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Symbolizing what you'll be getting with ObamaCare


Bend over America.

Thank you Don.

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Comments (11)

With billions of dollars in... (Below threshold)
jim m:

With billions of dollars in corporate earning evaporating due to Obamacare I'd like to see someone explain how companies are supposed to look toward hiring new workers when Obamacare is forcing them to take huge write offs.

Don't look for corporate executives to go looking to expand their costs when they are taking these kinds of hits to their balance sheets. Shareholders pay executives to build value into the company. Execs are not going to add to their troubles by expanding their labor costs dramatically.

Florida just reported the highest unemployment rate ever recorded. That's before Obama's NASA cuts have their impact costing FL an estimated 23,000 more jobs.

I suppose Obama's plan must be to impoverish the nation and make it impossible for anyone to find a job. I'd say otherwise but the evidence of his actions argues against it.

greenie, you douchnozzle. ... (Below threshold)

greenie, you douchnozzle. How on earth could so much 'stupid' fit into your worthless carcass?

The true 'poor' were always taken care of - Medicare. The next level up is SCHIP for the kiddies - though this level of working lower-middleclass is in the gap. Injuries and acute illness for them are always treated 'free' at any local hospital - similar to illegals.

Jug-Eared Douche Care will dump a buch of folks off of corporate plans (already, and no doubt as-intended) just in time for doctor compensation limits to hit.

Man, you're dumber than dog shit.

SCHIP is being cut in AZ be... (Below threshold)
jim m:

SCHIP is being cut in AZ because Obama won't fund it. So Obama is making it so companies cut their insurance plans and he is cutting the current safety net while his grand plans for the future don't happen for 4 more years.

Awesome +1.T-shirt... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Awesome +1.

T-shirts should be made post haste.

The dems are not providing ... (Below threshold)

The dems are not providing anything douchebag green. Everything they suggest we pay for, thats a fact, so screw you and screw them!!

"Let's kill us some Democra... (Below threshold)

"Let's kill us some Democrats!"

You're a violent bastard, aren't you Stevie? I thought your masters were yelling and screaming about 'conservatives demanding blood'. Seems as though that's a proclivity of their own people, like you.

"How dare they (Democrats) provide for the health care of the poor in America!"

Yeah, Stevie. Their "Stimulus" did much to provide 'shovel ready jobs', didn't it? Never mind JOBS. Let's get 'em all on the government teat, that way we'll never lose power.

Green, you have an astonish... (Below threshold)

Green, you have an astonishing mind. Not much in it, mind you, but in deference to your narrative:

I KEEL you! I CROSH your tiny head between my FEENGERS! I FART in your general direction!

Happy to be of service. Feel free to turn me into the Homeland Security Snitch Line.


Green is a great example of... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Green is a great example of dem hate and deceit. He complains about conservatives and hates them with a passion, but then he goes to a conservative web site and posts a comment pretending to be a conservative so he can issue death threats to people and make it look like conservatives are doing it.

Hoping that some of your friends at Kos or huffpo pick up your comment Stevie? Are you the kind of a--hole that goes to Tea Party events with a racist sign to try to discredit them? Are you the guy shouting racial epithets?

I'll bet you are. Your I'll concealed glee at posting that disgusting comment shows that you want so badly for conservatives to be mischaracterized that you are willing to go to any lengths to try to ensure that happens.

I'm going to say this first... (Below threshold)

I'm going to say this first, I'm an observant and proud Jew. And a devout Conservative.
I'm going to make a guess that Mr. Green is a Liberal Jew. The majority of Jew's in this country are descendents of immigrants. Same go's for Italians, Irish etc. These people pulled themselves and thier families up with their hard work and brains. Through multiple jobs, and education.
Now, Jews, just two percent of the U.S population, make up 20% of the Forbes 400.
Steve, you think that today's poor are not as capable, motivated or intelligent as the poor of 100 years ago? You want to give them a hand out as opposed to a hand up?
This my friend, makes you a rascist.

Green is a grea... (Below threshold)
Green is a great example of dem hate and deceit.
And that comment of his will stand for all time as a shrine to the virulent mendacity that is the proggnut left.

Good show, stevie! You're a tool, but have you ever stopped to think whose tool you are?

I think all the threats to ... (Below threshold)

I think all the threats to Dems are by Dems themselves. My fav is the brick thrown through the office of a congressman on the 30th floor of his office building. I like people of action...no threats, just action.






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