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New Orleans Republican Beatdown: Thursday Update

Well, more and more details are emerging about the savage beating of a Republican fundraiser in New Orleans last week, and the indicators as for this being a politically-motivated hate crime are firming up -- and the chances that this was an exceptionally violent mugging are slipping away. As before, The Hayride is the leading source.

First up, the New Orleans Police Department's official report states that after the assault, Allee Bautsch -- whose leg was broken by her assailants -- lay on the ground with her head on the curb, using her purse as a pillow. This is exceptionally strong evidence that the motive of the assault was not robbery, as she was still in possession of her purse after the attack. When EMTs took her away in an ambulance, the purse was left behind and is still missing, but the photo showing Bautsch and her boyfriend, Joe Brown, talking to police shows what is most likely her purse under her head.

The photo also shows how brutal things got on the mean streets of New Orleans. Brown's face shows a significant contusion, as does his right hand, and his shirt is seriously disheveled. He got beat down, but he went down swinging, defending himself and the lady.

Hayride also has extensive details tying the protests at Brennan's during the GOP fundraiser Bautsch and Brown were attending, and one of the main organizers were members of an anarchist syndicate that runs a book shop. The book shop syndicate is fiercely proud of their militant anti-capitalist and anti-Republican stance, and actively recruited people for the protests with some truly inflammatory rhetoric. It's clear that the members of the Iron Rail Gang see themselves engaged in an ideological war, and boast of their achievements -- including vandalizing banks and engaging in "mischief" and "street theatre" in the French Quarter.

We also have an idea of what one of the attackers looked like:

Police released a description of one suspect, saying he was in his 20s, looked "dirty," and wore his hair in an auburn-colored ponytail. The man was 6 feet, 1 inch tall with a thin build, police said. He wore a light-colored T-shirt and dark pants.

Jim Hoft has pictures of some of the protesters outside Brennan's who fit the description quite well.

It bears noting that neither Bautsch nor Brown has issued any kind of statement on their attack, and neither they nor the New Orleans Police Department has ascribed or even speculated on any motive for the brutal assaults that sent both to the hospital.

No, all the speculation and accusations are being tossed around by us internet pundits, looking at the publicly-available information and applying our own experiences, knowledge, observations, analytical skills, biases, and observations to the situation.

But the following facts are indisputable at the moment:

  • Bautsch and Brown attended a very high-profile GOP fundraiser dinner at Brennan's.
  • Protesters, egged on by seriously inflammatory rhetoric by the occasionally violent anarchists of the Iron Rail Gang, turned out in force at Brennan's and shouted insults and obscenities and, in general, caused such a disturbance that the police had to break it up.
  • After the event, Bautsch and Brown left Brennan's and walked two blocks, where they were confronted and assaulted by a gang of about five men.
  • During the assault, Bautsch's leg was broken and Brown suffered a concussion and a broken nose.
  • The assailants did not rob either Bautsch or Brown, as Bautsch was still in possession of her purse when police arrived on the scene of the crime.
  • Descriptions of at least one of the assailants fits at least one man photographed at the Brennan's protest during the fundraising dinner.
  • The anarchists from the Iron Rail are running like hell for cover, taking down YouTube and Facebook pages where they had previously boasted of their violent "acts of insurrection."

I intend to continue to follow this story, and urge others to do so as well. But The Hayride is definitely the go-to blog for this story.


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condemnation of the assualt... (Below threshold)
jim m:

condemnation of the assualt coming from the left in 3...2...1...


Well, jim m, Tina S showed ... (Below threshold)

Well, jim m, Tina S showed up here first as a bit of a leftist "concern troll," and she's done so... as well as dumping the "concern troll" attitude. So there's a good sign.

Still waiting for Adrian Browne and Lee Ward to condemn it. Good thing I didn't hold my breath.


Indeed. Tina S demonstrate... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Indeed. Tina S demonstrated that not all lefties are delusional ideologues. Lee and Adrian maintained the status quo in that regard.

I was simply referring to the fact that people like Lee and Adrian are highly unlikely to ever come back and admit the truth of this assault. I wonder if they even bother to follow the link to the Hayride, which has an impressive round up on the protest, its leaders, their history and their agenda.

A reasonable person would want to dissociate themselves from such a group even if they were not implicated in this assault. But as we have seen reasonable libs run at no greater than 1 in 3.

I'd make it 2 in 4, jim m -... (Below threshold)

I'd make it 2 in 4, jim m -- let's not let James H get lost in the shuffle. He's an unabashed liberal and a decent fellow. Hell, if I was allowed to tell his full background...

Let's just say that he's solidly on my "nice" list of commenters, and has been for far longer than pretty much anyone could guess.


Hayride....Hayride...humm..... (Below threshold)

Hayride....Hayride...humm...nahh...never heard of it.

The reports I read said she... (Below threshold)

The reports I read said she broke her leg when she fell turning to her boyfriend that was being beaten. It was then the assailants fled. I hope the truth of this matter comes to light. 5 years later we are just getting to the truth of the police shootings post Katrina.

doctor, care to share a lin... (Below threshold)

doctor, care to share a link to that account?


Disinformation from the pro... (Below threshold)

Disinformation from the propaganda machine spill in aisle 6. The Obamabots are still in action.

she broke her leg ... (Below threshold)
jim m:
she broke her leg when she fell turning to her boyfriend that was being beaten.

Let's try to make it sound a little more like it was the victim's fault that a) he was beaten and b) she broke her leg.

Yeah, I always break my leg when I fall down. And I suppose it was just some freak accident that her boyfriend was being assaulted? I suppose also that it must be some freak coincidence that she broke her leg when you are clearly implying that no one touched her.

I am still waiting for Lee ... (Below threshold)

I am still waiting for Lee to finish filling out his story about what really happened. Something like :

She drunkenly tripped on a curb after jaywalking across a street,breaking her ankle and sending her purse flying down the sidewalk. One of a group of young concerned citizens who was still full of the community love he experienced with his friends peacefully protesting the vile pustulant republicans, came to help her. The woman's drunken belligerent boyfriend who had obviously been to the extreme rightwing meeting attacked the poor kid trying to help. The kids friends were left with no choice,but to strike back at him while their friend tried to defend himself from the wingnuts vicious attack. Another woman came by and offered the girl her bag as a pillow while the girl laid moaning on the sidewalk. The helping woman endured the rightwing ranting of the girl and her bleeding boyfriend till the ambulance came. Later another good citizen,buoyant on the love of community and patriotic dissent against the greedy bloodsuckers of the republicans found the girls purse where it had landed after being thrown in the girls fall. She sighed as she added thirty dollars to the purse from her own pocket. Money that she was going to donate to the children. Then she mailed the purse to the girl.
I love fiction. You can make it up anyway you want. Might even be true. Just wait and see if the purse comes in the mail. If it doesn't it was probably a fault of the the previous administration that bankrupted the country and devastated the post office.

I've been absent from Wizba... (Below threshold)
James H:

I've been absent from Wizbang somewhat the last few days, but I'll add that this is a sad case. If the allegations of political motivation are true, it's further evidence of the downward spiral of political discourse in this country.

I'm worried we're going to see more attacks like this in the coming year

James H-Downward s... (Below threshold)
jim m:

James H-

Downward spiral implies that there is an equal and reciprocal action on the right.

Can you please enumerate the acts of violence that have been done by the right? Please refrain from using the bogus allegations of Rep Cleaver when you do so.

I'm afraid that, as predicted, the violence and hate are all on the left hand side of the aisle.

jim m, I wouldn't say "all,... (Below threshold)

jim m, I wouldn't say "all," as absolutes have a tendency to come back and bite you on the ass. All it taks is a single example to pull the rug out from under you.

I wouldn't quibble with "the vast majority" or "the overwhelming majority," however.


How much do want to bet tha... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

How much do want to bet that if some of these "anarchists" got a similar beatdown, they would be first in line at the police station and/or talking to their lawyers?

...remarkably, both theorie... (Below threshold)

...remarkably, both theories presented above are far more consistent with the known facts than that posted by Mr. Ward.


Jim:Perhaps that a... (Below threshold)
James H:


Perhaps that act of violence has not yet happened. A spiral, after all, implies acts of ever-increasing violence and passion, not necessarily reciprocal acts. Or perhaps such an act has already occurred.

I am uninterested in playing this kind of game. If you wish to unilaterally declare victory for yourself here, then do so. I will accord you a single, sarcastic clap.

I have little to no interest in toting up whether conservatives or liberals are "better" or "worse." I am far more interested in seeing these passions cool a bit before they get out of hand.

James H your argument is ki... (Below threshold)

James H your argument is kind of silly.The majority of Tea Party participants are middle aged women.Not a group know for a "beatdown".I'm sixty, bad bones and very small is size and have felt very comfortable at each Tea Party event I have attended.The crowds were made up of people like me.Amazed we were at a rally and having a fun time.Calling the Tea Party violent is kind of like calling your Mom violent

James H-I simply w... (Below threshold)
jim m:

James H-

I simply wanted to point out that despite the loud cries from the left about right wing violence there acts that the left has been wringing their hands over have not materialized. Yet we have seen this incident in NO and elsewhere we have seen other acts.

Historically, we have see violence perpetrated at the RNC convention in 2008. We did not see similar acts done by the right.

I accept your point about it being an ever increasing phenomenon. I am trying to point out that up to now it has been overwhelmingly actions on the left that have ratcheted up the hate and violence.

"Dirty, White, Ponytail,... (Below threshold)

"Dirty, White, Ponytail, Auburn Hair, Thin, Beard"

Steve Green?

Downward spiral im... (Below threshold)
Downward spiral implies that there is an equal and reciprocal action on the right.

Can you please enumerate the acts of violence that have been done by the right? Please refrain from using the bogus allegations of Rep Cleaver when you do so.

I'm afraid that, as predicted, the violence and hate are all on the left hand side of the aisle.

Jim m is exactly right on this.

Jay, you caution against using "all", but can you come up with ONE act of violence committed by the right in the past year?

At least Tina S stood up and condemned the violence. It's too bad James H won't follow her example. Instead he gets snarky about a downward spiral with acts of violence the haven't happened yet.

I don't want to see things ... (Below threshold)

I don't want to see things get anymore violent either. But is any of this a surprise?

We have a Congress who would join in on the demonization of half or more of Americans and pit us against each other. This administration has effectively given their blessing to such violent behavior. Words like "if they bring a knife we'll bring a gun" - "get in their faces" - etc and then these bozos turn around and call political opposition racist extremists? They release generalized reports that imply if you oppose goverment actions you're dangerous?

I want these losers voted out of office; most of one side and an awful lot of the other.

"She drunkenly tripped on a... (Below threshold)

"She drunkenly tripped on a curb after jaywalking across a street,breaking her ankle and sending her purse flying down the sidewalk"

I was actually thinking more like she pulled a Randi Rhodes.

btw, does anyone know if she's related to Dusty Rhodes? Kinda looks like him....

Add this one to your spiral... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Add this one to your spiral:

Of course the lefties are acting like complete idiots, which will draw a lot of people to their side. But then I suppose the intent was not to convince anyone with their argumentation.

Jim-United ... (Below threshold)


United Socialisist Workers 8751 coming soon to a neighborhood near YOU!!

Closer than you think. I p... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Closer than you think. I pass by Boston Common to and from work each day.

Unrelated: I was cornered the other day in an elevator by a leftist exclaiming to anyone who would listen that the Jews deserved the holocaust because the SS were all victims of child abuse at the hands of jewish adoptive parents.

In the world of lefty politics nothing is too bizarre to be believed.

#25Yes, the lefties ... (Below threshold)

Yes, the lefties are so out there they defy logic. These people are psychos and I meant that seriously. If the world changed tomorrow and it was everything they what it to be, they still will be miserable and angry and looking for a fight (perferably someone much smaller and weaker themselves). All they have is an unwashed body and big loud mouth.

#25Creepy! Im glad... (Below threshold)


Creepy! Im glad I dont live by or in a big city where a lot of wacko lefties habitate and commiserate... I could not stand their perverse reality. My sister unfortunately lives in MPLS. She most likely voted for Obama though, so she's ok.I think?

Still nothing on this story... (Below threshold)

Still nothing on this story from the state-controlled media-cracy. A Google search of "Bautsch and Brown" turns up only stories from Wizbang and conservative sites. As to those who refuse to acknowledge the left-wing slant of the MSM: None is so blind as he who will not see.

"All they have is an unwash... (Below threshold)

"All they have is an unwashed body and big loud mouth."

Ha ha ha and they usually have "peace signs" and "make love not war" tattooed somewhere on their torso..

I turned up a couple storie... (Below threshold)
James H:

I turned up a couple stories in the Times-Picayune and the Shreveport Times. Not much more than briefs, though. It looks like the police are playing the attack really close to the vest until they get some details ironed out.

There is a strong likelihoo... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

There is a strong likelihood that one of these thugs' fellow-travelers videoed the entire incident. Now, they can try to cover their tracks by taking down YouTube vids and closing their Facebook page, but this isn't their first protest. They have a "collective book store" and have been in the area, people will know at least some of them.

And if the one who videoed it happens to pass that along to the wrong friend, one who isn't willing to participate in misprision of a felony, the investigation will move along even faster.

But these are clearly NOT the acts of "innocent anarchist protesters" at all.

<a href="http://patdollard.... (Below threshold)

Interview with NOPD PIO confirms the attack was political in nature.

Mr. Young confirmed to me that the New Orleans police had indeed taken statements from both of the victims, Jindal aide Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend, Joe Young. He confirmed that in those statements, the victims reported that their assailants had indeed hurled "insults" at them, and the "insults" were, and I quote, "of a political nature".
Eric: I read that. It's a... (Below threshold)
James H:

Eric: I read that. It's a good get. He was able to get the police flack to let his guard down, which is always great.

James,The police c... (Below threshold)


The police confirm the insults were of a political nature, and yet you STILL won't condemn lefty violence...

Is there ANY case when you will condemn the violence perpetrated by the left?

There are 4 types of lefty:... (Below threshold)
jim m:

There are 4 types of lefty:

1) the thugs who did this
2) the enabling scum who lack the guts to commit the violent acts but who promote it and excuse it. This includes Lee, Adrian and Obama and the dem leadership
3) the weasels who aren't comfortable with violence but are unwilling to speak out against it because it helps their side. Here we find James H until proven otherwise
4) the rare honest lib who actually comes out and condemns the violence. Tina S you are the sole example I have of this. Congrats.

Kenny:You are righ... (Below threshold)
James H:


You are right. I have not condemned these attacks. And I really should do so, shouldn't I? After all, crews from Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are sitting outside my building right now, breathlessly waiting for my opinion on the attack in New Orleans. I'm still debating whether I should insist on being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, or if I should give my interview to Fox, where the daytime anchors are kinda hot.

No, wait, obviously you realize that my opinion isn't that important. Rather, you suspect that I approve of these attacks.

I confess. You got me. I absolutely love it when a conservative is attacked. I exeult at the thought of a right-winger being yelled at. I raise a joyous cry to the heavens in cases of serious assaults.

I am, in fact, a complete monster who meets every caricature you have ever had about people on the left.

Or maybe, just maybe ...

My horror at this kind of assault, regardless of its political origins, goes without saying. And maybe I'm not meeting your test (whatever the hell it is) because I see this violence as an inevitable consequence of the current atmosphere of heightened passions. Perhaps I am resigned to the cycle and am, quite frankly, tired of it and find myself helpless to do anything about it.

And maybe I find the game of "Whose crazies are worse?" to be a sick game that is linked not to any morality, subjective or objective, but rather to your own ego and your pathetic desire to prove yourself more moral than people you dislike.

OK, since I haven't met your standards for condemnation, I'm gonna give you a little halo. It's got a battery in it, so it glows with heavenly light. You can wear it all over the place so that people can see you are Good and Righteous and True and so on and so forth. Everybody will see exactly how righteous you are.

Pardon me for making light of this tragic attack, but my opinion of it and your opinion of my opinion of it amount to exactly jack shit. Fact is, two people have been horribly assaulted and the motives may be political.

The most important thing here is that the persons responsible for the assault be found, informed of their rights, interrogated, charged with the appropriate crimes, and brought before a jury of their peers that will render judgment.

Playing "my side is more righteous than your side" is insensitive and, quite frankly, rather immature.

James H-Self right... (Below threshold)
jim m:

James H-

Self righteous? Immature?

If so we certainly have no corner on that market. Given the fact that for weeks we have heard dem and lib leadership carrying on about how imminent the outbreak of extreme violence from the right is and how over the top and dangerous the Tea Party crowd is I think you may be able to find you way into cutting us some slack.

Conservatives here are justifiably pissed off by the constant stream of BS invective from the left. We have heard incessantly about how violent and dangerous we are. Then this week we find a pair of young conservatives attacked and put in the hospital largely due to the overheated rhetoric from the left. And yet there has yet to be a single incident of violence from the right. (and you know damn well that the MSM would be wall to wall 24/7 with it if there was)

So yes, your tardiness in making a clear statement with regard to your position has drawn some flak here. Thank you for clarifying where you stand. I appreciate that you stand on the side of decency.

Police released a ... (Below threshold)
jim m:
Police released a description of one suspect, saying he was in his 20s, looked "dirty," and wore his hair in an auburn-colored ponytail.

You know the real tragedy of this is that some leftard is going to have to shave, take a bath and change his clothes in order to avoid arrest for this.

The point of the post is th... (Below threshold)

The point of the post is the utter lack of the MSM and the democratic leadership getting ahead of this by denouncing these tactics. By sitting on their hands they are silently approving of them. Don't give me the "downword spiral" jazz. You couldn't possibly have more hate speech spewed then the left did during GW Bush's years and Palin and her family, her children I might add. Jim H, you are without a doubt a phony.

This is a hate crime pure and simple except hate crimes are only used for the protection of democrats. ww

As someone who's known Jame... (Below threshold)

As someone who's known James H online for some time, that's way off, Willie. He isn't here to represent liberals anywhere -- just himself.

I also had no doubt he was appalled at the beatdown as I was. I was a bit angrier, but that's only to be expected.

That Tina S so quickly spoke up was a pleasant surprise. That Adrian, Steve, and Lee have not said anything at all since even more details started emerging... neither pleasant nor a surprise.

I would be appreciative if folks didn't treat people like Tina and James like targets of opportunity. Their presence here is very valuable; it gives us insights into certain segments of the left think. Driving them away would be extremely stupid.

As well as confirming the "intolerant" stereotype bullshit the really nuts lefties like to spread. And we don't need that.


After all, crew... (Below threshold)
After all, crews from Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are sitting outside my building right now, breathlessly waiting for my opinion on the attack in New Orleans.
That line right there earned a +1 from me.
RE #40Amen.<... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

RE #40


(And yes I did notice the plank in my eye. Sorry 'bout that.)

Jay Tea,I have no ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Jay Tea,

I have no problem with anyone espousing liberal ideas. In my view they have every right to be wrong. ;)

I do ask people to take a side in this. There is no allowance for people to sit by and just shrug this off. The left has thrown down the gauntlet. Obama has carefully ratcheted up his eliminationist rhetoric. "Hit back twice as hard" etc. He and the dems have fomented this violence for some time.

The rest of the left are coming to the point where they are going to have to choose. Either they remain silent supporters of what is likely becoming a very ugly dictatorship, or they start speaking out and condemning the excesses and corruption of their leaders.

Either the violent suppression of other political views is going to be accepted by the left or they will join the rest of us in supporting democracy and freedom. The time is over when they could just shrug off thugs on college campuses shouting down conservatives as youthful indiscretion. The violence they have promoted is spilling over quite literally into the streets. When the Black Panthers start using their clubs to beat down white voters in November it will be too late for all of us.

I appreciate Tina and James speaking out against the violence. I just wonder if they appreciate where their party is taking this country. I wonder if they appreciate where the silence of people like themselves will take us.

JT, I will take your word f... (Below threshold)

JT, I will take your word for it about James H. It would be nice to get to a place where something is wrong is simply wrong. You don't have to couch your comment with words hinting "yes the act was wrong but I am concerned about both sides" etc. Just say the shit that happened to these two republican supporters in NOLA was tragic and should not be tolerated. That is it. Fini.

I do agree with you that the liberal side should be heard and I do appreciate some like Paul Hooson and at times Hyperbolist. But for the most part, the left is an intolerant lot.

I apologize if I did unfairly tar someone, but I am having a hard time finding it. ww

Well, it's not much of a co... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Well, it's not much of a condemnation when someone has to be dragged kicking and screaming to do it.

And then the actual comment was almost all snark, with a little condemnation thrown in.

I think it's sincere, but it sure doesn't look sincere.

I do ask people to take ... (Below threshold)

I do ask people to take a side in this. There is no allowance for people to sit by and just shrug this off. The left has thrown down the gauntlet.

No, they haven't. Not definitively. Not yet.

It's still not proven beyond a reasonable doubt (if you'll pardon the legalistic lingo). Oh, I'm sure this was a political hate crime, but I'm not certain.

Once they catch the fuckwads who did this and they have the ties to these far-left asswipes that I am sure they have, then we can pull the "you're with us or against us" against the mainstream left.

Right now, it's just not absolutely proven.

I'm not just saying this in the interests of fairness, folks. I want the mainstream left to have absolutely no wiggle room, no way of the weasel, to escape this. I want this nailed down six ways to Sunday.

And then we demand their answer.

Not until then.


"You don't have to couch yo... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"You don't have to couch your comment with words hinting "yes the act was wrong but I am concerned about both sides" etc."


Especially when it is overwhelmingly one side doing it, and it just happens to be his side. I think people can be forgiven for thinking it rings a bit hollow.

OK JT. If the NOPD are say... (Below threshold)
jim m:

OK JT. If the NOPD are saying that in the statements from the victims the attackers are said to have shouted "insults of a political nature".

How far does it have to go for you? Do you need a court conviction? Because I doubt they will ever apprehend anyone. I don't think the NOPD is up to that. Not that they are politically corrupt, just that they are too overstretched to bother with something that isn't a murder.

I assure you the "mainstream left" (There's an oxymoron for you) will always believe that they have wiggle room. They will always deny any association.

Now I am defining "mainstream" as the dem party power structure, you may be defining it as people like Tina and James H. If that is the case I understand you, but I disagree with your definition. I do not think of them as being held up as representative of the party in any respect. The mainstream is represented by the SEIU thugs that beat up Kenneth Gladney and the USW thugs who disrupted the Boston event yesterday.

The unions and the dem power structure will never cop to this. They will never denounce it. They will continue to foment it. They will continue to ignore it when it happens.

James H,P... (Below threshold)

James H,

Pardon me for making light of this tragic attack
Sorry, this I just can't do. You and I know full well that if the situation was reversed, you would be insulted at anyone making light of the violence.

How would you like someone making light of your loved ones getting beaten and hospitalized because of their beliefs. You might just start caring then.

Playing "my side is more righteous than your side" is insensitive and, quite frankly, rather immature.
You should go back and re-read some of your old posts here. This is the game you're playing, not us. You've posted plenty here blaming the right for its actions, but you're never admitted the left as having done anything wrong.

Mostly its politics, fine, you've got the typical liberal "do as I say, not as I do" attitude.

But this case crosses the line. You really don't see an assault causing people to be sent to the hospital as something worthy of being condemned unless the perpetrator were right-wing.

JT I'm just not buying it.<... (Below threshold)
jim m:

JT I'm just not buying it.

We had leftists attack a busload of people at the RNC convention in 2008. We had Kenneth Gladney sent to the hospital after an SEIU beating. Now we have two people sent to the hospital with more serious injuries.

This is not like the dems with their BS "someone shouted the N word at me" garbage.

We do not need to wait for a conviction or arrest to call the left to take a stand. They have driven their people to acts of violence. It has been going on for over a year now. If we do not start insisting that they wake up and stop the violence then what is next? People are going to he hospital. DO they need to go to the grave before we start complaining?

Jay,Sorry but I ha... (Below threshold)


Sorry but I have to disagree with you.

We have the videotapes of the Kenneth Gladney beating. Investigations? As I recall the DA filed misdemeanor charges against the perpetrators before even interviewing Mr. Gladney. And then dropped them in favor of ordinance violations. Yeah, the justice system worked there. Beat a man, send him to the hospital, and get a slap on the wrist. The idiot who threatened Nancy Pelosi in a phone call has spent more jail time than these perpetrators.

The guy who got his finger bitten off at the knuckle? Investigations still ongoing..... More justice there.

This case? in New Orleans. I agree with jim m. This will be too low priority for the cops to deal with. I suspect the DA and others will follow the St. Louis precedent.

As for treating James H like a target of opportunity, he's had no problems blaming conservatives for their actions, If he applied the principle equally and blamed the left for their actions, then he wouldn't be a target of opportunity.

For the record, I appreciate Tina S posts, she has shown on more than one case to have an open mind and be willing to look at both sides of an issue. ryan a does as well. Can't say the same for little stevie green, mantis, Lee Ward, or James H.

Obamist - n - The mo... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Obamist - n - The modern derivative of fascist political totalitarianism in the United States.

cross-reference Allgemeine-SS, Sicherheitspolizei

I am still waiting for L... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I am still waiting for Lee to finish filling out his story about what really happened. Something like :

She drunkenly tripped on a curb after jaywalking across a street,breaking her ankle and sending her purse flying down the sidewalk...

Back, and to the left...
Back, and to the left...
Back, and to the left...
Back, and to the left...
Back, and to the left...
Back, and to the left...
Back, and to the left...

"Dirty, White, Ponytail,... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

"Dirty, White, Ponytail, Auburn Hair, Thin, Beard"

Steve Green?

Charles Johnson?

I do blame the right for a ... (Below threshold)
James H:

I do blame the right for a lot of the current political situation. But to be honest, I am indifferent at best to your condemnation or approval of a given incident. My relationship with the right is complicated. I believe conservatives should do their best to use reason over passion, and I don't see that on the right today.

"I believe conservatives... (Below threshold)

"I believe conservatives should do their best to use reason over passion, and I don't see that on the right today."

So its not reasonable to expect a government to keep their hands out of my pocket and off my liberties?

SCREW THAT!! The absurdity of it all.

The picture released of the... (Below threshold)

The picture released of the two shows her purse under her head.

Wheres the that picture epa... (Below threshold)

Wheres the that picture epador?

The that? Ha ha ha ha ha<... (Below threshold)

The that? Ha ha ha ha ha

The best punishment is for ... (Below threshold)

The best punishment is for the Republicans/Conservatives to avoid N.O. forever. Spend no money and block all 'pork'. Let them live in their filth, which they have done for years. There's plenty of places to party and gamble without facing the crazy liberal democrat welfare crowd (50% + of the democrat voters) on every street corner in N.O..

Hate Crimes laws are stupid... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1 (SW) USNR:

Hate Crimes laws are stupid, but if the left must have them on the books, then politically motivated crimes should be on the list of Hate Crimes as well.

The problem is they know that most people convicted of those hate crimes would not be "righties".

As for the downward spiral, if most of the "right" is like me, then it takes a whole lot of abuse to get a reaction from us. The problem is you push and push and abuse and abuse and we let it build up because we try to be tolerant or turn the other cheek or use the liberal "ignore the bully and they will find another target".

Eventually though there is a breaking point, unfortunately in this case that breaking point just might be the spark of a revolution rather than some isolated incident at a protest or political rally. I truly hope the coming revolution is peacefully resolved at the ballot box rather than some sort of civil war. Arguably we are in a civil war at the moment anyway but so far it has remained a cold war. Things will heat up if the will of the people is fu(ked with at the polls, or if the left tries some sort of socialist coup a la Hugo Chavez.

Barack Obama! President for Life!

Mary Landrieus home town an... (Below threshold)

Mary Landrieus home town and her brother is the MAYOR. Tell you anything at all??????????

My relationship wi... (Below threshold)
jim m:
My relationship with the right is complicated. I believe conservatives should do their best to use reason over passion, and I don't see that on the right today.

Your relationship isn't complicated. You are not on the right. it appears that you do not agree with the right but you are uncomfortable with the intellectual dishonesty of the left. Work it out.

With regard to using reason over passion: At some point you reach the limit to what reason can righfully be expected to do. The right has for over a year tried to reason, to explain, to offer alternatives. We have patiently tried to explain, defend and articulate our positions.

By contrast from the left we have met with only insults, slurs and ignorance. So now following a year of verbal abuse from the left and clear attempts to subvert ouor democracy by their leaders we on the right are now being subject to physical attack.

I'm sorry James H. The time for reason is past. The left has pushed us all beyond that point. If you feel that we should not be here then maybeyou should talk to your friends on the left who have amped up the rhetoric and precipitated the violence.

You will note (and in fact you have already admitted here on this blog) that the right has not committed acts of violence against the left. The left has steadily been escalating their violence and intimidation against the right. The time has come to put an end to it.

I am not advocating violence, but I am advocating strong self defense. The leftists will be surprised someday when they go to beat down a conservative and get beaten down themselves. I won't feel sorry for lefties who get hurt by people defending themselves and I won't apologize for it either.

I admitted nothing regardin... (Below threshold)
James H:

I admitted nothing regarding acts of violence against the left; I simply declined to answer the question.

As for my "liberal friends" that's a laugh ... the majority of them are convinced I'm far to the right!

Re: " I believe conservativ... (Below threshold)

Re: " I believe conservatives should do their best to use reason over passion, and I don't see that on the right today."

I'm still having trouble parsing this.
Peaceful protests are about all I see from the right.

This whole thread is confus... (Below threshold)

This whole thread is confusing to me. To be historically accurate, the right has always tried to show so decorum in public discourse while the left has brandished pies to throw at conservatives, shown up at congressional committee hearing to shout down a conservative official speaking on behalf of an administration. Shouting down and picketing in front of recruitment centers. The left has shown absolutely no tolerance to the rights right of speech. The left has done everything in its power to stifle the right of conservative speech. The left has become increasingly brash and threatening which cannot be denied. Now we have conservative officials having their legs broken and jaws broken simply because they are conservative. Yet JT, you want me to be respectful of the leftist James H., for whatever reason. In your estimation JT, when do the gloves need to come off on the conservative side? When can we as conservatives finally say that words alone cannot protect us? Do we have to present ourselves as respectful citizens even though it will eventually drive us to our graves? The left has stopped all semblance of reason. The democratic leadership has turned a blind eye to the behavior thus endorcing it. I cannot keep going on thinking that eventually the left will come to its senses and return to the days of reasoned argument. That is not going to happen anymore. Political discourse has become a physical sport. Just look at today's postings. The left is not only provoking, but they are counting on our "reason" so they do not feel threatened. We need to wake them up to reality. Conservatives do, in fact, bite. ww

New Orleans has long been a... (Below threshold)

New Orleans has long been a city of debauchery, yet we keep spending federal relief funds to rebuild it in a known flood area...

I can just imagine how it would be if ancient Sodom had been part of these United States: Fire from the sky consuming the city? Let's get FEMA down there.






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