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Represent Tha 603

Yo, we say LFOD!
That's from my homey General John Stark.
You know that's gonna leave a mark.
You know we don't like to boast
But we got a tiny little seacoast
And the biggest peak in the northeast
Six thousand feet, way above the trees
Plus we got a great big lake
Don't go too fast or you'll make a wake
Here's where Teddy R got his peace prize
And Daniel Webster was mighty wise
He took the devil into court
And showed him how you win a tort
In New Hampshire...

(Annotated for the less fortunate)

Hat tip: damned near everyone in the state, with a special shout out to Bruce)


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Comments (8)

Thaaaat's nice. (pats Jay o... (Below threshold)

Thaaaat's nice. (pats Jay on the head)

I'm gonna Cry Like Bitch if... (Below threshold)

I'm gonna Cry Like Bitch if Paul ever does one of these for Oregon.

Me too, epador. 'Cuz you kn... (Below threshold)

Me too, epador. 'Cuz you know he'll mention himself in at least every third line.


Awwww...that's so cute! Ni... (Below threshold)

Awwww...that's so cute! Nice to know that there is a fantasy place back east for everyone!

"Awwww...that's so cute!... (Below threshold)

"Awwww...that's so cute! Nice to know that there is a fantasy place back east for everyone!"

Sounds like you need to go visit (if the people of NH would even let you in..)

Spent many a summer in the New London/Lake Sunapee area, so I can understand where Jay is coming from. I hope to someday take the wife and kids up there to visit.

Why no mention of the treas... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Why no mention of the treasures you guys share with the rest of us, like Jeanne Shaheen, Carol Shea-Porter, and Paul Hodes?

Kinda puts a whole different perspective on that "live free or die" crap, doesn't it? You're starting to smell a lot like Boston . . .

I think only those of us wh... (Below threshold)

I think only those of us who have lived in Moo Hampshire (or those who visited the liquor stores on the border) can appreciate that video.

I like the line about putti... (Below threshold)
just me:

I like the line about putting our liquor stores on the highway-when my family first moved up here that was always something we wondered about LOL.






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