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If political blogging were like the NCAA tournament...

Wizbang might be a low seed, but dammit we'd make the dance. And you'd be forced to watch a commercial every two minutes.

Who - other than the supremely handsome and inestimable Kevin - could have envisioned that tossing me and a gaggle of other refugees from the State Home for the Bewildered the keys to Wizbang would result in a must read for people who crave must read political commentary.

Well played. Now let's go run DailyKos out of the barn.


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Why bother, the officials a... (Below threshold)

Why bother, the officials are paid off to make the last round "interesting" but ya know the Devils will win every time.

Pretty darn good company in... (Below threshold)

Pretty darn good company in that set of blogs, Baron.

Yet poor Glenn Greenwald ... not quite breaking into the top forty. Oh well, maybe one of his sock puppets can do it for him.






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