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Green Acres

Earth Hour 2010 proved to be an unbridled success...

...in North Korea, where every hour is Earth Hour. I'm not saying the green movement wants us all to live like North Koreans, but the anti-carbon anti-nuclear future they're espousing will effectively lead us that way.

Then again, if the average Thomas Friedman column is any indication they'd happily subject us proles to authoritarian diktats if it advanced us toward their green vision.


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This is exactly why environ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

This is exactly why environmentalists want us to live under oppressive communist governments. It's so much greener to live in crushing poverty on the edge of mass starvation.

Those who observe "Earth Ho... (Below threshold)

Those who observe "Earth Hour" are handing a measuring stick to the socialists which they will use to ration maximum necessary energy usage.
Above that line there will be punitive taxation.
They have already implemented such a scheme in much of Europe.

Not a single ton less of coal was burned by electrical generating plants across America.
That coal was burned whether the electrical energy derived from it was used or not.

There is no Climate Crisis and there is no energy shortage.
CO2 is not a toxin/pollutant.

North Korea is what the wac... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

North Korea is what the wacko-lib-statist-wacko-enviro-virals want the U.S. to look like. We have a.....ummm...person in the W.H. that agrees with them.

I think the descriptor you ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I think the descriptor you were looking for was jug-eared idiot.

"...on the edge of mass sta... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"...on the edge of mass starvation."

Jim, here's another lovely thought for a Sunday morning: Greenies "know" there are too many of us. Mass starvation, disease (think rationed health care here, coupled with malnutrition) and ultimately local population crashes would all fulfill their dream of fewer people.

Speller, actually there are periodic energy shortages here. Mostly they are the result of an aging infrastructure at times of peak demand. However, serious lack of generation capacity looms in our near future. The Greens, and their friends in government have us fairly ham-strung over use of the two most available sources of fuel for electrical generation (carbon based fuels and nuclear). They have even crippled hydro-generation. And today's "green" alternate sources lack the ability to even match our current generation capacity.

On the other hand, Climate Crisis and CO2 as a pollutant? Pffft. Just more of the greenies work to return us to cave dweller status. But take comfort in that, even as cave dwellers we'll still be expected to pay our taxes.

Too bad we can't send Fried... (Below threshold)

Too bad we can't send Friedman to North Korea permanently.

And which country would you... (Below threshold)

And which country would you prefer to live in stevie or Bruce? I think we know.

That one light above the pa... (Below threshold)
Don L:

That one light above the parallel means Kim must be watching his porno again.

Well, at least it's a lot e... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Well, at least it's a lot easier to fall asleep in a true "Green" economic zone like North Korea, unless of course you haven't met your quota for some particular something, in which case they usually shoot you.

As Dostoyevsky noted, the a... (Below threshold)

As Dostoyevsky noted, the ability to love humanity is inverse to the ability to love individuals.






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