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Are you worried and anxious?

If so, Garry Hamilton has some words for you:

What to do?

Well, before we examine that, can we agree that a steady diet of anxiety will ruin your life? I mean, is it worth identifying a remedy? Well, yes. Without a remedy, things will get worse.

Frankly, something's gotta change. Really change. And the kind of change we need is improvement, not the crap-n-pap we're being fed.

So, is there a place for hope? The expectation that things really can get better, that we can get some relief, instead of the wishin' for fairies and unicorns? Yes there is.

Here are some secrets you should keep close to you: anger is closer to survival than apathy; it is healthier to be antagonistic (confrontational) than to be afraid; and the path up from the darker emotions of apathy, grief, terror, despair, fear, and anger passes through pain -- yes, it's also an emotion -- before you can climb through the thickets of hostility and antagonism to find the emotions where success and survival really live: interest, cheerfulness, enthusiasm.

So, when the people who simply want you to be quiet (you know, graveyards are quiet), sit down, shut up, and go back to your TV, tell you that "anger is bad" and you mustn't be "hostile" or "confrontational" because, hey, that means you're a nut job and a hater, feel free to ignore them.

Realize that the people who would keep you in chains want you to be anxious, afraid, sad, exhausted, and hopeless, so they can take care of you. When you know that your emotions are the weapon being used against you, then you can regain control, shake it off, endure the emotional stings and jolts as you rise from the depths to take back your life.

Who is your terrorist? Who is your Borg? Who keeps telling you resistance is futile? Who wants you to shut up and be quiet? Okay, so do you still want to be afraid of that Borg? Or would you prefer a more energetic response? Notice any anger bubbling up?

It's okay to get mad. In fact, it's necessary.

Fight on through. You'll run into -- literally -- random chaff and confusion. That's okay. Pick a target, an objective, lock on, and go after it. And, as you do, you'll find your morale is higher than it's been in ages. Grab your friends, help them shake it off, and point them at an objective.

There's only one way out, and that's through the obstacles being placed in your path. Kick 'em over. Push them aside. Claim your goal. When you're not afraid, the terrorists -- whoever they are -- lose.

You need to go read the whole thing.

Consider it therapuetic.

Crossposted at Brutally Honest.


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Comments (2)

Well, this will at least he... (Below threshold)

Well, this will at least help me get through Friday!

It helps to have a positive... (Below threshold)

It helps to have a positive vision and a healthy, reasonable goal.

Like kicking in the doors of Congress come next November 2nd.






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