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Tonight's VRWC III Code Phrases

The super-secret telepathic relay machine is on the fritz - sorry, I used it for too many March Madness games - so I have to resort to the old-school WW2 version.

OK, pencils ready, and ...

"Oval Idiot"


"Soylent Steve"


"Coffee for Breakfast, Tea for America"


"Those who refuse to learn from History ... are running Congress"


If you know, you know. If not, nothing to see here, go watch yer PBS.

That is all.


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Comments (10)

"USA not USSA"... (Below threshold)

"USA not USSA"

Brilliant.The mess... (Below threshold)


The message will run through the Kos and DU servers in a continuous loop.
Another strike against the machine.

I suggest that a good sloga... (Below threshold)

I suggest that a good slogan for the next election cycle might be:

Those who refuse to learn from history -

Won't be running Congress anymore!

They thought it was "TO BIG... (Below threshold)

They thought it was "TO BIG TO FAIL" - Democratic Party.

Huh. I must have the wrong ... (Below threshold)

Huh. I must have the wrong code book. My message keeps coming out "BE SURE TO DRINK YOUR OVALTINE."


I'm still trying to decode ... (Below threshold)

I'm still trying to decode mine. It seems to be in base13 notation.

Stupid is, what stupid does... (Below threshold)
Gary nolan:

Stupid is, what stupid does.

Stupid know's no color.

Nice list, just that I add a couple.

Slept through the parts whe... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Slept through the parts where teacher taught Grammar, did you Gary?

Should be:

"Stupid is as Stupid does" (if you're Gumping it)


"Stupid knows no color"

Also, just because you found the 1993 code book does not mean you have the current key.


Jay, you've got the sponsor's sample key. Throw that one away and use the key labeled "RON REDUX". - DD

Dang, DJ, you're right. Lem... (Below threshold)

Dang, DJ, you're right. Lemme run it through again...


Huh? What the hell does THAT mean?


"43."I think I add... (Below threshold)


I think I added it up wrong.






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