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Priorities: Obama In Afghanistan

Skip ahead to the 1:03 mark for a remarkable statement to the troops in Afghanistan by President Barack Obama on Monday.

"Most of you, you didn't get a lot of notice that I was comin', but I want you to understand there's no visit I considered more important," President Obama said.

The video is clipped in many spots, including at the conclusion of the above quote. So perhaps he went on to elaborate for clarity. If so, other archives may show the Commander in Chief detailing a prioritized list of places he has yet to visit, putting Afghanistan and the troops well before them all. He hasn't been to Kazakhstan, Canada or Greece, for instance.

Or perhaps the Commander in Chief detailed a prioritized list of the other foreign places he has visited with prioritization ahead of Afghanistan and the troops there. It would read something like this:

Great Britain (02/09)
France (03/09)
Germany (03/09)
Czech Republic (03/09)
Turkey (03/09)
Iraq (03/09)
Mexico (03/09)
Trinidad and Tobago (03/09)
Saudi Arabia (06/09)
Egypt (06/09)
Germany II (06/09)
France II (06/09)
Russia (07/09)
Italy (07/09)
Vatican City (07/09)
Ghana (07/09)
Mexico II (08/09)
Denmark (10/09)
California (10/09)
Japan (11/09)
China (11/09)
South Korea (11/09)
Norway (12/09)
Denmark II (12/09)

There were Nobel Prizes to pick up, an Olympic Games to cajole, polar bears to save, sea levels to recede and a whole lot of apologies to be made. And if you only knew how incredible Trinidad is, you'd schedule that ahead of the Stan, too.

Maybe the list didn't quite make it to the note cards.

But he wants the troops to understand there's no visit he considered more important than this week's trip to Afghanistan.

Yeah. Judging by the crossed arms of the soldier in the shot, they understand. They're perceptive like that.

NOTE: It's worth reminding that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Afghanistan and met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul fully two weeks before President Obama's "there's no visit I considered more important" trip. Funny thing about dirt chewing military types: We notice things like this.


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Comments (21)

I'm sure Barry would have g... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Barry would have gotten around to them EVENTUALLY. Too bad he had to sneak in after dark, and leave 6 hours later. In the dark. Hope McChrystal wasn't expecting a visit.

It depends upon what the me... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

It depends upon what the meaning of the word "important" is...

"Important" to his polling.... (Below threshold)

"Important" to his polling.

Yeah, Stevie. THREE. Just... (Below threshold)


Barry needed his photo op!<... (Below threshold)

Barry needed his photo op!

That's the most important thing to the arrogant emperor.

But GarandFan, be fair: Bu... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

But GarandFan, be fair: Bush wasn't a frightened little weakling like Obama.

The spineless moron "negotiated" a treaty with Russia to match the withdrawal from service of their obsolete missiles and warheads with our modernized ones, and promising not to upgrade our capacity! We get NOTHING AT ALL in this deal, idiot! They haven't maintained their nukes since the USSR fell, don't have the money OR the desire to do so.

Now of course he can get tough on Israel, while allowing Iran to continue unabated on their path to nuclear weapons.

Is there anything this incompetent Affirmative-Action buffoon can't screw up?

But I don't begrudge him going to Afghanistan. It's a good thing to finally visit the troops. It's the return trip that irks me.

Little Stevie doesn't menti... (Below threshold)

Little Stevie doesn't mention Mrs Bush.


Can you tell us Stevie?

uhh, i can't watch that vid... (Below threshold)
Dave WDave W:

uhh, i can't watch that video without getting annoyed. it's so hacked up and uninteligable, not to mention this was the man who wanted to "pull our troops out of harms way" by declaring defeat... it's insincere at best...

So the NBC gal said Obama m... (Below threshold)

So the NBC gal said Obama met with Karzai and '...lecture him on corruption...' I can only assume she meant to lecture him in the context of "teach".

Not only did he creep in an... (Below threshold)

Not only did he creep in and bolt under the cover of darkness, by the size and bulk of him under that jacket, he must have also worn at least two flak jackets.

What a gutless empty galabiyah.

Yogurt -"I can ... (Below threshold)

Yogurt -

"I can only assume she meant to lecture him in the context of "teach"."

First, we tried exporting Democracy and the leftists howled bloody murder.

Now, we'll try exporting Chicago-Style politics and see what they think!

I would suspect that the ti... (Below threshold)

I would suspect that the timing of the visit was not in the President's domain, but his protectors. I suppose that it says something immutable to spin that such protectors felt the added necessity of the nocturnal visit for this President.

He came in the dark so no o... (Below threshold)

He came in the dark so no one could capture his bow to the Taliban

He's a weak empty sissy who... (Below threshold)

He's a weak empty sissy who occasionally needs to play with his "military toys" to re-establish some semblence of manhood.

Priorities: Obama In Afg... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Priorities: Obama In Afghanistan

Most of you sneer at and suggest Obama is cowardly, with personal attacks, even though he has been quite tough militarily with Afghanistan, through the increase in drone attacks and escalation of the troop levels.

It goes without saying wizbang is more comfortable with the personal courage, manhood and biography of right wing chicken hawk leaders, like five deferments Cheney who said he had "other priorities" during the Vietnam war, or George W. Bush who confessed to wanting to avoid service overseas in Vietnam, in joining up with the National Air Guard.

By the same token Dubya's father was considered "a wimp" the wimp factor, by most on the right, despite his personal world war 2 war hero record.

By the way, not that straig... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

By the way, not that straightforward facts are priorities to the right wing, in response to Schippert`s he hasn't been to Kazakhstan, Canada or Greece, for instance. Canada was very first foreign country Obama, as Commander-in-chief, visited, in a well publicized official protocol visit, early on in his Presidency.

As soon as I saw Obama in A... (Below threshold)

As soon as I saw Obama in Afghan in background video as talking heads were discussing this trip, I said to my wife "That is why he went. To have the media talk about this instead of healthcare". If he truly cared for the troops, he would prioritize his movements to support them. HOw about the hundreds of visits GW Bush and Laura made to Walter Reed without the press knowing or photographers clicking away. GW Bush actually has respect for our armed servicemen/women where Obama using them as a prop for his career. Disgusting. ww

Oh, my bad. Obama went to C... (Below threshold)

Oh, my bad. Obama went to Canada too. You're right. Add that to the list of "no visit I considered more important."

Well done, Cricky. Be proud.

Accepted Steve, and I know ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Accepted Steve, and I know it wasn't germane to the post, and time is short to review everything you read. In general (with Petraeus), Obama has been quite hawkish in Afghanistan, and is still criticized by the right for his policy and any symbolic visits.

Bush may have gone to Walter Reed many times, (well done), but I believe Obama worked hard as a senator, on improving their benefits and visited there several times too.

And I don't recall Bush ever going to St Andrews' base to welcome the returning of the bodies of our dead soldiers..and that was a very foolish policy for nearly eight years enacted by Bush and Cheney, to have their bodies flown in late at night with no public or press coverage -photos were banned- I suppose for morale reasons, even if most of the families as they do now would have welcomed public acknowledgment of their loss. In Canada, every dead soldier from Afghanistan, and there has been over a hundred, receive a long motorcade from Trenton air base when they arrive from Afghanistan.

Remember during the campaig... (Below threshold)

Remember during the campaign when obowmao cancelled a visit to Landstuhl military hospital facility because they wouldn't allow the press to cover it?

It's all about the photo op, baby.

Pictures, however, are worth 1,000 words. We know where the loyalties of these troops lie, and it ain't with obowmao.

It's with the Constitution. Something obowmao likes to wipe his ass with.

And Stevie, Bush is old new... (Below threshold)

And Stevie, Bush is old news. If you need a former leader to compare to obowmao, try Castro or Mao.






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