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Would the Dems use the mentally challenged...

... to push their "violent opposition to Healthcare" meme?

I'll link, you decide:

A man accused of threatening House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in phone calls cried Thursday during a court appearance where a magistrate initially refused his request to be released to a halfway house.

Gregory Lee Giusti, 48, of San Francisco looked disheveled in a gray T-shirt and khakis as he appeared for the first time before Magistrate Judge Bernard Zimmerman.

"Some of these threats are very serious," Zimmerman said before denying Giusti's request to be released to the halfway house. He said Giusti may suffer from bipolar disorder and should be receiving treatment.

The magistrate, however, told the U.S. attorney's office to interview Giusti further to determine if he was mentally competent enough to be released to a halfway house or if he should continue to be detained.

A detention hearing was scheduled for Monday.

Giusti is charged with making obscene, threatening or harassing phone calls to a member of Congress.

No plea was entered Thursday, and Giusti did not speak, except to say and spell his name when asked. He is being held without bail.

Giusti is accused of making the calls to Pelosi because of anger over health care reform. He was arrested Wednesday at a single-room occupancy public housing complex in San Francisco where he lived for the past nine years.

Giusti sat in a jury box Thursday speaking with a federal public defender before the hearing. The magistrate appointed counsel for Giusti after determining he could not afford to hire a lawyer.

If convicted, Giusti could receive a two-year prison sentence, $250,000 fine and one year of supervised release.

Clearly, the Tea Party had something to do with this.  I mean, they're not just racists and bigots, they're agitators of the mentally handicapped.



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Comments (11)

being that lefties believe ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

being that lefties believe that conservatism is a mental illness...

I doubt that they would seriously consider there to be any difference between someone who disagrees with them and gives them a principled argument and someone who is completely insane. Hence their dismissal of any argumentation and their refusal to deal honestly with any opposition.

No doubt this is only one o... (Below threshold)

No doubt this is only one of the thousands of Pelosi fans in her district.

Funny how if this guy threatened to kill GW Bush, spit on the military, etc., the MSM and the left would push hard for this guys release to a half way house. ww

Would the Dems use the ment... (Below threshold)

Would the Dems use the mentally challenged? That is well over half of their voting base, you know.

Would the Dems use the ment... (Below threshold)

Would the Dems use the mentally challenged...

Two words:

Carter, and


Perhaps this poor guy thoug... (Below threshold)

Perhaps this poor guy thought he'd "GET HEALTH CARE NOW"....only to find that he'd have to wait until 2014. Just shows how much OBAMA CARES!

What was that woman's name?... (Below threshold)

What was that woman's name? Oh yeah, Cindy Sheehan. The Dem's used her until she was all used up.

That answer your question?

Would the Dems use the ment... (Below threshold)

Would the Dems use the mentally challenged...

Two words:

Yes they..

Too easy guys, I'll just pa... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Too easy guys, I'll just pass.

How would a Dem tell the me... (Below threshold)

How would a Dem tell the mentally challenged apart from every other Dem?

Would the Dems use the ment... (Below threshold)

Would the Dems use the mentally challenged...?

Hell, they elect the mentally challenged.
Guam may tip over, Patches Kennedy, Carol Shea Porter....let alone
Henry no-I-dont-know-what's-in-my-bill Waxman.

"Would the Dems use the ... (Below threshold)

"Would the Dems use the mentally challenged..."

They do every election cycle!!!






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