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Feel Free To Call This Guy A "Tea-Bagger"

I've said several times that one of the strengths of the Tea Party Movement is the lack of a unified leadership. But that doesn't stop those who oppose it from trying to set up leaders so they can knock them down.

The latest is some asshat in Texas named Dale Robertson. Google him up, and you'll see him described as a "leader in the Tea Party movement."

Oddly enough, the main sources for Robertson's credentials are either critics of the Tea Party movement, or Robertson himself.

As far as his credentials, Robertson is the registered owner of teaparty.org and he shows up at events to make an ass of himself. That's about all I can see.

Robertson's greatest claim to fame was showing up at an event with a sign proclaiming "CONGRESS = SLAVE OWNER / TAXPAYER = NIGGAR." I see two possible interpretations for his misspelling of "nigger." The first is that he really is that stupid. The second is he thinks he's being clever; "I didn't say 'nigger,' I said 'niggar.'" It's the kind of cutesy games that a select breed of right-wing extremist play, such as refusing court service because the summons puts their names in all capitol letters or trying to copyright their names so they can't be cited in official records.

It's hard to find anyone who genuinely supports the Tea Party movement who ever said anything favorable about Dale Robertson, let alone proclaimed him their leader. In that aforementioned Google search, here are the top ten results:

1) Wonkette, mocking him.

2) Robertson's own site.

3) Mediaite, exposing him.

4) BET, as in "Black Entertainment Television," on his "NIGGAR" sign.

5) Sodahead, on his "not-quite-the-'n'-word" sign.

6) Current, again on his "niggar" sign.

7) Pajamas Media, a decidedly Tea Party-friendly organization, exposing and denouncing him and saying "we barely ever heard of this asshat before."

8) The Root, mocking him.

9) A Wikio page filled with mockery and derision.

10) A Washington Times article that calls Robertson a "founder" of the movement and repeats his claim to have over six million followers.

On that last article, it's worth noting that it was published on January 7. The day before, the Houston Tea Party published a denunciation of Robertson and spelled out in no uncertain terms his utter lack of standing.

As I noted, the only people who seem to consider Robertson some kind of leader in the Tea Party movement are its opponents and Robertson himself. Likewise, the only people who stand to gain from Robertson's gaining credibility as a Tea Party leader are the same opponents and Robertson himself.

Memo to Tea Party critics: as convenient as it would be to have a clearly identifiable leader of the movement so you can knock them down, especially an asshat like Robertson, there ain't any. And you -- especially you -- don't get to "fill the vacuum" and choose a leader for the movement.

Not even you, Charles.

If the Tea Partiers ever decide they need some kind of leadership, then it'll be up to them to decide who it will be, as well as how they are picked. Right now, they're doing just fine without it. No matter how much Dale Robertson or Dick Armey might want to style themselves as "Tea Party leaders."

And that's just KILLING their opponents.

(Author's note: the "tea-bagger" in the title is not a reference to any kind of sexual act, but a contraction of "Tea Party Carpet-Bagger." Anyone who says anything different is itching for a fight.)


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Comments (8)

Look if the left can turn "... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Look if the left can turn "Gay" into a bad word (try saying it in elementary school)then they can make tea-bagger evil too.

They own all language and all language is theirs to distort. The right is so incompetently backwards and antiquated as they get constantly jerked around by the left's force shields of political correctness.

It's just the modern day equivelent of the pen being mightier than the sword.

Tea Party Carpe... (Below threshold)
Tea Party Carpet-Bagger
Too clever by half. I like it, but you know the trolls will stand around scratching their brightly colored brain-containers and not get it.
It's evident that t... (Below threshold)

It's evident that the Tea party has struck a very responsive chord with Americans of all political leanings. They seem to be united in their opposition to the current trend in Washington.

Having been to several Tea Party rallies, I was pleasantly surprised to see the people there were the absolute epitome of everyday Americans. Having endured the shitstorm of protests during and after the Vietnam War, this was eye-opening.

It's obvious that the movement (in the left's eyes) MUST be discredited. lest it spread throughout the country. Not going to happen, it is comprised of real people, not paid demonstrators. I predict this will result in an overdue and PEACEFUL change in our political atmosphere, to the eventual benefit of all of us.

Sorry, progressives--your epic effort to fundamentally alter our politics is destined to fail, and the results will ensure that you wander the political barrens for decades.

I always think of baggers a... (Below threshold)

I always think of baggers as the proud folks who ask you "paper or plastic" at the supermarket check-out line.

Too bad we can't put the li... (Below threshold)

Too bad we can't put the likes of Robertson and Wright in a ring together. I'd pay to see that.

From Comment #2 : "bright... (Below threshold)

From Comment #2 : "brightly colored brain-containers"

LOL! I love that!

As I have stated before, I ... (Below threshold)

As I have stated before, I have attended a few Tea Party's and one of the things that is great about it is there is no "leader". Just citizens taking upon themselves to gather like minded Americans to the cause of less government and lower taxes. I purposely had taken dozens of pictures of the Party's so no media can claim something that wasn't as in the false charges of the "n" word at congress critters as they pompously walked up the capital's steps. Why did they do that anyway? To make the false allegation. The liberals and MSM cannot wrap their minds around any group of people that congregate for a purpose that wasn't ordered to do so such as the liberals unions and acorn, etc. ww

Memo to Tea Party critic... (Below threshold)

Memo to Tea Party critics: as convenient as it would be to have a clearly identifiable leader of the movement so you can knock them down, especially an asshat like Robertson, there ain't any. And you -- especially you -- don't get to "fill the vacuum" and choose a leader for the movement.

Unfortunately, that is largely how McCain got the nomination.






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