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Barack Obama telegraphs to the world that the US won't use nukes

Barack Obama has been in office for one year and two months. During that time, he has weakened the United States economically by running up a $1.2 trillion deficit. His ten year budget will lead to a debt of $20 trillion, or 90% of GDP, by 2o2o, putting us at a risk for financial ruin.

Now, he is working to weaken the United States militarily. Barack Obama has told the entire world that the United States won't use nuclear bombs for self defense, excepting Iran and North Korea. He won't use them even if we're hit by a biological or chemical weapons:

Discussing his approach to nuclear security the day before formally releasing his new strategy, Mr. Obama described his policy as part of a broader effort to edge the world toward making nuclear weapons obsolete, and to create incentives for countries to give up any nuclear ambitions. To set an example, the new strategy renounces the development of any new nuclear weapons, overruling the initial position of his own defense secretary.

Mr. Obama's strategy is a sharp shift from those adopted by his predecessors and seeks to revamp the nation's nuclear posture for a new age in which rogue states and terrorist organizations are greater threats than traditional powers like Russia and China.

It eliminates much of the ambiguity that has deliberately existed in American nuclear policy since the opening days of the Cold War. For the first time, the United States is explicitly committing not to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states that are in compliance with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, even if they attacked the United States with biological or chemical weapons, or launched a crippling cyberattack.

"I'm going to preserve all the tools that are necessary in order to make sure that the American people are safe and secure," Mr. Obama said during the interview in the Oval Office.

White House officials said that the new strategy will leave open the option of reconsidering the use of nuclear retaliation against a biological attack, if the development of such weapons reaches a level that makes United States vulnerable to a devastating strike.

After erecting a veritable wall of secrecy and obfuscation around his administration for more than a year, President Obama decides now is the time to be transparent and telegraphs our nuclear weapons strategy to our enemies and the rest of the world?


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Comments (40)

My daddy taught me that if ... (Below threshold)

My daddy taught me that if you cannot say something nice about a person, say nothing. So, wheh i speak of Obama, I say .

Nah, Barry isn't 'revealing... (Below threshold)

Nah, Barry isn't 'revealing' anything. He just talks a good game, uses the right words and his adorning fans will swoon at his feet.

Someone uses bioweapons and the death toll starts mounting daily by the thousands before we can get a handle on it, believe me, Barry will use nukes. Or his successor will.

I thought the point was to ... (Below threshold)

I thought the point was to keep all options on the table so that no country would ever risk any kind of attack on us. I fail to see how this does anything other than put a target on American citizens.

Nonnuclear state uses bio w... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Nonnuclear state uses bio weapons on the US and Obama rules out our like option (WMD). That option being nukes.

Thanks Barry for telling the terrorists if they hit is with NBC weapons then their countries wont suffer similar fates.

Bozo would be a better president than this clown.

I expect nothing less from ... (Below threshold)

I expect nothing less from a Marxist that wishes to tell all his 'friends' they can come in and wantonly slaughter American citizens while he idly stands around discussing which Marxist program he's going to enact next.

This will make an outstanding political ad much like "The bear in the woods", only intensified by hav1inge Obama stating his intentions to roll over and play dead on camera.

And here all this time I thought it was Biden that was the clown in this posse.

Why would a Kenyan be conce... (Below threshold)

Why would a Kenyan be concerned with American security?

"It just don't get any bet... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

"It just don't get any better than this." To borrow an old dumb beer commercial catch phrase. Either "O" is more arrogant than we believe he is or, he knows something we all don't. I think his arrogance has blinded him to the fact that he doesn't even know what he doesn't know. He is convincing more Americans everyday he is dangerous to America's health.

Obama might use nukes, but ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Obama might use nukes, but only against Toyota Motor Corp.

Obama, as POTUS, has the be... (Below threshold)

Obama, as POTUS, has the best possible security for he and his family. That is what is most important, that is all that matters.

exceller @ #3 ~ Yes, that i... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

exceller @ #3 ~ Yes, that is precisely why every single President of both parties since the Bomb was developed, up until this One, has adhered to the ambiguity.

This President, with his kowtowing to our enemies and disrespect to our friends, his sitting on his scrawny butt while Iran gets nukes, his idiotic treaty trading our new nukes for Russia's obsolete and decaying arsenal, and all the rest, seems dedicated to the destruction of America as we know it.

Not only is He the worst pr... (Below threshold)

Not only is He the worst president evah, He is hands down the stupidest ta boot!!

My apology's to the word "s... (Below threshold)

My apology's to the word "stupid" which I foolishly insulted by assigning it to the dumbfuc in chief.

Think of it this way: If s... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Think of it this way: If someone wants t come in and nuke NY or LA or some other large city, all it will do is help Barry, so he invites it to happen.

It helps him by distracting America from the disaster he has created. It helps him because he can call a state of martial law and end elections indefinitely. It helps him because that is many fewer people that Obamacare does not have to pay for.

And of course, the number one reason it helps him is because it would be Bush's Fault!

Stupid is as stupid does...... (Below threshold)

Stupid is as stupid does... We've elected Forrest Gump for President.

Keep in mind that we won't ... (Below threshold)

Keep in mind that we won't hear any critism from Democrats about this until they are asked. Let a Dem. tell me they're not weak on American self defense ... FOS

I used to think the country... (Below threshold)

I used to think the country could and would survive any administration. I'm beginning to have serious doubts about that.

No offense, but he's been t... (Below threshold)

No offense, but he's been telegraphing this for some time before his election.


No, not a supporter. I think the man is an egomaniacal idiot, but you can't really accuse him of changing his stripes on this one.

The politics of liberal gui... (Below threshold)

The politics of liberal guilt.

Wreck the economy, redistribute wealth, and now we won't even defend ourselves.

The world just became a more dangerous place.

Stupid is as stupi... (Below threshold)
Stupid is as stupid does... We've elected Forrest Gump for President.

That is an insult to Forest Gump.

I used to think... (Below threshold)
I used to think the country could and would survive any administration. I'm beginning to have serious doubts about that.
No, we'll survive. We're good at surviving. But it's going to hurt.

You know, when Obama got elected I figured he'd be a bit leftward learning but would find that his desires were tempered by the sheer inertial bureaucratic mass of the Washington political scene, that the people in charge in the House and the Senate wouldn't take the wheel and swing us sharply over a ciff.

They'd edge us towards it, and see what the national reaction was - but at the end of the day they needed a functioning economy and working country, so their worst excesses would damp out over the long run, and they wouldn't be able to get the extreme stuff done in the short.

But the Obama, Reid and Pelosi crew... they're reminding me of toddlers pushing over the pretty thing because it'll make such a funny sound when it crashes. They had the power and influence to get their friends installed in positions of control, and now there's enough pull to really change course. This bus can fly - all we've got to do is believe really hard in what Pelosi, Obama and Reid are telling us, and when we go off the cliff we're going to soar over the sharp rocks below!

The 2010 elections are going to be real interesting...

That is an insult ... (Below threshold)
That is an insult to Forest Gump.
Heh, too true. Obumble has the intelligence, but not the class that the fictional Gump had.
I wonder what's next.... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I wonder what's next.

Hey lets reduce our stockpile by giving some nukes to Chavez, and Iran, and how about Syria. I mean then they will have to sign the nuclear nonpoliferation treaty and they wont attack us with nukes because then Obama MAY consider using nukes against them in retaliation.

Maybe I should shut up before I give them too many ideas.

Come November, begins the p... (Below threshold)

Come November, begins the purge. And after OTO (One Term Obama), the purge of all the maxists in government begins in earnest. They are all showing their true colors now, so they will be remembered come 2012, and then the will learn to enjoy funemployment.

Gah! Bad decision! Bad de... (Below threshold)
James H:

Gah! Bad decision! Bad decision! Strategic ambiguity is just that .... strategic. Did Obama not study its usefulness?

Trading a big stick for a t... (Below threshold)

Trading a big stick for a twig... what could go wrong?

"Did Obama not study its... (Below threshold)

"Did Obama not study its usefulness?"

Why should he? That's what his advisors are for. And since they're all trained and indoctrinated in the same thinking Obama exhibits...

I'll bet he's a lousy poker player, too!

"Obumble has the intelli... (Below threshold)

"Obumble has the intelligence, but not the class that the fictional Gump had."

Gump wouldn't intentionally knock holes in the bottom of the shrimp boat so the shrimp would swim directly into the hold.

Obama would - and has.

The new president in 2013 i... (Below threshold)

The new president in 2013 is going to spend all his time undoing all this assclown as done.

Michelle Obama tells the LG... (Below threshold)

Michelle Obama tells the LGBT that Barack's home country is Kenya:

This action is nothing less... (Below threshold)

This action is nothing less than announcing to the world that it is open season on Americans. The United States now has a government that effectively has said it will not defend our nation.

This is the most dangerous and irresponsible act of any president in my lifetime. In all probability, Obama has guaranteed the violent deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans in WMD attacks. When that horrific day arrives, their blood will be on Obama's hands as much as on those of the enemies he has encouraged.

Just tell Obama that Ahmadi... (Below threshold)

Just tell Obama that Ahmadinejad is actually Rush Limbaugh in disguise.

I think that in this case, ... (Below threshold)
James H:

I think that in this case, Barack Obama would do well to study Ronald Reagan's posture. Reagan rattled sabers and throwing around bellicose rhetoric about the "evil empire." But Reagan was also willing to sit down with the Soviets and negotiate arms reduction treaties. That two-sided approach was incredibly valuable. I would argue that neither President Obama nor his predecessor comprehends it.

Reagan understood that spea... (Below threshold)

Reagan understood that speaking softly and carrying a big stick only works if the guy you're speaking softly to, sees the stick.

Obama's response is, "Bow incessantly and carry a sturdy teleprompter."

I'm not gonna go into the b... (Below threshold)
James H:

I'm not gonna go into the bowing thing, which is a side issue. But Obama's lack of sophistication in foreign policy is beginning to worry me. His foreign-policy moves so far have been idealistic, but more than a little naive. I would be more impressed if he smiled nicely at foreign leaders at the same time as the swiped the silverware from underneath their noses.

More than once in this administration and the pervious, I've wished we could get somebody like Richard Nixon in charge of foreign policy again. Utterly ruthless. Extremely smart. But deeply practical.

Might I suggest a thread ab... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Might I suggest a thread about the rumor that Obama is going to use President Karzai's threat to work with The Taliban as an excuse to pull the troops out of Afghanistan.

Lots of fake outrage to be had there.

The nuclear option is to be... (Below threshold)

The nuclear option is to be used by the chain smoking limp wristed throwing POTUS only against Americans and not enemies who provoke with deadly weapons.

See, a punk bullies innocent law abiding people, like Americans, but wets his rebel undies when really chastened by violent miscreants.

I think I have to call this... (Below threshold)
John S:

I think I have to call this one a nothingburger. There's really no scenario where nuclear weapons could be used by the United States. So I guess an ambiguous policy was better, but everyone still knows it's a empty bluff. This president has been extremely lucky that foreign affairs have been mostly troublefree so far. Probably because Bill Clinton is in charge there. But Obama's luck will change sooner or later.

Teddy Roosevelt: "Speak sof... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Teddy Roosevelt: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

Barack Obama: "Speak incessantly and carry a limp dick."

There's really ... (Below threshold)
There's really no scenario where nuclear weapons could be used by the United States.

Looks like I'll have to run for President, if that's what everyone thinks.

There's really no ... (Below threshold)
Hiroshima Chamber of Commerce:
There's really no scenario where nuclear weapons could be used by the United States.

This is great news!






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