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Must See

If you only see one movie before you dive into a swimming pool filled with double-edged razor blades, before you stick your nostrils together with crazy glue, it had damned well better be this movie.

See this movie. See this movie the instant it comes out, and keep going to see this movie over and over and over again, or I'll make you clean all the bathrooms in Grand Central Station.

With your tongue.


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I'll wait for the straight ... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

I'll wait for the straight to DVD version with all the outtakes.

My mother was working at a ... (Below threshold)

My mother was working at a store in the Anchorage,AK airport and Al walked in to buy some stuff. She had no idea who he was which seemed to annoy him. He kept trying to convince her she must know him,but never succeeded. I laughed my ass off when she told me about it.

"or I'll make you clean ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"or I'll make you clean all the bathrooms in Grand Central Station."

When did you join the Obama Administration?

Wow Jay! I'll definitely se... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Wow Jay! I'll definitely see this film. I'm a Weird Al fan for sure. I like the funny take on the Jim Morrison Miami arrest angle as well. Real funny stuff. And that fake mustache on the actor looks far worse than any on any bad porno actor of the 70's( and that's just the girls I'm talking about).

The funny thing about Weird Al is that he always took the safe route with his songs, doing parodies about food. Other funny groups, like The Fugs, looked for far more offensive songs, often about sex, such as "Boobs A lot", etc. Dr. Demento often played The Holy Modal Rounders version of this song.

The punk band I used to head, The Inputs, were heavily influenced by Weird Al on one hand, The Doors, The Stranglers and Alice Cooper on the other hand. Most of our songs were obsessed with either strange sex or death themes. We had AM radio play on one song, "Elvis Is Dead", which was very funny in a offensive way. But many of our songs weren't always suitable for airplay. And we ran into problems with club owners over obscenity issues for funny and outrageous onstage sexual simulations during songs like "Dog In Heat". The band later became more mainstream when Courtney Love's then boyfriend, Rozz Rezabek replaced me on vocals and songwriting. CD Universe still sells a cd of the new version of the group, Theater Of Sheep(or sleep, as I like to say).

But, funny musical acts are less common than mainstream music. And Weird Al was definitely one of the best, even though he always took the safe route and never set up a "bad boy" reputation for himself like some other acts. He movie is a must see for anyone who is a child of MAD Magazine.

What Paul is trying to say ... (Below threshold)

What Paul is trying to say is, JT:

You stick to your turf and I'll stick to mine.


ROFLMAO on the weird al movie theme.

The only ones under 70 who ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The only ones under 70 who aren't the children of MAD Magazine are its unacknowledged bastard children. Who the Baby Mama?

Always had a soft spot in my head for Weird Al. Loved it all, especially works like "Another One Rides The Bus," where you can sense the long hours he must have spent suffering on city buses to gain the street cred to pull that project off.

Like Paul Hooson - shout out, Bro! - Al understood what the plastic pop replicators who control the music industry do not: it isn't just about the money.

It's about the art for it's own sake, AND the money.

Don't forget to burn down t... (Below threshold)

Don't forget to burn down the malt shop where we used to meet, just because it reminds me of you.

No way I could sit through ... (Below threshold)

No way I could sit through the movie, but the trailer was funny.

Very good, I really enjoyed... (Below threshold)

Very good, I really enjoyed it. Is there somewhere I can check out more about it?






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