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Christianity to believe in (UPDATED)

I like this from Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.  I like it very much:

In his homily to the priests and people of the Diocese of Brooklyn, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, called upon the priests and people of the Diocese of Brooklyn to stand up with him and "besiege The New York Times. Send a message loud and clear that the Pope, our Church, and bishops and our priests will no longer be the personal punching bag of The New York Times."

Bishop DiMarzio's spirited defense of the Holy Father was based on the decision of The New York Times editors to, "Omit significant facts," and ignore the reality that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which Cardinal Ratzinger headed up, did not have competency over Canonical Trials in 1996. Moreover, Bishop DiMarzio continued "...the priest in question, Father Murphy was in the midst of a Canonical Trial. He died before a verdict was rendered."

Reflecting on the timing of the stories, DiMarzio stated "Two weeks of articles about a story from many decades ago, in the midst of the Most Holy Season of the Church year is both callous and smacks of calumny!" He continued "This evening, I am asking you to join me making your displeasure known to the editors by letters or emails."

Deacon Greg promises to post the entire homily later tonight.

I'd check back if I were you.

I will.

Crossposted at Brutally Honest.

UPDATE: Deacon Greg has his promised follow-on post up:

In recent weeks, we have all been reminded of the evil that some of our brothers inflicted upon children. These men are our brothers and we all, priests and bishops, share some of the responsibility for the harm they have done, for we could not believe it was possible. For this reason, we must resolve to be vigilant in the protection of those young people in our care. We must humbly seek forgiveness of those that have been robbed of innocence and the faithful whose trust was abused.

I do want to take a moment to speak about The New York Times mischaracterization of the role of the Holy Father when he was Archbishop of Munich and then Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The fact is that the paper omitted significant facts with respect to the case of a certain priest in Wisconsin. The reality is that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith did not have competency over Canonical Trials in 1996 when the case is believed to have first been referred to Cardinal Ratzinger. Moreover, the priest in question, a Father Murphy, was in the midst of a Canonical Trial. He died before a verdict was rendered. The case of the priest in the Munich Archdiocese also is presented as a definite error of judgment when all the facts are not known.

This evening, I am asking you to join me in making your displeasure known to the editors. I might even suggest cancelling our subscriptions to the New York Times, but we need to know what the enemy is saying.

You'll want to read it all.


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Comments (4)

For those of you who think ... (Below threshold)

For those of you who think you know all there is to know and have commenced happily on a Pope Hunt during Open Christian Season (commences each Holy Week of Easter annually), read this and pay attention to the details.

Cardinal Ratzinger An Evil Monster?

No one - not one single Catholic worshiper - is dismissing sexual abuse by priests in the past. Many of us send our children to Catholic schools. In short, it freaking _matters_ to us more personally than to even you.

But if you're going on a Pope Hunt, get your facts straight first. If the facts have you correct, trust me you would have us demanding the same.

But you don't.

Not only every Catholic, bu... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Not only every Catholic, but every single Christian of every denomination, should examine his conscience during this most Holy season, and in particular ask how their actions, in the newspapers and magazines they buy and the politicians they vote for and support, reconcile with their faith.

To the atheists, agnostics, and adherents of other faiths, I would ask only that you examine all the known facts in each of the cases yourself, without relying upon a filter such as the NYT, before reaching your own honest judgment. I am confident of the result if you will do this.

Somebody should confiscate ... (Below threshold)

Somebody should confiscate Bishop DiMarzio's copy of Roget's Thesaurus before he hurts himself.

That said, if not for breaking stories like this, the New Yawk Times would have to actually report the actual news. Tedious stuff like the economy, jobsjobsjobs, health care, amnesty, fiscal diarrhea, the death spiral of the housing industry, congressional job approval ratings, a nuclear Iran, Henry Waxman, the November elections, and such.

Look! Over there! Something shiny!

I made my decision quite aw... (Below threshold)

I made my decision quite awhile ago. Children were raped and abused. Catholic leaders not only did very little about it, they scrambled to protect the guilty and punished the victims if they dared speak out. Cardinal Law lives like a prince in Rome instead of rotting in a prison where he belongs. I went to Catholic grade school and while it didn't happen to me I know it happened to others. I don't need the NYT to tell me that my church no longer belongs to the faithful.






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