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See what you made me do!

I reckon we'll be hearing that a lot over these next few months. The classic excuse for a blunder made within reasonable proximity of another party. I know I used to hear it a lot from my sister when we were younger. And last week. Sure she was getting dialysis when I snapped her on the ass with a damp towel, but I'm not the one jumping around pulling out stents.

The "See what you made me do!" campaign will start right after the "violent, racist mob opposed to the Democrats' giant new entitlement program" offensive runs its course. We're already seeing reports of yea-voting Democrats' office windows shattered by bricks as if it was a Berkeley Marine recruiting station. Faxes, honest to God faxes, laced with profanity and wishes of painful death. Anonymous Internet postings. You know it's just a matter of time before we beklanned, tea-bagging, Gunfight-at-the-O.K-Corral types start hoping Obama himself somehow meets his doom, perhaps even going so far as penning elaborate fiction depicting how it just might happen.

Unprecedented and utterly disgusting bile never before seen in the annals of American political discourse.

Yeah, see what you made me do.


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Republicans should start br... (Below threshold)

Republicans should start bringing out those 'vandalism' stories from the last election cycle. When it was found that the vandals were actually Democrats.

I'm still waiting for the Clyburn to NAME the person in his entourage who heard the "N" word.

"The Devil made me do it!"<... (Below threshold)
Flip Wilson:

"The Devil made me do it!"

People might even start wis... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

People might even start wishing something really bad for Obama and his family, like that he be covered under the new health care bill. Now that would be really cruel.

Maybe someone can even writ... (Below threshold)

Maybe someone can even write, direct and produce a movie about an American president meeting his doom and show it in Canada.

The Kommiecrats always mana... (Below threshold)

The Kommiecrats always manage to step in it...by all this invented attacks they continue the reason why Americans want them out.
The should recess until change of govorment in January as the best advice...but NOOO they have to continue reminding us.
God Bless America

We're probably about 5 mont... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

We're probably about 5 months away from an "Enabling Act" by the 0bama regime and the Democrat ruling party.

"WOLF!"... (Below threshold)
little boy:


Don't know if you had a cha... (Below threshold)

Don't know if you had a chance to see Glenn Beck's analysis of why the Radicals are playing this up so hard..but it was very, very interesting and scary.

To Summarize: The 60's radicals, who now run and advise the White House, tried to be violent and overthrow the government, but b/c of their use of violence and utter disregard for public safety and decorum, they were marganilized and not taken serious. They figured out they must become the "man" to implement their facist agenda, they are now in control and using the tactics that were used against them, ie., labeling the Tea Party as "radical" and violent prone in order to margenalize and dismiss. It was kind of scary how accurate it was.

I think the one thing Beck forgets in his analysis is the vast difference between the 60's radical hippies and today's movement. Ayers and his ilk were all well off radicals on college campuses who had no "skin" in the game, as Obamalini likes to point out, the Tea Party movement is made up of middle class individuals, with lots and lots at stake, who fear for the future of their children. I would liken it more to the Revolutionary movement of the 1700's than to the 1960's.

Howdy! Cool blog. I was j... (Below threshold)

Howdy! Cool blog. I was just writing elsewhere about how the Republicans weren't stupid to refuse to deal in the aftermath of Brown's win because it really did look like they could grab all the marbles.

I wanted a Barney Frank quote from after Brown's win, because he's one of the tougher and smarter house Dems, and I cited his waving the white flag as a good reason to think that HCR was dead.

This blog is what came up. Cool.

I had a lot of fun reading that comment thread, watching your commenters ... well, basically be wrong about everything. So angry, so outraged, so hateful, and so bottomlessly wrong.

I honestly laughed out loud. It was a great thread. Thaknks.

Here's the link, by the way. The comments are comedy gold.


Jim Clyburn apparently beli... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Jim Clyburn apparently believes he has a diversity exemption from the Commandment about bearing false witness (his occupation before winning the gerrymandered black majority "I-95" 6th District of SC was minister).

Too bad for the lying accusers there are so many videos around showing the alleged time frame and Rep. Lewis coming to the Capitol, and not one of them has an audible slur. The Flear "spitting" allegation is substantiated, but it is obviously spittle spraying from a yelling protester's mouth, not a case of "spitting on" someone.

Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. was videoing everything - there are several other vids and stills showing him doing it, but he has only posted a few short segments so far. Does anyone think if he had a recording of a racial slur he would be sitting on it?

Maybe someone there was just THINKING it loudly?

I am looking forward to the... (Below threshold)

I am looking forward to the goal post moving later this year (week?). I think the Democrats will set some new records of both distance and direction(s) of goal post moving when they're trying to explain why their health care "reform" isn't actually making things worse.

Oh, and congratulations on being such good winners, Democrats. /sarc

I guess that's our fault too.

Clyburn could not find his ... (Below threshold)

Clyburn could not find his behind with a rake. Race card. since the 60's it has always been about race. Enough already.

Republicans are getting it ... (Below threshold)

Republicans are getting it wrong again. You're supposed to cover your face with a bandana and smash the windows of the nearest Starbucks.

These people never learn.

On reflection I believe the... (Below threshold)

On reflection I believe the big goal post move will be that "millions" of the formerly uninsured now have insurance as if that was the only goal of the Democrats health insurance reform. Some Democrat will make up a number and the MSM will never ask how the newly insured were counted. Kind of like with "jobs created or saved".

My response will be that the government could have bought insurance from Cigna for those "millions" for ten percent of what the Democrats health insurance "reform" costs if the Republican plan had been passed instead. "What was all the rest of the money spent on?" I will ask. I will never get an answer from any liberal troll. They just don't swing that way.

The whining liberals remind... (Below threshold)

The whining liberals remind me of the neighbor's dog that always howled and barked about any old thing. Sure, we'd egg the dog on every so often. But, eventually, someone had that dog put down.

"I'm still waiting for t... (Below threshold)

"I'm still waiting for the Clyburn to NAME the person in his entourage who heard the "N" word."

The race card is so ingrained in the liberal mindset that they fantasize about hearing it wether or not it ever passed someones lips.

Our job is to do the media'... (Below threshold)

Our job is to do the media's job...let the public know about the IRS, fines, jail, jobs lost etc. Some folks in this country just reinforce the dumb, dumber, and dumbest concept. What do they think about?? sarc/






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