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A Comparison in Pictures

Steve already provided some video and pointed out the folded arms of those listening to Obama's speech in Afghanistan, but the pictures posted by Andrew Malcolm comparing a picture from Obama's Afghanistan visit...

6a00d8341c630a53ef0133ec51eff6970b-800wi (500 x 334).jpg

to one from Bush's...


...provides a strong visual.

There were plenty of others he could have used as well, like this one, or this one, or these. Can you imagine Barack Obama doing this? Sorry, but I can't. I am definitely noticing the change. I'm still looking for the hope.

Update: Blackfive shows a similar comparison in video.


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Comments (15)

The longer Bush is out of o... (Below threshold)

The longer Bush is out of office, the more I miss him. I can't wait for his book to come out.

The difference between sinc... (Below threshold)

The difference between sincerity and EGO.

A picture is worth a thousa... (Below threshold)

A picture is worth a thousand words.

My heart is breaking for th... (Below threshold)

My heart is breaking for those courageous young men and women who love America. They are subject to the whims of a president who hates her. He holds no regard for The Constitution or any American and I have no doubt that he would make decisions that risk their lives based on his arrogance and agenda rather than national security.
They deserve better, we all do.

A picture might be worth a ... (Below threshold)

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but Bush wouldn't bother with any out of respect and class. Obama, meanwhile, would talk for five thousand words and use "I" at least half the time.

Soldiers would line up to s... (Below threshold)

Soldiers would line up to see President Bush when he visited them. For Obama, everyone is hand picked.

"Miss me yet?"---<br... (Below threshold)

"Miss me yet?"
In comparison to the current guy, you betcha I do.

"The difference between sincerity and EGO."
Well put.

I disagreed with GWB on man... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I disagreed with GWB on many policy specifics, but never doubted his character or sincerity. He did keep the country together under the greatest stresses since WWII, and restored our path to prosperity.

The evaluation of his Presidency will rise with time, as did Ike's, and in no small measure by comparison with the miserable failure who followed him.

Above all a True Soldier kn... (Below threshold)

Above all a True Soldier knows a Traitor from Kenya when they see one.

All comments here are right... (Below threshold)

All comments here are right on!!!!!!!!!!

I really can not see how the 52% could not see right through this phoney, fake, fraud of a person. I guess "cool" and let's face it "color" (that's why a lot of people voted for him) trumphs all the other postive characterics you want in a man and a president.

Would I love to see Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell for president. They would be my first pick out of anyone!

And yet, sometime in the ne... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

And yet, sometime in the next week Snopes will have a new article explaining why Obama is just as loved by the troops as "W" and why these images are misleading. Just wait. You will see.

Interesting pics.B... (Below threshold)

Interesting pics.

Bush walks among them.
Obama has them cordoned off and stands above them.

GarandFan has it exactly right, "The difference between sincerity and EGO."

Barry hugs himself! If he w... (Below threshold)

Barry hugs himself! If he would have bowed, I would never criticize him again!

He came , he saw, he refuse... (Below threshold)

He came , he saw, he refused to bow!!

I'll bet he couldn't wait t... (Below threshold)

I'll bet he couldn't wait to get outta that leather "bomber" jacket...






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