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What A Week: ObamaCare, Race Baiting and Parachuting Into Afghanistan

There is an extraordinary amount of political capital that has been invested this week to reinforce the notion that passage of ObamaCare is creating a new wave of popularity for Barack Obama. Via Politico we are told that a triumphant President has transitioned this very week from"a man begging for votes from freshman congressmen to a globe-trotting commander-in-chief parachuting into a war zone." Sorry, but the Politico has been selling its soul to the Obama machine for months and this peaon to the Cult is beyond the pale. For starters, he didn't parachute into anywhere. Hell, he didn't even land on an air craft carrier.

But that's just the first few paragraphs of what may be the most embarrassing and bootlicking elements of the Politico hagiography.

The fact that today Obama is poised to plow ahead on an ambitious agenda is as much a testament to the pendulum of Washington politics - when you're hot, you're hot - as it is to Obama's sustained quality of always playing the tortoise to everyone else's hare. A little luck and timing never hurt either, and Obama benefitted from both to pull off several feats in a small window of time.
Pardon the Interruption, but someone needs to tell these guys what a pyrhicc victory looks like . When you're "hot" your approval ratings soar; the President's approval ratings are at an all time low. Not even the President's useful idiots in the media can spin the rising tide of his opposition. Neither can they count..

There has been a common thread in the political debate this week after the passage of ObamaCare: race baiting and victomology. The racial political offensive launched this week by the White House and its partisans in Congress has failed miserably. This victomology tactic is now a well recognized device that voters are weary of, particularly in an economy that has failed to respond to the trillion dollar political pay off that was sold last year as an economic stimulus package. Let's just get this fact out there so that it can be dealt with: there are millions of honest, hard working, unprejudiced people that are lopped into the imagined liberal demographic popularly known as "white" who are tired of being labeled racists. These "white" people are persons of character and integrity that resent the race baiting and condescension by the purveyors of guilt that occupy the liberal establishment. That resentment will coalesce into something veteran politcal strategist understand well: turnout.

The 2010 midterms will be a referedum on Obamacare, the economy, Cap and Trade and President Barack Obama. To the extent that the liberal establishment continues to play the race card, it will back fire on them in way they cannot imagine.


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2:1 favor repeal? Yeah, th... (Below threshold)

2:1 favor repeal? Yeah, that's hot all right.

After a few Sunday morning ... (Below threshold)

After a few Sunday morning political programs I had to turn of the TV. The debate from the left of the wondrousness of Obama, his strength and rightness of purpose, was enough to have me thinking that I must have come from another planet, or an archaic generation. Perhaps the old America, of stay out of my way, is truly gone, the young people really will trade freedom for a handout.

I forgot to add.....if the ... (Below threshold)

I forgot to add.....if the Democrats think that my health insurance and that of my family has anything to do with the color of Obama's skin, THEY ARE STUPID BEYOND WORDS.

Cap and trade?...there is n... (Below threshold)

Cap and trade?...there is no Cap and Trade....the Senate is not touching it with a 10 foot pole. And after the November...Cap and Trade is moot.

I can already see how Polit... (Below threshold)

I can already see how Politico and the rest of their MSM brotherhood will spin the Democratic losses in November:


Leave it to little Stevie G... (Below threshold)

Leave it to little Stevie Green to come in and smear shit all over.

Like the 2010 elections WON'T be a referendum?

Keep playing that 'racist' card Stevie. IT'S MEANINGLESS NOW THANKS TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

When, oh when will The Man ... (Below threshold)

When, oh when will The Man stop keeping the most powerful human being on planet Earth down?

stevie-"Whoo Ya... (Below threshold)


"Whoo Yaah. It's gonna be a right wing racist hoe down."

And you the hoe!!

"The U.S. Labor Department will report on April 2 that 190,000 jobs were created this month"

Woohaw!!! 500 more false reports like that and were back to Bush like numbers...

Probably the biggest irony ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Probably the biggest irony with this entry is that nobody on Main Street ever has heard of Politico, much less read it.

No one's praying for the ec... (Below threshold)

No one's praying for the economy to fail you dumb shit! You really have to stop drinking that kool-aid over at DK.

As for your 'gold plated news', the economy has to 'create' 150,000 NEW JOBS each month just to break even with those coming of age and starting to look for work on their own. I don't see anything in there about the 17+% total unemployed 'getting a job'. As for 'growth', that comes from several SUSTAINED months of activity. As for your 'employment numbers', sorry dumb ass but after several previous months of having those numbers UNEXPECTEDLY REVISED DOWNWARDS - I prefer to wait and see "all those jobs created or saved".
We know where 16,000 are likely to come from, don't we?

Keep drinking the kool-aid Stevie. Barry gets his "Crap and Trade", watch the economy nose dive faster that you avoiding questions.

"Keep drinking the kool-... (Below threshold)

"Keep drinking the kool-aid Stevie. Barry gets his "Crap and Trade", watch the economy nose dive faster than you avoiding questions."

If it dives any faster, some poor sap will be designated to scraping stevies entrails off the bottom of his empty Barry blessed cool-aid pitcher!

This administration thinks ... (Below threshold)

This administration thinks that if they call us Racists we will sit down and shut up. Good luck with that.

Actually the most reliable ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Actually the most reliable models show a drop in GDP in mid-to-late summer: there will still be "stimulus" money being spent, but the higher taxes will be kicking in and debt requirements are rising against falling demand, which means we'll be paying more interest on our debt than we have in many years, and on record-breaking new deficits.

Already the yields for bonds of several corporations has fallen below that for Treasuries. Greenspan calls the interest rates on Treasuries the "canary in the mine," not a good sign.

But let Obama bask in his narcissistic glory as his ego inflates one more time. He and the ignorant people who support him will be in for a shock in a few months.

US treasuries aren't sellin... (Below threshold)
jim m:

US treasuries aren't selling. Obama is losing his ability to fund his spendthrift agenda. His previous answer has been to print money to make up the difference.

Greenspan is now on record saying that the treasury markey is the canary in the coal mine. The economy is headed for the cliff and Obama doesn't care. He'd rather destroy the economy than admit that he is wrong by spending like a fool.

Yeah, November will be a debacle for the dems. Will it be too late to make any difference?

Steve Green really hates us... (Below threshold)

Steve Green really hates us doesn't he?

Can't wait to watch you foo... (Below threshold)

Can't wait to watch you fools fry in November. Just a continuation of 2004, thanks to you righty imbeciles.

Keep up those rallies, folks. Bring your guns, your SUV's and your nasty old white people. And please keep Sarah Palin on the media forefront of your party.

You'll soon have the GOP eviscerated and yourselves will go the way of the center-right bulllshit parties in the EU, where you belong.

Or you could all just move to Texas, and we could wall it off from the States and Mexico so nobody would have to deal with you as your Utopian nation implodes, as your little redneck shithole communities continue to nationwide.

jose, I'm SHOCKED! Where's... (Below threshold)

jose, I'm SHOCKED! Where's the 'civil dialogue' your masters want to see?

"Bring your guns, your SUV's and your nasty old white people."

Sounds like racist stereotyping to me.

"You'll soon have the GOP eviscerated and yourselves will go the way of the center-right bulllshit parties in the EU, where you belong."

Didn't I hear back in Nov 2008 that "conservatism is DEAD"?

"...as your Utopian nation implodes...."

jose, I thought YOU FOLKS were running things.

Got a lot of 'hate' in you, don't you?

Yep, I do, have a certain d... (Below threshold)

Yep, I do, have a certain distaste for intolerant, greedy trash like you teapartiers, but it will soon enough convert to abject pity.

BTW, GarandFan, your readin... (Below threshold)

BTW, GarandFan, your reading comprehension is pretty much what I'd expect. The Utopian nation I described is the Texas I'd love to herd all of imbeciles to where you can stop weighing down our gene pool.

Jose, thank you for such a ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Jose, thank you for such a reasoned response.

Re: Palin and SUVs - no problem, will do.

Re: guns - if it's legal to carry, it's legal to carry.

Re: nasty old white people - you'll have to provide some reference for us to see. Unless you believe all old white people are nasty, which would make you a racist. Is that what you are Jose, a racist?

not all, just the old white... (Below threshold)

not all, just the old white people who show up at your trash rallies.

So, in the world according ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

So, in the world according to Jose any old white person that goes to a pro-small government political rally is NASTY? Are they just automatically NASTY, or do they have to wear the right footwear or something?

I'm confused. Enlighten me.

Too rich and far to amusing... (Below threshold)

Too rich and far to amusing seeing jose's rant followed up by calling others intolerant.

jose, what ever happened to... (Below threshold)

jose, what ever happened to "Dissent is patriotic!"

You sound like one of THOSE people who believe in DIVERSITY, as long as it's the SAME WAY YOU THINK.

Got your Brown Shirt yet?

Guess jose is out getting f... (Below threshold)

Guess jose is out getting fitted for his jacket, jodhpurs and boots.

Re: "Guess jose is out gett... (Below threshold)

Re: "Guess jose is out getting fitted for his jacket, jodhpurs and boots."

I was thinking more along the lines of a jacket where the arms wrap around and attach in the back.

Speaking of hate:<... (Below threshold)
REFERENDUM is the Correct A... (Below threshold)
Dwayne Vernon Larson:

REFERENDUM is the Correct Answer Sir!

Hopefully We Can Get Some Congressmen "INTO" Washington that are Willing to WORK By Participating. Obstinacy is Maniacal Loser Lunacy! Lunacy + Obstinacy Do End In the Same Way. Which One of Our Side is Going to Define the Position that We are In Become a Living Integral Part of the Battle. Pot Shots + Sniper Shots(not firearms dummy)are Fruitless When Taken on the ENEMY? How About the OPPOSITION, the OTHER SIDE?

Striving to UN-HOOK the Team From the Wagon While We're On this Journey Would Be Maybe Profitable for a Small While if We Only Got There!

A Great Opportunity is Waiting for the Cool Head + Keen Eye! Which Conservative is Willing to Stand Up + Not "BELLY-ACHE?

Time Is A-Wastin'!

Dwayne, go do a doobie and ... (Below threshold)

Dwayne, go do a doobie and settle down.

s green - "Racist big... (Below threshold)

s green - "Racist bigots on the right will sonn be up in arms (literally perhaps) as Immigration Reform comes to the forefront,"

"So sayeth... some guy on a blog," some guy who spends more time searching for racists under his bed than attaching himself to reality.

You'll notice Stevie uses t... (Below threshold)

You'll notice Stevie uses the "Immigration Reform" dodge. Why do we need "Immigration Reform"? Is it because there are MILLIONS in this country ILLEGALLY?

So since we're talking about "Immigration Reform", naturally you've got to throw down the "racist bigot" card. Why is that? If we throw out someone from France, Britain or Ireland for overstaying their visa, is that racist?

Of course we can just ignore the PROMISE of the government made during the last amnesty. But then Stevie and company are already resigned to BROKEN PROMISES. Their Obamassiah has done it so often, it's 'business as usual'.

Right Stevie?






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