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Parlimentarian Ruling on Minor Pell Grant Provisions Sends HC Bill Back to the House

Via Senatus:

A spokesman for "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the bill making changes in President Barack Obama's newly enacted health care overhaul will have to go back to the House for final congressional approval, something top Democrats were trying to avoid," the AP reports.
I guess this is not a Big [email protected]#$ing Deal. It is over a couple of minor provisions regarding pell grants. But if I were one of those Democrats that reluctantly signed onto the bill, I might be happy for any excuse to get a do-over on my vote after seeing some of the recent polls. Actually I was specifically thinking about the CBS poll showing 62 percent of Americans want Republicans to continue to fight the HC bill.

Update: Michelle Malkin has a great wrap up of the evening proceedings. She concludes with:

Senate resumes at 9:45am. Roll call votes are expected to continue until 2:00pm.

Like I said: It ain't over 'til it's over...and it's only just begun.

Update: Another thought/question after sleeping on it... I wonder how Democrats who spent the evening voting AGAINST the Viagra for sex offenders and other popular amendments feel now that the bill is going to have to go back to the House after all. If the provision that prompted the Parlimentarian ruling had been pointed out before all those votes were taken wouldn't that have made it possible for Dems to vote differently on some of them since the bill is going back to the House anyway?

Another thought...No one should be surprised about the problems with the pell grant provision or the part of the bill dealing with pre-existing conditions for children. When you rush a 2,000 plus page bill through the Congress those things are to be expected.


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Comments (13)

Well, here we go again. Hav... (Below threshold)

Well, here we go again. Have fun, Democrats! I know I will.

Way to go GOP!!! Listen to... (Below threshold)

Way to go GOP!!! Listen to your constituents and perform the will of the people!!!

Ahh, thats too bad.. The Sh... (Below threshold)

Ahh, thats too bad.. The Shliekmeister was looking forward to getting his schnozzlewanger free drugs!!

Lets hope someone stops thi... (Below threshold)

Lets hope someone stops this madness. This is the wrong way to do Health Reform. Somebody please let a Republican get a word in edgewise.

Maybe there's an upside to ... (Below threshold)

Maybe there's an upside to massively complex governmental rules? LOL...

How ironic that a <a href="... (Below threshold)

How ironic that a Pell grant provision has the ability to stop health care legislation. Coupling the two bills together shows very pointedly how our political leadership expects young people to bear the brunt of future debt.

Since the president already... (Below threshold)

Since the president already signed the Senate bill into law, the most that can be done is to repeal the parts that they do not like. Otherwise the Senate bill will stay in effect. I think that means that the house will pass the revisions again. Unless the law says something about it being canceled?

Ok, perhaps I'm a tad ignor... (Below threshold)

Ok, perhaps I'm a tad ignorant on the legislative process, but didnt the president just sign (into law) a bill that was ONLY passed by the House? Isnt that the reason the Senate has to do this reconciliation? Because the Senate bill passed on Christmas Eve is actually not the same bill passed Sunday by the House. So how can it go into law if both houses of congress havent yet approved the SAME bill. WTF?

What a slapdash, jury-rigge... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

What a slapdash, jury-rigged and sneaky way to pass a law.
Especially a law with so much power and far-reaching implications. Most especially a law that is so deeply unpopular to a huge majority of Americans.

The Supreme Court should look at this car-wreck and say, "No. Go back and vote on this the right way." Hell, they should strike this mess down simply on the unconstitutionality of forcing citizens to buy insurance.
Probably won't happen, though.

"When you rush a 2,000 plus... (Below threshold)

"When you rush a 2,000 plus page bill through the Congress those things are to be expected."

Yeah, might have been wise to READ it first. But Nancy said it was good to go. Everyone has to do what Nancy says.

Reminds me of the 90's. There was a very complicated piece of legislation in California to de-regulate electricity. Going to SAVE customers MILLIONS. No one in Sacramento understood it. The money quote: "Senator Steve Peace (D) is real smart. He understands it. He says to vote for it." So the idiots did. Electrical rates are now 30% higher, businesses closed and others fled the state.

She said they had to pass t... (Below threshold)

She said they had to pass the bill so we could all find out what's in it. She was right.


I hope the GOP has several ... (Below threshold)

I hope the GOP has several more "kinks" in the bill that they didn't get a parlimentary ruling on ...

drip, drip, drip ...

let the House vote on the "fixed" bill ... then bend it again when it returns to the Senate ...

The bill has some validatio... (Below threshold)

The bill has some validation in that many people will be helped due to their not having medical insurance






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