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Rasmussen: 55% Say Media Bias Bigger Problem in Politics Than Big Contributions

Rassmussen released an interesting report today that highlighted some trends in todays evolving media. The Rassmussen report indicated that many voters believe that big media may exert a more dangerous influence on politics than big money. Notwithstanding that Democrats overwhelmingly dominated big money and big media in the 2008 election, the Rasmussen poll did validate concerns about the total sellout by big media in favor of Democrats.

Voters agree that big money talks in politics but apparently not as loudly as big media.

Fifty-five percent (55%) of U.S. voters continue to think that media bias is a bigger problem in politics today than big campaign contributions, identical to the finding in August 2008.

Voters ages 30 to 49 are the most wary of the media's influence on politics today.

Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Republicans and 62% of unaffiliated voters say media bias is the bigger problem in politics, a view shared by just 37% of Democrats. The plurality (46%) of Democrats says campaign contributions are a bigger problem.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of Mainstream voters and 54% of the Political Class agree that the bigger problem facing politics is media bias.

Just before the November 2008 presidential election, 68% of voters said most reporters try to help the candidate they want to win, and 51% believed they were trying to help Democrat Barack Obama. Just seven percent (7%) thought they were trying to help his Republican opponent, John McCain.

Fifty-one percent (51%) of voters say the average reporter is more liberal than they are. Eighteen percent (18%) say that reporter is more conservative, and 20% think their views are about the same ideologically as the average reporter's.

This Rasmussen study also provides context to the decision by Rupert Murdoch to directly challenge the New York Times in the category of serious news supremacy in the New York market.

CHICAGO News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch confirmed the worst-kept secret in the newspaper industry Tuesday afternoon: The Wall Street Journal is launching a New York Edition next month.

The section takes dead aim at The New York Times, but Murdoch, speaking at the Real Estate Board of New York, said the paper will be giving his New York Post "some competition on their home turf."

But he did not-so-subtly refer to the Times' coverage of New York City.

"We believe that in its pursuit of journalism prizes and a national reputation, a certain other New York daily has essentially stopped covering the city the way it once did," Murdoch said. "In so doing, they have mistakenly overlooked the most fascinating city in the world -- and left the interests and concerns of people like you far behind them. I promise you this: The Wall Street Journal will not make that mistake

This all raises the question of whether the large incumbent media organizations that brought news to generations of Americans is willingly conceding their franchise in the name of ideological purity? Can they not see that Murdoch is devouring large pieces of market share with his strategy? The Wall Street Journal, which is unquestionably the marquee publication of the Murdoch empire, has retained readers and circulation for the very reason that it has historically delivered liberal and conservative news and opinion for years. So, why has that paper continued to flourish while the New York Times has been in a death spiral for years? The answer is that the Times long ago forgot the notion of intellectual integrity and fairness that are the essential elements of demonstrating respect for readers and subscribers. Most media junkies know that the Murdoch organization has far more accurate market information than Rasmussen can produce, but both organizations' data point to a common trend. The dinosaur media is collapsing faster than anyone predicted.


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You can manipulate a poll t... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

You can manipulate a poll to get what ever result you want, and 58% of people surveyed know it.

Look out MSM, they're catch... (Below threshold)

Look out MSM, they're catching on.

Of course polls can be mani... (Below threshold)

Of course polls can be manipulated. News organizations use this technique all the time to create news stories.

Was this poll manipulated, baron? I used Rasmussen only because he has been under attack by Democrats for his polling on ObamaCare. They complained, but served up no facts to rebut his findings. But maybe there is a flaw in the survey. If so, have at it.

It is heartening to see peo... (Below threshold)

It is heartening to see people catching on to the Democrat News Media.

Now just imagine what the r... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Now just imagine what the results would be with objective, geographically-relevant polling that didn't oversample Democrats in the first instance.

"The dinosaur media is c... (Below threshold)

"The dinosaur media is collapsing faster than anyone predicted."

They are trying to keep pace with Barry's approval numbers.

I can't wait to hear about ... (Below threshold)

I can't wait to hear about this on the news in the morning. Oh...wait....

If you ask me they cant fal... (Below threshold)

If you ask me they cant fall fast enough,them and a few broadcast networks.

When the Old Grey Lady fina... (Below threshold)

When the Old Grey Lady finally dies, it will be a fair statement to say "the bitch had it coming". The history of journalism will record its death as a suicide.

I think it's fair to say that the central failure of Obama and his administration has been that it represents only the pseudo-intellectual snobbery of the left, while turning a deaf ear to the rest of the country as a whole. The same thing can be said of the Times.

A paper has a public responsibility to present news fairly, without favor, or it's no better than Pravda or Tass. In some respects, Pravda in recent years has arguably become a more honest paper than the Times.

This once great paper has broken that promise, and has done so without shame for at least a generation.

It deserves what it gets.

Campaign contributions are ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Campaign contributions are not a problem as long as there is disclosure. If we know who the big contributors are then we can judge for ourselves about a given candidate.

In the case of the media, too often they deny or attempt to conceal their agenda and deliver grossly biased reporting under the guise of objectivity.

If the head of NBC news can calmly state that the media would give the dems a 10 point advantage at the ballot box while claiming that they are still an objective news source you have to eventualy come to the conclucion that they are lying about their bias.

The media sure is bias. Th... (Below threshold)

The media sure is bias. They "elected" Obama..by spinning the good stuff and not reporting all the bad stuff. If they had treated McCain as the treated Obama, McCain would be president. It must be a big ego trip for them to think that they have the power to do this...but I don't think not so much now..people are wising up...they don't trust them anymore.

What I'm encouraged by is t... (Below threshold)

What I'm encouraged by is the fact that a majority of those polled didn't just claim there's media bias, but that it's a serious problem.

Looks like Obama is not just dragging down his own party but might well take the so-called MSM with him.

Of course the MSM media is ... (Below threshold)

Of course the MSM media is biased and it is encouraging to see that more and more people are seeing it. But this isn't enough! We need to hasten the death of these propaganda machines by getting more of our friends and family to TURN THEM OFF and DON'T BUY THEIR PAPERS OR MAGAZINES. Top on the list: CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, Newsweek and Time Magazine.

We need to put our money and time where our mouth is! These ba*stards are as much to blame for the mess the country is in as the brain-dead people who believe the "news" they get from them.

I'll consider it a good sign for the country when at least two of them go under.

1) The media gets to play b... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

1) The media gets to play both sides against the middle.
2) No-one publicly ever calls out the media for lying.
3) Media gets special protection from the courts, so they lie with impunity.
4) Yet, People keep lapping up their lies like it's good for them.

It's time overdue to take the kid gloves off, our press is not simply incompetent or even malfeasant, they are seditious, intentionally betraying their country for ideological gain, they should be held accountable for these crimes.

If they going to be an ideologue, then they must declare it; not lie and feign that they're an honest broker, telling the truth as they see it!

We can recognize a Commie Rat when we smell one.

At the very least, don't buy their yellow journalism and don't let your friends off the hook either, if you catch them consuming this swill, read them the riot act.

Ideally, I'd like to see Class action lawsuits for intentionally misleading the public, failure to accurately and unbiasedly report the facts, while purporting to be honest and unbiased.

The Lady is Grey, because she's Dead.

In my own defense against (... (Below threshold)

In my own defense against (left or right) media bias, I built polurls.com -- a political blog aggregator -- to help me see a quick snapshot of left-leaning, right-leaning and centrist blogs all on one page.

Because of the format, no one blogger can hijack my feed stream. The red page only shows the top conservative/libertarian blogs, the blue page shows progressive blogs and the purple page shows a mix.

It's a fast and interesting way to browser the latest political news. The purple page does a particularly good job of showing a wide-spectrum of current political opinions. Think popurls, but for politics.






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