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It's a lazy, monkey kickboxing Sunday. I know, once it's on Drudge it's not really news anymore. And, yes, I know orangutans are actually apes. But I'm having trouble getting past the sheer, unadulterated, weapons-grade awesome to see barbarity and cruelty. Man, if I knew for sure they had the bears driving the little cars and a monkey cowboy riding a greyhound I'd be on my way now.

On a completely unrelated topic, I'm still trying to get my head around the whole Tiger Woods imbroglio. As I understand it, a young, male professional athlete with a billion dollars cheated on his wife. And this somehow comes as some sort of shock?

It's just so inspiring to see that he can come back from all that extra-marital intercourse and play golf again.

NSFW monkey kickboxing photo behind the break...



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I thought you weren't going... (Below threshold)

I thought you weren't going to post any more Nancy or Michelle pictures.

I thought Michelles arms we... (Below threshold)

I thought Michelles arms were bigger then Barrys?






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