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That's So Maverick

I've never been a big fan of John McCain the politician. I think he's way too eager to seek the approval of his critics, far too often to the point of going out of his way to cater to his ideological opponents and alienating his supporters.

But I've always enjoyed the hell out of his sense of humor. The guy is genuinely funny, and his humor is often self-deprecating -- being able to laugh at oneself is an amazingly rare trait in politicians. The most popular politicians had no trouble laughing at their own expense. John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Geoirge W. Bush all had that quality in spades, and McCain is a champ.

It's that John McCain that put out this ad:

I haven't followed his race too much, and wouldn't miss McCain's legislative presence too much, and don't know too much about Mr. Hayworth, but damn that's one great ad.


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The John Birch society is e... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

The John Birch society is endorsing Hayworth too!

Still no reason to vote for... (Below threshold)

Still no reason to vote for McCain though.

Why does it not surprise me... (Below threshold)

Why does it not surprise me that Adrian is so in tune with the Birchers?

If you ever wanna know what the far right nuts are up to, just listen to the far left. They're the only ones who actually pay attention to the nutjobs like the Birchers.

On the other hand, if you ever wanna know what the far left nuts are up to, just check out the latest DNC press releases, the leftie blogs, or the mainstream media, because the far left nuts are running the asylum over there.


Whoever produced that ad ou... (Below threshold)

Whoever produced that ad ought to be making about ten or twenty (it would take that many to completely cover all appropriate topics) similar ones for the anti-Obama campaign and the MSM.

Adrian, the percentage of p... (Below threshold)

Adrian, the percentage of proggnut troll comments in this one thread is greater than the percentage of Birchers in the conservative voting bloc -- and will be long after this thread goes into triple digits, even if you and the other proggnuts never post in this thread again.

Even so, maybe you'd better not stop checking under your bed every night for Birchers. This time there just might be one.

Too bad McCain didn't go af... (Below threshold)

Too bad McCain didn't go after Obama with half this vigor. Most of these statements from Hayworth are taken out of context. They could have used Obama's statements verbatim and had more gotcha points than this one. Win the presidency and save the US from Obama, McCain won't stoop to telling the truth. To save his senate seat with all the perks and attention he's come accustomed to over the years and the knife comes out. Pretty telling if you ask me. Hayworth might not be perfect but better than the status quo. Go J.D. Go.

Too bad McCain ... (Below threshold)
Too bad McCain didn't go after Obama with half this vigor.
Why would he? Losing to Obama wouldn't mean losing his phony-baloney job.
Too many people watching mu... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Too many people watching much more closely than they did in 08'. Now that this ad is out, J.D. will be given a chance to respond and that will get more play than this piece of work. The one question that McCain will not be able to run from is, "will you support ANY legislation put forth by "o" or the Democrats in congress?" If he hums and haws about the legislation being "good" for the country or "right", he is toast. Arizonans know what J.D.'s response would be. Not "just no" but, "hell no".

J.D. Has the common sense n... (Below threshold)

J.D. Has the common sense not to reach across the aisle and commiserate with the leftists.. McCain not so much.

McCain is like a bad bacter... (Below threshold)
Don L:

McCain is like a bad bacteria, waiting for his final election this fall to show us just how viral he really is.

Anyone who handed the election to Obama the way he did could never be called funny - never.

"Too bad McCain didn't go a... (Below threshold)

"Too bad McCain didn't go after Obama with half this vigor."

Yes, To anyone who has watched McPain, you'll notice he goes after conservatives viciously and treats liberals with respect and believes they only have the best of intentions.

In other words He is an absolute lightweight nutcase.

I have to agree with the la... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with the last few posters. Why is it that John "Fight with me, b/c I certainly won't fight for you" McCain is working harder to keep his Senate seat than he ever did to actually try to win the Presidency?

I think it's b/c he sees the storm coming and is salivating at the opportunity to once again stick a finger in the eye of the Conservative movement when they regain control. He and his so called "Gang of Seven" get to block any meaningful repeal of healthcare, immigration reform, tax cuts and spending freezes. He'll get to be the talk of the beltway and asked to all the Sunday shows, just like his glory days at the end of the Bush admin.

This guy is a roadblock to the Conservative fight against the Facist Progressive movement and an unwitting ally to Obama/Pelosi. I don't know if J.D. can pull it off, but giving this little egomaniac 6 more years to unwittingly promote this regime is scary.

When McCain was running aga... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

When McCain was running against Obama in '08 his campaign strategy seemed to be: There are numerous, valid, honest reasons why you should vote for me rather than Obama and they're all off limits so my campaign staff is hereby banned from mentioning any of them.

P. Bunyan -"There ... (Below threshold)

P. Bunyan -

"There are numerous, valid, honest reasons why you should vote for me rather than Obama and they're all off limits so my campaign staff is hereby banned from mentioning any of them."

Gotta admit, from what I've read on the campaign, it seems they were trying hard to give the impression of trying to get McCain elected, while passively sabotaging his chances. You saw it with the handling of Palin - she was making the personal connection that McCain couldn't and giving his run a real shot of support, yet the managers did everything they could to keep her away from the press. The impressions of Palin were formed by two major events - her Saturday Night live appearance and the Couric interview. And it's really amazing what the media can do with selective editing and coverage.

You saw it in McCain's exceedingly restrained campaign, doing what he could to NOT be controversial or confrontational. Were his advisors pushing that particular tactic, or was it his decision to 'play fair' in a no-holds-barred election?

Would he have been a good President? I don't know - but it's hard to imagine him being worse than Obama. He would likely have been completely hamstrung and steamrolled by a Democratic House and Senate - but we'll never know.

And Hayworth's next ad shou... (Below threshold)

And Hayworth's next ad should simply ask McCain why he refused to attack Hussein--a Marxist, America hating Chicago thug--yet is only too happy to attack an actual conservative?? That's the best response Hayworth could possibly make.

The simple truth of ridding... (Below threshold)

The simple truth of ridding America of McNasty is it will wake up other rinos such as Gramnesty that the job isn't for life...and for that reason he needs to do reguardless if JD meets your approval.

McCain is a loser which was... (Below threshold)

McCain is a loser which was easily seen in the last election. He is living in a state that is almost in the state of war and he was for open borders immagration reform before he got handed marching orders if he did not change.

OK....How did sara... (Below threshold)


How did sara stand his phony ass geriatrics?

"And Hayworth's next ad should simply ask McCain why he refused to attack Hussein--a Marxist, America hating Chicago thug"

Because he dont want a beatdown by the marxist throng!

Me, however, bring their fucking asses and I will go down in a blaze of glory..

Anyone who doesn't think Ha... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Anyone who doesn't think Hayworth is at best stupid, and at worst nuts, must be one or the other himself. He has indeed repeatedly gone "Birther" on his radio show, and has spent his whole career making idiotic statements. He managed to blow his own incumbent safe Republican House seat.

Hayworth is also one of the few who never returned any of the tainted Abramoff scandal money he received. He held several fundraising events in Abramoff's sky box without the required rental payment.

Many of my friends on the right hold such antipathy for McCain (which I generally share) that they willingly risk this seat to swat at him. I won't go that far, especially not for an ethically-challenged big-mouthed jackass like Hayworth. We need to pick up a lot of seats in the Senate in November, and we cannot afford to squander resources to save a safe seat just to satisfy a lust for spite.

We need to pick up a lot of... (Below threshold)
Don L:

We need to pick up a lot of seats in the Senate in November,

Yes, but how does re-eecting John McCain do that? When he and Grahamnesty are through pandering to the most radical on the left there wont be anything to save.

Jim Addison: There are mor... (Below threshold)

Jim Addison: There are moron democrats in Congress who vote the way their constituents want. J.D. votes the way I'd like him to vote. McCain, kinda sorta but I live here and he's not very passionate about solving the border problem. J.D. is. I want McCain out and don't mind that J.D. says dumb stuff. From what I've seen MOST people in Congress say stupid things. I care about what they do, and I don't like what McCain does.

I still think McCain's funn... (Below threshold)

I still think McCain's funniest line evah, was when someone asked him why Chelsea Clinton was so damn fugly. His answer, because Janet Reno is her father. I crack up at that line every time.

Oooh..."gone birther"...tho... (Below threshold)

Oooh..."gone birther"...those are scary words, but let's deal in facts, shall we? 11+ lawsuits, and around a million dollars, all to hide the long form birth certificate. You don't go to that expense and that effort if you're not hiding something. That's not something you do for fun or because it's expected. That takes effort and more money than I'll ever have.

So JD says some dumb stuff from time to time. It can't beat the idiocy that McCain has foisted on us all. I'll take someone with the guts to do something about the border and the birth cert over someone who keeps sticking his fingers in my conservative eye.






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