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This from a guy who spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wright's church

I call it chutzpah:

"I do think that everybody has a responsibility -- Democrats or Republicans -- to tone down some of this rhetoric, some of these comments. ...It used to be that someone who said something crazy, they might be saying it to their next door neighbor or it might be on some late night AM station at the very end of the radio dial and now with the blogs, it ends up getting a lot more attention and you guys end up covering it a lot more. It's not as if there haven't been a lot of crazy things said out and about over the years, it's just that it gets much more magnified much more quickly."

Politico provides the video:

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Comments (24)

I think Obama has a respons... (Below threshold)

I think Obama has a responsibility to stop lying to the American people every time he gets in front of a camera.

His continuous stream of lies will only cause for the rhetoric to increase.

It would be nice if he woul... (Below threshold)

It would be nice if he would lead by example. He needs to stop attacking the Supreme Court, Republicans, talk radio, Fox News, big business, oil companies, and citizens.

Just try to silence Me Barr... (Below threshold)

Just try to silence Me Barry!! I dont think Your man enough to do it!

Obama's chickens...are c... (Below threshold)

Obama's chickens...are coming home to ROOST!

Not God BLESS Obama, God...

That's what the SEIU is for... (Below threshold)

That's what the SEIU is for, 914.

Oh, for heaven's sake, Rick... (Below threshold)

Oh, for heaven's sake, Rick. You're being ridiculous.

You're presuming that he ever paid attention while in Wright's church.

He wasn't there to worship. He wasn't there to hear. We was there to be seen.

I know you can't stand the guy, but this is just absurd.


Just more of the liberal 'd... (Below threshold)

Just more of the liberal 'do as I say, not as I do'.

Here's one for you Barry: "As you sow, so shall you reap."

I know where your vailed th... (Below threshold)

I know where your vailed threat is heading Barry, before the cock crows thrice You will attempt to coop the internet,. You and the wrong reverend jebadiah wright had better be out of the country when you try that one.

He would have at least some... (Below threshold)

He would have at least some credibility if he had asked his own supporters and colleagues to tone down their rhetoric against President Bush during his time in the US Senate. But in matter of fact, he was simply another of the bomb throwers making false accusations about Bush. As president, he is proving to be no better than any third world dictator and it is telling that he uses their same tactic of demonizing some person or some entity in every speech he gives. I think the most galling aspect is he feels he has the right to call out people by name who are exercising their First Amendment rights. That is not presidential behavior - it is the behavior of a common thug.

If he wants to change the tone, he needs to start practicing what he preaches. I am sick of him saying this stuff every single day and the media just nods their head like a bunch of bobble head dolls and don't even bother to tell him is is doing the same thing that he accuses his political opponents of doing. I think he is making a big mistake (for his side) because it is only increasing the popularity of the Rush Limbaughs and Glenn Becks of the world. That being the case, I probably should be encouraging him to do more of it but I find it deeply disturbing to see this kind of behavior from the President of the United States and the fact that others support this kind of thing is even more disheartening because this is all going to end very badly for this nation if he is allowed to continue leading the nation in this manner. I have come to the sad conclusion that I did not want to believe: and that is I now believe that Obama is destroying the country deliberately. He is not simply choosing to pursue policies that he thinks will improve the lives of our nation's citizens - this is about destroying our capitalist free market system in favor of full-blown socialism. How he can protest that he is not a socialist is downright laughable.

Obama's chickens are coming... (Below threshold)

Obama's chickens are coming home to roost ... the only currency he had with the American electorate was his words and increasingly Americans are coming to believe BH Obama to be a serial liar.
Going forward his words will continue to fall flat because his deeds and the deeds of Congress have started to make a mockery of his words.
Most American knew he was lying in '08 when he claimed to be a moderate. Some liked the lies because they wanted him elected, other didn't and voted for McCain. The rest of America that took him at his word in 'o8 is coming to realize they were lied too and will never trust ANYTHING this man says going forward.

Obama is making Jimmy Carter look positively Regeanesque with his daily whines, gaffs and insults of Americans. The moderate mask he wore in 2008 is slowly but surely peeling away and the true BH Obama is coming to the fore.

Go ahead Obama, punch back twice as hard. When your hand breaks on the hard face of American independence being expressed by the Tea Party movement don't be suprised if nobody weeps for your pain sir.

The day will come when those closest to Obama will emerge from their fog and begin to point out the lies that they have built around him and what we learn will shock most Americans.

He wasn't there to worsh... (Below threshold)

He wasn't there to worship. He wasn't there to hear. We was there to be seen.

I know you can't stand the guy, but this is just absurd.
~Jay Tea

I agree that Obama was there to be seen, but if you've seen any vid clips of the Trinity Church of Hate Whitey, Jay Tea, you'll notice that there is a lot of spotaneous participation on the part of the congregation which does require paying attention and this participation is part of being seen and heard in these types of congregations.

Too funny, He was there to ... (Below threshold)

Too funny, He was there to be seen but as soon as everybody became aware that he worshipped at the altar of hate whitey GD U.S. Of KKK, HE WAS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!

Eesh. Obama is full of more... (Below threshold)

Eesh. Obama is full of more crap than a septic tank.

Again, the aspect of Obama'... (Below threshold)

Again, the aspect of Obama's rhetoric that troubles me is the way he consistently baits people into responding. What does he expect? You cannot demonize your opposition and then expect that people will just sit their quietly and take it. I know that is what he wants but that damned First Amendment keeps getting in his way. If you strapped Obama to a polygraph and asked him if he believes in free speech for everybody the needle on the machine would probably break off if he said yes.

How anybody can look at Obama and say with a straight face that he is trying to listen and work with Republicans needs to have their head examined. He is by far the most partisan president we have ever had.

Yeah tone it down, while he... (Below threshold)

Yeah tone it down, while he pushes one socialist bill after another. If any one a any doubts about the socialist push of this administration, we have compiled a list of links from various sources. http://sosssn.blogspot.com/2010/03/blog-post_284.html

Methinks, Obama squeals lik... (Below threshold)

Methinks, Obama squeals like a little bitch a tad too much.

Obama is the most worthless... (Below threshold)

Obama is the most worthless excuse for a human being, let alone a "President", that has ever been!

We've had two Presidents impeached, but this moron is on track to be the first one tarred and feathered!

Speller, I was being sar... (Below threshold)

Speller, I was being sarcastic. I was explicitly challenging Obama's devotion to his faith. It seemed like a good chance for a cheap shot.

Man, I hate having to spell out these things...


Jay Tea, you don't do sarca... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, you don't do sarcasm very well.
I think it was the "I know you can't stand the guy but this is just absurd." line that created the fail there.

That pc meme of just leaving weapons at home when going to rallys in the "Party On, Dudes And Dudettes" thread has colored my perception of you.

The MSM is complicit in thi... (Below threshold)

The MSM is complicit in this insane hypocrisy. In the Bush years, anytime the press met with Bush they would always tought the wars and the loss of life. Now the press is worried about how hard pundits are being on him. Can it be more bizarre? Don't answer that.

The way the liberals and the MSM treated Palin and her children, the limits came off in regards to political figures. They made their bed, they now need to sleep in it. ww

Geez folks, I think the sar... (Below threshold)

Geez folks, I think the sarcasm in #6 was pretty obvious. Go read a Doonesbury cartoon or something, please!

I just want to note that if... (Below threshold)

I just want to note that if the co-bloggers who run Wizbang are going to allow manipulation of the vote score on individual posts, that the blogosphere has plenty of respectable conservative oriented blogs and I don't have to come here any more.

The sort of gaming that I have seen here recently is the reason why so many people have become disillusioned with politics.

Wizbang is the only blog I ... (Below threshold)

Wizbang is the only blog I come to that even has the vote score thing. If people are going to get their panties in a wad over something so trivial, it might as well go away.

Speller, do you think it might be possible some people click the wrong button by mistake? I know I've done it a few times.

Speller, I'm one of the fol... (Below threshold)

Speller, I'm one of the folks who runs Wizbang, and I ignore the scoring thing. Feel free to join me.







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