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Petard and hoist included, some assembly required

And having signed the colossal new entitlement, Barack went forth to Iowa and gave unto health reform bill opponents a ready-made campaign slogan.

Repeal? Go for it!

Awfully sporting of him, don't you think?

Update: D'oh! I don't know why bring it on got stuck in my brain...


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I must admit, I didn't real... (Below threshold)

I must admit, I didn't realize he was prepackaging motivational commercials for conservative candidates.

I would say he is what Rahm said, but it would be an insult to f****** morons everywhere.

Update: D'oh! I don't kn... (Below threshold)

Update: D'oh! I don't know why bring it on got stuck in my brain...

Because just like the guy who said "bring it on," Obama is talking to his enemies.

Though the guy who said "bring it on," was also talking to America's enemies.

Palin's kid could take him.... (Below threshold)

Palin's kid could take him. The younger one.

When many of us accuse him ... (Below threshold)

When many of us accuse him of being arrogant and bitter you have to consider his self destructive nature. He has admitted to doing crack and anyone who has foolishly dabbled in drugs (yours truly many years ago) knows that you don't usually start with cocaine but sort of walk through the gateway and crawl up the ladder. He still is a chain smoking fool because since he's such a pathological liar no one can believe he has "cut down" with all the pressure the job brings (since he DID admit he still smokes). And the doctor recently suggested he lay off the booze. A classic self destructive addictive pathology.....drugs, smokes, power, booze and attention.

Add to all of that his associations with real malcontents....terrorists, anti- Semites, Marxists, Christian bashers, America haters, and that wife with the huge chip on her shoulder. So what does the chain smoking hard drinking malcontent do in the face of middle class opposition to his gargantuan Marxist bill of lies and destructive actuarial realities? He MOCKS them. He dares them to be angry and spits in the face of the very people who elected him. Where I come from we call this kind of person a punk. A jug eared, chain smoking drunken punk worth loathing but not fearing.
He obviously hates most of us.

The more Obama tries to sel... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

The more Obama tries to sell this monstrosity, the more it reminds people of what just happened. I hope he does it once a month until the elections. But, it is difficult to see why he thinks, after sending a year unsuccessfully selling his ideas, he is going to have more success now.

I also liked the playground trash talk. I would like someone to take Obama up on this and offer to debate him once a week on what is actually in the bill and how it will affect the nation. Of course, that would be too risky for Obama. Like Al Gore, he can only deal with a one way presentation.

It is funny that after 14 months or so, all the accolades about how great and inspiring a speaker he is, seem to have fallen away.






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