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Teabaggers strike again

tea party.jpg

Would you just look at them. Your typical teabagging mob. Just like Selma. Nothing but angry white faces. The "Seig Heil!" salute is a nice touch as well. Did someone tell them that passing car contains the ashes of George Wallace, Bull Connor, Lester Maddox, and Robert Byrd? Are they so angry that America has a black President they'll gladly adopt Nazi imagery?

Why can't these people just accept the historic work being done by our post-partisan, post-racial President?

What, there's a South Africa now? And they're hosting the World Cup? Does this mean we'll be treated to another teachable moment with Professor President Obama? This isn't going to end up being some kind of spectacle that makes calling Tea Party protesters a racist lynch mob seem silly, is it?

You know, one of those "After beating deaths of elderly Jewish couple at the hands of youths, Muslims fear backlash" things.


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Perhaps we could export som... (Below threshold)

Perhaps we could export some of our Code Pink girls to go over there and make some citizen's arrests...

And maybe a contingent from the Westboro Baptist Church to stage a protest...

Seriously, I couldn't make ... (Below threshold)

Seriously, I couldn't make heads nor tails of this post till I followed the link. I knew they crowd wasn't the Tea Party movement. However, I never would have thought that the picture was from the funeral of South African white supremacist Eugene Terreblanche. Whoever that is.

Maybe I missed it but, who,... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Maybe I missed it but, who, what, where, when and why?

I don't know about anyone e... (Below threshold)

I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to be sarcasm challenged at this time of a Sunday morning, and I don't appreciate having to click through to have to find out what the HELL the post is about. And in what galaxy does this have anything to do with the Teaparty?

In other words, "Huh?"

When something like this be... (Below threshold)

When something like this becomes the impetus to take a swipe at the President, you've really stayed too long at the fair.

I thought that perhaps I wa... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I thought that perhaps I was just a bit slow off the mark due to the pain drugs after my knee surgery. I'm somewhat relieved to find hat I wasn't the only one that thought this was an odd post.

There are so many better things to write about today than some snark about a white supremacist in S. Africa. Why not discuss Sarkozy calling Obama a "mad lunatic"?


It's much more fun to discuss whether a foreign leader might be correct in his assessment that our president is clinically insane.

More than one Somebody has ... (Below threshold)

More than one Somebody has a bad case of the Sundays.

Ok, so I am ODD, but I got this right away and didn't follow any links.

But then my 8th grade history teacher made us listen to the news every AM on a specific NYC station and then come in prepared to ANALYZE the news and the way it was presented. Kudos to Mr Foley!

Then again, I am just playing Clunker to the Baron, I guess. [ducking quickly should a monkey wrench come my way]

Beware, I got a Malware war... (Below threshold)

Beware, I got a Malware warning at your linked site, jim m

Wow, bD, didn't realize you... (Below threshold)

Wow, bD, didn't realize you were a Southron. How's things going down there in your occupied country?

I got the link from Gateway... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I got the link from Gateway pundit and didn't have any problems from there. Interesting.

The only way Barry would ge... (Below threshold)

The only way Barry would get a reaction like this is if He resigned!

Supreme Court - Multination... (Below threshold)

Supreme Court - Multinational Corporations do "Victory" Dance.
The Robert's U.S. Supreme Court decision changing the interpretation of the Bill of Rights from meaning "We the people" to mean "We the multinational corporations" on January 19, 2010 will live as a day of infamy in the history of our (what was our) Constitution. In one day, the Supreme Court has set themselves up as the "Fathers of a New U.S Constitution" and moved Americans from a "Representative Democracy" of individuals to a "Corporate Plutocracy" representing the rich and powerful.
Congress is in the bag, of course, and will not move to overrule Robert's Supreme Court. The time for Justice and action passed by when impeaching Bush for War Crimes and nullifying his appointed (planted) neoconservative Supreme Court Justice appointees was possible. What George W. Bush and the Trilateral Commission blew-away of our American Democracy and Independents "Free (sic) Trade" in 10 years; it will take at least 200 years of struggle (probably 500 years) and millions of American lives to regain.
Today, the seemingly driver-less steam roller of Bush right-wing "your either with us or you are the enemy" unethical opportunist (no one can be identified as the driver) are on an itinerary. Follow the money, mass media propaganda, slander attacks, bullying threats, CASH-root organizations (most Tea Baggers) and their Totalitarian agenda become apparent. 2010 is going to be one ugly year. The Dupes August assault on the Capital and our Constitution will be spectacular; followed by "drill baby drill" and mass "exportation" of Natural Resources to pay National debt.
The 2012 doomsday propaganda is right-wing Totalitarian Trilateral Commission (New World Order) propaganda, designed on fear and destiny resignation to render you hopeless with no willpower to resist as multinational corporation bankers take away your (our) American Freedom, Independence and Democracy.

Future Headline - Al Queda ... (Below threshold)
Brett Buck:

Future Headline - Al Queda attacks World Cup Final - Lowest death toll of any game to date

Lyndon LaRouche Lives!... (Below threshold)

Lyndon LaRouche Lives!

At least we know now where ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

At least we know now where you get the crazy stuff, Jim.

Do you consider your linked site a credible news source, jimbo?

i wouldn't call a redirecti... (Below threshold)

i wouldn't call a redirection "malware". do you even know what malware is?






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