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Will our children be prepared to defend American Free Enterprise?

That's a loaded question.

It's posed by Dan Dement:

As a father of two young children, the current political, economic and educational environments have me greatly concerned. What say you?

As much as we run a risk of being called paranoid or hatemongers (or worse!) by those who seek to "fundamentally change America," we simply cannot suppress these concerns any longer: Socialism is as Socialism does.

Today, the responsibility to battle such anti-free enterprise ideologies belongs to dedicated Americans like you and I. But what about tomorrow? Will our children be prepared to defend American Free Enterprise?

Think about it. Do our schools sufficiently teach our kids about the facts that free enterprise has created more jobs, more opportunity and more innovation than any other system known to mankind? Will our daughters and sons grow up with an accurate understanding of what free enterprise means to not only America, but to human existence? Will they be taught how to be courageous and effective leaders in the face of mounting moral and ethical challenges?

Dan's not just asking questions, he's doing something about answering them. If you're a parent with young children (or know someone who is) and you're someone passionate about the future of this great country, Dan may just be someone you want to know a little more about.

I find his endeavor to be intriguing... and hope-filled.

Here's looking to his success.

And the country's.


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Comments (12)

our children are being cond... (Below threshold)

our children are being conditioned to feel that they shouldn't even WANT to succeed...but that if they do then they are only entitled to what they need to survive.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

Marx is more fashionable under the Obama Regime than it has ever been.

Mediocrity is the norm in s... (Below threshold)

Mediocrity is the norm in schools now. Don't want to upset Johnny's self-esteem. He can't add, subtract, multiply or divide. Knows little of US history and is told most of that is lies. But hey! Johnny feels really good about himself!

TRUE and personal story:</p... (Below threshold)

TRUE and personal story:

Years ago, when my daughter was in the 6th grade, I one day happened to glance at a Math paper where almost every problem was marked "Wrong"...but the "Grade" was a HAPPY-FACE with the message "Nice effort"!

I asked my daughter what this was about and she explained that her teacher didn't issue grades very much, but instead wrote things like that. I immediately called the school and set up a conference for later that week.

My daughter went with me and when I confronted the teacher with the fact that my daughter USED TO BE good at math, but now was not able to 1/2 the questions right he turned to my daughter and said THIS:
"Brenda, how do YOU feel about your math skills?"

I EXPLODED! "What the HELL does it matter how she feels about her skills...you're supposed to TEACH her math, not coach her into feeling good about being ignorant!"

Welcome to Kalifornia!

You are beaten before you e... (Below threshold)

You are beaten before you even start, if you depend on the schools to teach this.

If ever there was a case for home schooling, this is it. Even if you don't choose the home schooling route for everything, you can at least try to teach them something.

Keep in mind that many (maybe even most) kids are already pretty cynical about what is fed to them in school. Weren't you when you were in school?

Meanwhile home schooling is... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Meanwhile home schooling is starting to enter the mainstream as everyone wakes up to the fact that public schools are designed to make our kids dependent upon government hand outs rather than making them able to succeed on their own.

Fine by me.

Will their be any free ente... (Below threshold)

Will their be any free enterprise left by the time My children enter adulthood? My oldest graduates next year and he is oh so aware of what Barry is attempting to do. My guess is, HELL YES!!

It is every parents OBLIGAT... (Below threshold)

It is every parents OBLIGATION to instill these values in your children. I live in liberal CT, and correct every liberal-spin they learn from their union public educational system. Take time to show them why this country is great. Take them to DC, and show them the homeless people that statism has created. This is no time for PC. My kids have no problem correcting their peers.

Of course, parents have to ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Of course, parents have to assume the first responsibility for instilling values and education in their children. Unfortunately, we are at this point now, and parents haven't been able to stop it.

We need to get the government OUT of the school business. They cannot educate, they can only indoctrinate. When history texts devote more pages to Harriet Tubman than to Thomas Jefferson, the only thing to do is burn the whole thing down and start over.

Oh, and a trivia question: child molesters appear in one of these professions at exactly the rate of the general population, while the other hosts them at a rate 7-10 times higher. Guess which is which? Your choices: Catholic priest, or public schoolteacher.

Sorry for the thread "hijac... (Below threshold)

Sorry for the thread "hijack," but somewhat related. Many of the next generation "get it." My eldest son took the SAT test when it only had two parts and scored a 1440/1600 - which compared to me, was pretty good. I was talking to my eldest son about my youngest son's SAT scores and how to improve them. He said, "Dad, I always did well on those tests because they are biased." I queried, "What do you mean?" He answered, "If they ask a question involving an African-American, the answer is always that he did something great. If a woman is part of the question, she did something to change the world and if a white guy is in the question, he did something wrong."

I don't know if all of this is true, but it worked for him.

Since I'm an old guy and do... (Below threshold)

Since I'm an old guy and don't have any grandchildren I really don't care. People get exactly the Government and resulting economy they deserve. Just don't come back complaining. You were warned.

I recently e-mailed a teach... (Below threshold)

I recently e-mailed a teacher about my daughter, The reply began "I make it a rule to not share this kind of information with parents, but..."

And we were talking about math grades and homework here, folks, not sex or disease.

Private school is expensive... (Below threshold)

Private school is expensive but necessary where we live. We paid the price when they were young and our children are successful in medicine and engineering.
Not everyone can afford private education so something must be done to change the system.
Hopefully, after the next two elections, conservatives will have killed Obama's Death Care, saved the economy, and can move on to implement a truly educational education system.






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