hope they feel like I do when I am "chumped".
It's even worse being chumped by a chump, so I hope you've never felt like they should feel.
Easy to see what these thin... (Below threshold)

Easy to see what these things have in common:
- Easter Bunny
- BigFoot
- Moderate Democrat
- Pro-Life Democrat
- Loch Ness monster

ok..in fairness, the Loch Ness monster may have SOME basis in fact.

Chumped? Ha ha I love it.<... (Below threshold)

Chumped? Ha ha I love it.

When is the chumpansee in chief going to be imchumped? Isn't deriliction of duty an imchimpable offense?

You know number 12, I know ... (Below threshold)

You know number 12, I know the loony would have a field day with what you say but I'm telling you I understand what you're saying. I'm not a fan of those who want to make their own predictions since Jesus simply admonished us to "watch and pray for you do not know when the time is".....however, lest you be called nutty, what is more nutty than moonbats, freeloaders and all those Dems who voted for this atrocity having faith it will not cause rationed care and unsustainable debt? And how could anyone have faith in anything the jug eared chain smoking young college professor says?

My brother is a minister and reminded me that his fulminating avalanche of lies and mistruths, gone unchallenged and even believed, is another sign you speak of. Lies become truth,fiction becomes fact, good becomes evil and evil is regarded as good.

Well, that kinda sounds Hitlarian, but it is the new age of hope and change and the jug eared chain smoking liar in chief is not going to usher in the end times....know why? Because this country of center right rugged individualists and honorable people of all faiths know he's a lying sack of shit as the rest of that pathetic cabal of addled and maybe medicated bunch in the Dem leadership are.

The nearest Armageddon I see on the horizon is in November.

Stay angry and have faith!

I'll never understand the D... (Below threshold)

I'll never understand the Dumb-ass-crats - strictly "pro-choice" (meaning, death to humans when they're inconvenient), but really, really NEEDING all those new little humans to tax and support their insane schemes.

We've really hit the skids with 60's radicals in charge, and the spawn of the 60's radicals too brain-dead to know what really matters.


Stupak just needed COVER to... (Below threshold)

Stupak just needed COVER to vote for something he desperately WANTED to vote for all along. The ExO fraud gave him that cover...that EXCUSE to vote YES! That's all there is to it. Stupak knows full well that it's a phony and will have no effect whatever. Being a typical democrat, he figures his constituents are too stupid to figure it out.






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