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President Puffery

I'm not a fan of Domino's Pizza, but they have a commercial running which I do like. They have a guy standing in front of a courthouse, and they mention a suit they claim to have brought against Papa John's Pizza. To hear the Domino's people, when confronted with claims they made on television, their attorneys said their advertisements were "puffery". The Domino's people went on to explain that the word means " a statement classified as an opinion, not fact, that no reasonable person would take literally." Yeah, that brought up visions of President Pony-in-the-Pile.

Let's take NASA, for example. Seems that the President who never saw an expansion of government he did not like, made an exception when it comes to protecting America's investment in space exploration and technological innovation. Of course, he made a few statements that bugged the heck out of real pioneers and heroes in the space program, so Waffles backed up and allowed as how he was just "refocusing" NASA's mission. Hinted at an extra shuttle mission to keep some Kennedy jobs and plugged some things into other projects just so he could say he cared, but made sure that the Johnson Space Center got the shaft. That and everything else in Texas.

Eventually, it even dawned on President I-Love-Me that being so obviously anti-Texas was not the wisest course, since so much of NASA depends on the JSC staff and facilities. So, President I-Won-Dammit promised that man would go to Mars in his lifetime. Apparently, Obama means someone from China or Russia, because his budget has no provision at all for a lunar flight, let alone a Mars mission. But President Oprah has never been one to depend on facts when speechifying a vision. Why, simply getting elected solved Global Warming, Nuclear Weapons and World Hunger, or why else did Obama get a Nobel Peace Prize? The fact that he not only has no plans whatsoever that could even remotely be said to lead to a Mars Mission, along with the chainsaw act on NASA's budget and staffing, make it quite plain that President OneTermPlease is simply blowing his bilge in public again.

The lesson to take from the Mars Mission Lie, er, puffery, is that no promise made by Obama should ever be taken seriously. Public debate on all bills? Tax cuts for everyone making less than a quarter-mill? Spending that Trillion on genuine needs for the nation? Actually listening to anyone but His Inflatulence? Please. This is a guy who makes Joe Isuzu look like Abe Lincoln for integrity.

I can't say I'm inclined to buy a pizza from Domino's, but at least they pegged the Con Artist in Chief. However inadvertently.


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I think it would be a fun e... (Below threshold)

I think it would be a fun experience sitting in on one of Barry's staff meetings where policy is formulated watching his advisors stroke his ego yet knowing (if they have half a brain) that over half of the American public is not gonna believe any statements Barry makes.

Hey, he just wants to be LO... (Below threshold)

Hey, he just wants to be LOVED! Freud could have a blast crawling through Barry's mind.

Apparently this guy's goal ... (Below threshold)

Apparently this guy's goal is to redirect all federal spending from red states to blue states, to bribe his favored constituencies into keeping him and his ilk in power. Toss in a few million illegals and the professionally unemployed, and you have what looks like a recipe for perpetual power. I'm just not clear on exactly from where the authority comes for Obama to just decree all this stuff. Is there still a legislative branch somewhere?

In an open letter, astronau... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

In an open letter, astronauts Neil Armstrong (first man to walk on the moon), Gene Cernan (last man to walk on the moon), and Jim Lovell (commander of Apollo 13 - whose calm transmission "Houston, we have a problem" triggered what is perhaps the greatest instance of engineering on the fly in human history) point out that Obama's pledge to put men on asteroids and Mars is fully bogus.

They note there is no rocket, no space capsule, no life support system, no training program to do this, and no plan to start one.

Obama's "goal" is to do this by 2030, long after he won't have to face the electorate and explain the deception.

If you laid out a plan to end America's leadership of the world in military strength, medical and science innovation, and promoting democracy in a single Presidential term, just how would it differ from what Obama has done, is doing, and plans to do?

I would like to nominate Pr... (Below threshold)

I would like to nominate President Arrogance to be the first man we send to Mars and will personally donate a large sum for that purpose if it can be accomplished this year.






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