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Four Miners Found Dead In West Virginia

From The New York Times:

A late-night search for four missing miners who had been unaccounted for since an explosion at the Upper Big Branch coal mine in West Virginia on Monday ended in heartbreak early Saturday morning when the authorities announced that they had been found dead.


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sad...... (Below threshold)


Aw, damn...... (Below threshold)

Aw, damn...

Sad, I heard liberal radio ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Sad, I heard liberal radio blaming Bush. I kid you not. The truth is mining deaths declined during the Bush administration.

God bless the families of these hard working men.

Sadly, whenever I see stori... (Below threshold)

Sadly, whenever I see stories like this I am somehow always reminded of this song I heard as a kid:

Will the new ager wackos cl... (Below threshold)

Will the new ager wackos claim this GAIAS REVENGE poppycock they same bunch of hogwash that crack-pot JAMES LOVELOCK argues all the time becuase he is a metaly challenged wacko






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