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Rep. (D) Hank Johnson of Georgia concerned that Guam might just tip over

I had documented this guy's propensity toward denseness some time back.

Here's more fodder for the assertion:

Ginormous kudos to the military man who answers the Congressman with dignity and class.

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My condolences to anyone wh... (Below threshold)

My condolences to anyone who voted for him.

This is the person who repl... (Below threshold)

This is the person who replaced Cynthia McKinney.

Our nation is in the best of hands.

Well obviously he's wrong. ... (Below threshold)

Well obviously he's wrong. If we deploy 8000 additional Sailors and Marines to Guam, they'll have ships to go with them. The ships will provide additional sea-lift support to the island, preventing it from tipping over. Just like an outrigger canoe. The physics is not difficult.

But if it still proves to be a problem, I'm sure the government can simply mandate that people duck-walk, to lower the center of gravity of the island.

You can't fix stupid.... (Below threshold)

You can't fix stupid.

If congressional districts weren't gerrymandered to produce specific voting constituencies idiots like him and McKinney would never be electable.

The Admiral with the unders... (Below threshold)

The Admiral with the understatement of the year:

"Uhh . . . we don't anticipate that."

On the plus side for the Democrats, they've finally found someone stupider than Biden.

Single biggest reason I ... (Below threshold)

Single biggest reason I avoid Guam!

Obviously a Congressman would have the latest information at his fingertips...and if he says the island could tip over then dammit we gotta believe him!

p.s. I like Eric's ideas above to mitigate the tipping problem! We could also put loudspeakers around the island to alert people as to when they needed to move from one location to another to keep the island on an even keel!

That really is the best DeK... (Below threshold)

That really is the best DeKalb County, Georgia can do.

True story.

Damn you iwogisdead. I was... (Below threshold)

Damn you iwogisdead. I was just about to type that he was auditioning to replace Biden as VP.

Not surprising that Nancy k... (Below threshold)

Not surprising that Nancy keeps him around. Probably has someone on staff to constantly tell him how to vote.

Have the same thing in Kalifornia. An elderly lib in the legislature who's showing signs of Alzheimer's Disease. But they keep her around. She's a "reliable" vote. A week ago the local station was playing a clip of her latest outburst at a committee hearing. Started screaming at her staff because they couldn't keep her water glass full.

"This is the person who ... (Below threshold)

"This is the person who replaced Cynthia McKinney."

At least Cynthia could go 8 rounds with Mike Tyson and look only slightly uglier.

This creep wouldn't last one round with steve g.

So our fellow citizens in G... (Below threshold)
John Charles:

So our fellow citizens in GA found a homeless crack head, put a suite on him, sent him to Congress and told him Peolsi will let him know how to vote. Disgusting.

Actually, and completely ou... (Below threshold)

Actually, and completely outside of the spirit of the day, the story behind this guy is actually even more pathetic than that, John Charles.

As noted above, he's from the district that used to be "represented" by the cop-bopper, Cynthia McKinney. McKinney was defeated in the Dem primary for that seat years ago, with the help of the four or five Republicans living in DeKalb County, and replaced by Denise Majette, who stupidly ran for the U.S. Senate the following election year -- leaving an opening for McKinney to reclaim the seat just in time to start assaulting U.S. Capitol Police officers at the security checkpoint.

In 2008, again with the help of the three or four Republicans in DeKalb County (one defected by hiding in the undercarriage of a MARTA train and escaped to Cobb County), Hank Johnson defeated McKinney for nomination, and the rest is history.

If Johnson gets bad enough press McKinney may defeat him in this summer's primary and end up holding that seat in 2011-12, whereupon the two or three DeKalb Republicans still around by then will probably put up some street derelict against her.

And the derelict will still be an improvement.

The real question is ...... (Below threshold)

The real question is ... What drugs are the people that elected this fool taking?

Whatever they can get.... (Below threshold)

Whatever they can get.

Where are our liberal troll... (Below threshold)

Where are our liberal trolls? I miss their insightful comments. Maybe they are raising money to save Guam.

Guys, guys. It's April 1st.... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Guys, guys. It's April 1st. Get it? It's a joke. It's a gag between these two guys. It's not serious.

Jay Guevara...the exchange ... (Below threshold)

Jay Guevara...the exchange took place YESTERDAY. if was NOT a joke!

C'mon folks. Even the peop... (Below threshold)
jim m:

C'mon folks. Even the people of diminished mental capacity need representation.

I'm willing to believe it w... (Below threshold)

I'm willing to believe it was a joke -- I've read defenses of Johnson's comment that make that claim. But to call it an April Fool's joke when it happened on March 31 is simply not credible. Everyone knows April Fool's jokes only happen on November 4, 2008.

...or sometimes on April 1 ... (Below threshold)

...or sometimes on April 1 in other years.

And it turns out Johnson's ... (Below threshold)

And it turns out Johnson's own defense is not that it was a joke. So...

You have to give his staff ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

You have to give his staff credit for trying to explain it away. However, listen closely and it is clear that after the "capsizing" fear is expressed, he goes on to say "... and also ..." the environmental concerns, so they were a separate issue in his mind as he spoke.

Even crows can count to two, though.

ja - "You have to giv... (Below threshold)

ja - "You have to give his staff credit for trying to explain it away."

Yeah, if "credit" includes their unexpressed thoughts...."these dumbass wingers will believe any thing!"

I take it back. I presumed ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

I take it back. I presumed it was a joke since it's April Fool's day, but if it took place yesterday, then it's just an example of the intellectual acumen of our "betters."

What's even more absurd is ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

What's even more absurd is that this mental midget is not even the dumbest nor the craziest Democrat in Congress.

Gee, guys, my video window ... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Gee, guys, my video window is displaying this: 3-25-10 Hank_Johnson_Guam_Tipover.wmv

Is no one else picking up that date?

"C'mon folks. Even the peop... (Below threshold)

"C'mon folks. Even the people of diminished mental capacity need representation." - #18 jim m


Well that would explain all liberals, right?

You see, people, that'... (Below threshold)
Gaius Piconius:

You see, people, that's where you go wrong. You rush to judgement. If you render his
comments back into the original, Ebonics, Hank's logic will be revealed to you.

I wonder if this twit still... (Below threshold)

I wonder if this twit still thnks the world is flat is balanced on the backs of four elephants that stand on the back if a large turtle that walks slowly around the sun and the stars are little lamps lit by the sky epople at night and blown out in the day






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