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Time To Retire "Joey Plugs?"

As a general rule, I don't mock people over their appearance. I prefer to give them grief about things they can control directly -- their words, their deeds, and whatnot.

But when someone deliberately changes their appearance, then that's fair game. And Joe Biden's follicular vanity makes his coiffure eligible for mockery.

Here's an article that takes Joe's penchant for making an absolute fool of himself to the next logical step.

Warning; while this piece is generally safe for work, the site has some genuinely NSFW content.

Personally, I'm torn between #2 and #9...


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Comments (8)

I believe Joe Biden had bra... (Below threshold)

I believe Joe Biden had brain surgery for an aneurysm years ago. It is my speculation that loss of blood supply to the part of the brain that regulates behavior occurred before or because of the surgery. This should eliminate him from high office. With the coming health care changes, his medical records will be online and easily hacked by 14 year old Russians, so maybe we'll find out for sure.

Thanks for the much needed ... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the much needed laugh.

But seriously, replacing a retiring Biden is a maneuver that will be made. I expect Hillary.

The mini-Adolph is fetching... (Below threshold)

The mini-Adolph is fetching. And Oprahs never looked better... Ha ha ha ha

Joey is the gift that keeps... (Below threshold)

Joey is the gift that keeps on giving. And you'd really have to be bat-shit crazy to want to harm Obama, because JOEY IS NEXT IN LINE! And just think WHO FOLLOWS JOEY!

A retiring Joe unplugged (p... (Below threshold)

A retiring Joe unplugged (pardon the pun) might make for interesting campaign challenges for an Obama re-election bid. Once he's no longer governed by what little filter political expediency may have facilitated, it could be interesting indeed to hear the "wisdom and insight" that might flow from his mouth.

I think the mad scientist i... (Below threshold)

I think the mad scientist image would best be titled "The Don King" : )

Time To Retire "Joey Plu... (Below threshold)

Time To Retire "Joey Plugs?"

That sounds like a threat, Mr. Rightwing Violent Nut


Joe Biden is "Pinky" to Oba... (Below threshold)

Joe Biden is "Pinky" to Obama's "The Brain."






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