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Projection of the Week...

...if not the projection of the month.

The Blogfather got some e-mail:

EMAIL OF THE DAY: A call for civility:

I cannot emphasize this enough: your brand of public discourse is hurting our country. It us poison. So fuck you, you GOP utensil, and fuck your mother for bringing you forth.

Plus this stirring conclusion: “Replies will not be read, you fuck.” With this degree of eloquence and commitment to reasoned debate, he must be a Glenn Greenwald reader. But I blame the hateful, violent rhetoric from Democratic leaders and media figures. They’re like modern-day Klansmen, inciting a mob of ignorant, violent followers . . . .

The mind boggles!

First of all, Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds is not a movement Conservative, he's a libertarian.

Second, while sharp tongued, he is by no means hyper partisan nor divisive.

Finally, those who have sown the wind have no right to bewail the whirlwind.


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Comments (41)

You know, I think there may... (Below threshold)

You know, I think there may be some truth to all this. Perhaps we should tone things down a bit and show a little respect for our President. After all, he is our President.

See, all we need to do is learn from the Masters of Protest. Libs have 40 years of protesting everything from Vietnam to Trans Fat. Who knows more about civilized protesting than liberals?

Here are some suggested protest signs from my personal collection of actual photos (I'm not making these up):

"F*ck Middle America!"
"Long Live Fallujah!"
"Stop Funding Zionist Genocide!"
"Support our Mutineers! Free Hasan Akbar!"
"Stand UP! Dissent is Patriotic!"
"Death to all Juice!"
"This Project Funded by the American Recovery and Investment Act!"
The viral "Sorry, America!" campaign
"Impeach Chimpy McBushHitler!"
"I Heart New York Even More Without the World Trade Center!" (a classic)
T-Shirt slogan "Bush!" with a Swastika substituted for the letter S.
"Get your bush out to get Bush out! People's Park 8/26", with all fat, naked marchers
"The Worst Tyrants Ever! Napoleon Hitler and Bush!"
"Stop the Bush Ashcroft Fourth Reich!"
"Stop the Fourth Reich! Remember Nuremberg!" "STOP Bush Illegitimate Regime in Washington!" "Stop Bush Oil War!"
"Heaven or Heil?"

Time-Life should come up with a collection of these Greatest Liberal Hits for a late night Infomercial. Lord knows they'd have plenty of source material.

The mind boggles indeed.</p... (Below threshold)

The mind boggles indeed.

Glenn made the mistake of s... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Glenn made the mistake of saying something critical of the administration.

Take note: This is the way that Obama and his followers want things. They want to take dissenters and remove them from society. Obama wants to see our country to be more like Cuba or Venezuela where dissenters are put in prison so they can't disrupt things. His followers are more than willing to do this for him until he can pass the laws he needs to do it himself.

I am not surprised in the least by this emailer. I will not be surprised when some leftist lunatic decides to take matters in his own hands and starts killing dissenters. We're getting close. Obama, Gibbs, Axelrod and others are hyping up the contempt and hate for people who disagree with the administration. Watch for the left to be dancing in the streets when it happens.

I didn't go to the link so ... (Below threshold)

I didn't go to the link so my guess is the writer is either Rahm Emanuel or Alan Grayson. Am I close?

See, this is why I enjoy co... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

See, this is why I enjoy coming to Wizbang. It's my way of visiting your Alice-Through-The-Looking-Glass world, where jim worries that a "leftist lunatic" may shoot people, and madalyn declares that ACORN stole 10 million votes to give the election to Obama.

This emailer, while rude, is not threatening violence, simply using profanity. The comment was only a little worse than what certain regular commenters have directed at ME (or, more frequently, Mr Green), here on these boards. So your false equivalence fails on a number of levels.

To those posting examples of Democratic rudeness in the past, I invite you to show examples of the Democratic Minority Leader of the House screaming "Armageddon!" at, say, the Bush Medicare reform of the previous administration. Or a Democratic former VP candidate telling folks that they should "take out" this or that Congressman, or put conservatives "in the crosshairs" lest they "destroy the country."

No party should be expected to control every nutjob who carries a sign. But both parties should be held to the same standard when it comes to incitement to violence. Both parties' leaders should refrain from inflammatory language.

Bruce Henry,Dem ci... (Below threshold)

Bruce Henry,

Dem civility.

-Republicans are racists for opposing (insert gov program here)
-Republicans health care plan is to have you die quickly
-Presidential spokesperson saying Republicans want old people to die
-Saying Republicans want to starve children
-Holding up New york Post on the floor of the senate talking about GWB knowing about 9-11
-Giving a spittle throwing tirade about GWB preying on our fears
-Saying Republicans want Arsenic in our water
-Mike Malloy (lib talk show host) calling for the death of right wing talkers

I could go on but even you get the point. History did not start when your god Obama got elected, politics can be rough. I also laughed at you being scared of terms like take someone out or we have you in our cross hairs. How old are you?

Bruce Henry"Both p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bruce Henry

"Both parties' leaders should refrain from inflammatory language."

Lets take a look at Obama's words since you believe he should refraim from Inflammatory language.

Paraphrasing these as I dont feel like googling.

"I won"

"If they bring a knife we will bring a gun"

"They created the trash and now we have to clean it up"

Shall we also look up stuff that Al Gore says about the anti global warming crowd? You know how we are killing the planet, morons, dont use scientific methods, hatemongers?

How about the Administration and congressional leaders calls that just about anyone who disagrees with Obama is racist?

Want to talk about Alec Baldwin saying on national tv that Henry Hyde and his family
should be dragged out of their house in the middle of the night and stoned to death?

The rhetoric on the left is far more extreme, and far more prone to advocate violence. Then when the left is called on it they want to act like innocent children.

I guess history started in ... (Below threshold)
Burton Choinski:

I guess history started in 2009, huh Bruce?

Bruce's memory is HIGHLY se... (Below threshold)

Bruce's memory is HIGHLY selective. The Democrats realize they've really really PISSED PEOPLE OFF! Now they want to play 'victim'. People are being HARSH with them.

Bruce, if you want sympathy, I can tell you the two words you'll find it between in the dictionary.

I guess you guys are right.... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I guess you guys are right. I forgot that Alec Baldwin was once Minority Leader of the House. And I completely zoned about Mike Malloy, INCREDIBLY POPULAR AND INFLUENTIAL "lib talkshow host", once being the Democratic VP candidate.

And implying that Republicans may have racist motives for opposing this or that government program is EXACTLY THE SAME as calling for "watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants and patriots." And I forgot the many many times that liberal bloggers wrote how they opposed violence -- "for now," but how those over-reaching conservatives had "better watch out."

Finally, my memory failed me when I didn't recall how Democrats vowed to "take our country back" -- by force, if necessary -- from a legally elected Republican majority.

Look, I get that politics can be rough. Always has been. Namecalling, hyperbole, incivility...that's the norm, not the exception. But what is happening today reminds me of Mark Twain's "Journalism in Tennessee." Only it's not funny.

Bruce, the civility level y... (Below threshold)

Bruce, the civility level you've encountered here is much higher than it might have been. For example, I don't generally address your comments, keeping my usual near-paralysis with mocking laughter to myself.

Bruce,OK, how abou... (Below threshold)


OK, how about when a certain president tells his supporters to get in the face of his opponents. Nothing could go wrong there, unless certain union thugs show up and beat someone up. But I guess technically that isn't the minority leader.

A few comments here and the... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

A few comments here and there are one thing, Mr Howcome. A strategy is something else.

Perhaps Obama shouldn't have used the phrase "get in their faces," just as President Bush later expressed regret for his "Bring it on" comment regarding Iraqi insurgents.

Again, not equivalent to an ongoing party strategy of whipping up the rabble with images of crosshairs, bloody resistance to tyranny, "taking people out," secession or nullification, and taking "our country" back by force.

Politicians, pundits and or... (Below threshold)
Burton Choinski:

Politicians, pundits and organizers have use the phrases "target" and "take down" for ages, but now that far left has shown their hand and pissed off most of America, now they get the vapors over the terms.

The left needs to grow the F up and stop whining like babies when the end result of their action sis not to their liking.

Mr Halliburton, I have no c... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Mr Halliburton, I have no complaints about the comment policy here, or the civility level. And I usually refrain from responding to your comments, too.

But I will say that when I first noticed your comments here, you seemed to have assumed a satirical persona, kind of a conservative, internet version of Steven Colbert. And it was quite funny, one of the few successful instances I have seen of a conservative doing satire. I think it unfortunate that you seem to have dropped that persona and become a run of the mill Wizbang me-tooer.

Are you so naive, Mr Choins... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Are you so naive, Mr Choinski, that you don't know the difference between "take down" and "take out?"

"Again, not equivalent to a... (Below threshold)

"Again, not equivalent to an ongoing party strategy of whipping up the rabble with images of crosshairs, bloody resistance to tyranny, "taking people out," secession or nullification, and taking "our country" back by force."

You forgot "Reload"

"Only it's not funny."</... (Below threshold)

"Only it's not funny."

It wasn't funny 9 years ago when people of the left attacked Bush's Limo on Inauguration day. Where were you then?

It's not funny when people of the left carried signs during Anti-War rallies that supported the troops "We support the troops that kill their officers!" But where were you then?

It's not funny when a standing President (Obama) threatens a group of bankers for their cooperation with the administration by telling them, "All that stands between you and the pitchforks is me!" But where were you then?

It's not funny when a movie is made of the fictional assassination of Bush and people of the left cheered the grand opening. But where were you then?

It's not funny when a standing President (Obama) says to his followers "If they bring a knife, we bring a gun!" But where were you then?

It's not funny when members of the Leftist Black Panther party are on tape threatening voters with clubs and the Obama Department of Justice drops the charges. But where were you then?

It makes me wonder if you thought any or all of the incidents I just mentioned plus innumerable others were funny? You didn't complain at the time. So pardon me if I question your seriousness when you complain about the lack of civility in today's political dialogue.

Bruce, I don't recall you'r... (Below threshold)

Bruce, I don't recall you're being 'so concerned' with civility in the past. What's changed?

See above comment # 17 for ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

See above comment # 17 for an example of "the rabble."

Bruce, I don't recall you'r... (Below threshold)

Bruce, I don't recall you're being 'so concerned' with civility in the past. What's changed?

Still waiting Bruce, what's... (Below threshold)

Still waiting Bruce, what's changed?

Re 3 18:That whizz... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re 3 18:

That whizzing sound you hear is the point going past, Sport.

Again, no party can or should control every nutjob carrying a sign. No party can or should attempt to censor a work of art, and it is not incumbent on any party to condemn a movie. But to have major party figures publicly using imagery of assassination, rebellion, secession, and nullification, as part of a strategy of political gain is unprecedented in modern times.

Sorry, but it is, and no amount of false equivalence can obscure that fact.

Bruce, I looked all over th... (Below threshold)
Burton Choinski:

Bruce, I looked all over the web for any quotes where Sarah Palin mentioned "take out" the opponents, but could not find any. On her facebook page she has her "targeting" image, but there is no wording that says "take out" or "take down".

Have a link to back up your claim, one from a site that has actual transcripts, or is this just another case of the far left hearing things that didn't happen?

Hey guys, lest I be accused... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hey guys, lest I be accused of cowardice or "slinking away," my kids wanna use our only computer. I'll check back in later. Thanks in advance.

Garandfan -I think... (Below threshold)

Garandfan -

I think what changed is that the Dems thought they could take off the mask of their faux populism, and start acting like the aristocrats they believed themselves to be.

Condescension, arrogance, the need (and desire) to keep the vast unwashed in their places while they the anointed ran things - only all they ever had were delusions of adequacy.

Now that we're seeing just how astoundingly inept financially and in diplomatic circles, the most important thing is to silence the critics by any means possible.

So you see the attempt at imposing a 'civility' that they were sure unwilling to even attempt when they thought they were the underdogs, or when their position was unassailable.

You now, in a way I'm feeling almost sorry for Obama - he's the living example of the cautionary phrase "Be careful what you wish for - you might just get it." He's in a job he really, really wanted - and he's completely unsuited for it due to his temperament, his lack of experience, and the training and indoctrination he's received over the decades.

The only thing that could help us at this point is for him to actually LISTEN to the 'vast unwashed' who are objecting to what he's doing - but he's convinced that only HE knows the proper way to go. His ego won't let him accept the hit that'd occur if he started questioning his beliefs and actually saw the reality of their implementation.

He's screwed. And - so are we.

"Dems thought they could ta... (Below threshold)

"Dems thought they could take off the mask of their faux populism"


What were Steve, bryanD et al braying Nov 2008? Conservatism is DEAD. Republican party "inconsequential" and DEAD. Nancy and Harry had NO reason to invite them to the table on legislation. And didn't. Except to get Snowe, Collins and Spectre for "bipartisan" cover on that fiasco called "Stimulus". They figured they were on an unstoppable role. Anyone voicing a dissenting opinion was A TRAITOR or a RACIST! Which was funny as hell. Seeing as Barry kept talking about "His" legislation, when he'd NEVER WRITTEN ANY. So WHITE people who hated Nancy and Harry's legislation were RACIST!

Notice how little, if any "bite" that word has anymore? Just maybe the Dims did accomplish something. After all, they are used to 'unintended consequences'.

"Hey guys, lest I be accuse... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Hey guys, lest I be accused of cowardice or "slinking away," my kids wanna use our only computer."

Oh, I get it. Hiding behind human shields! /sarcasm

Still haven't answered my q... (Below threshold)

Still haven't answered my question Bruce.

WHAT'S CHANGED? (See post #19)

Bruce, sometimes guys like ... (Below threshold)

Bruce, sometimes guys like you are beyond satire.

That's kind of sad, Bruce -... (Below threshold)

That's kind of sad, Bruce - I mean, only one computer in a house with multiple kids?

Maybe you can suggest to Obama that there needs to be a One Computer Per Child initiative to go along with the Broadband for All policy they're trying to shove out.

JLawson @ 31,Perha... (Below threshold)

JLawson @ 31,

Perhaps he should just work harder and earn sufficient funds to buy his own damn computer.

SShiell-"It's ... (Below threshold)


"It's not funny when a movie is made of the fictional assassination of Bush and people of the left cheered the grand opening. But where were you then?"

He was at the Grand opening of course!!

He was probably a major fin... (Below threshold)

He was probably a major financial backer. Which is why he can't afford more than one computer now.

Lighten up, guys. Show Bruc... (Below threshold)

Lighten up, guys. Show Bruce some respect for being captain of his eighth grade debate team.

jl @ 35,Another fi... (Below threshold)

jl @ 35,

Another fine example of social promotion in education...

"That's kind of sad, Bru... (Below threshold)

"That's kind of sad, Bruce - I mean, only one computer in a house with multiple kids?"

Not when he's one of the kids!

They're cute when they're y... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

They're cute when they're young, drunk and stupid, eh?

Bruce, I don't recall yo... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Bruce, I don't recall you're being 'so concerned' with civility in the past. What's changed?

The occupant at 1600 Penn Ave.

I found Bruce's simile of o... (Below threshold)

I found Bruce's simile of oppositions interesting...
Bruce H:

Perhaps Obama shouldn't have used the phrase "get in their faces," just as President Bush later expressed regret for his "Bring it on" comment regarding Iraqi insurgents.

Bush -> Iraqi insurgents
Obama -> U.S. citizens

Hey, wow, next time I'll ju... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hey, wow, next time I'll just take the "slinking away" accusations. Real sporting of y'all to attack me when you knew I wouldn't respond. Real he-men, aintcha?

There weren't going to be any minds changed on this thread anyway, but, about this movie....

I didn't see it, I don't know anyone who did, but, from what I read about it, it was less about assassinating Bush than it was an imagination of a martial-law scenario after the hypothetical murder. In other words, a political allegory. Free speech. You got a problem with that?

No one was forced to watch it, and very few people did. I did see Oliver Stone's "W" and thought it was pretty good. Then again, I liked "Primary Colors," too.

To finally answer you, Mr Fan, I personally am not particularly concerned with civility. I'm just responding to this piece calling those who are whiners and crybabies. And also pointing out that nutjobs are one thing and party leaders using inflammatory language is something else.






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